Andrew Luck’s Contract: Confirmation of Colts Super Bowl


QB ANDREW LUCK =131. CHAMPIONSHIP =131. SUPER BOWL =131. One Hundred Forty Million =123. Indianapolis =123. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =123/132. Super Bowl Fifty-One =231. Contract signed exactly 231 weeks after Coach Pagano was hired. Colts =15. One Hundred Forty Million Dollars =150. Indianapolis Indiana =1050. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =105. AFC Championship will be 105 weeks after Deflategate. Indianapolis =69. Colts =69. League year started on the 69th day. One Hundred and Forty Million Dollars =169. Super Bowl Fifty-One =96. Andrew Luck Super Bowl MVP =96. Number Twelve =960. One Hundred Forty Million Dollar Deal =360. The Super Bowl on the 36th day of 2017. 

  • Eighty-Seven Million =223. Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023. Ex-Colts RB Zurlon Tipton (who scored his one and only career TD during Deflategate) died 223 days before the SB and 2 months 23 days before his next birthday. Colts GM Ryan Grigson’s birthday is 2/23.
  • Andrew Austen Luck =75. Indianapolis Colts =75. Thirty-Sixth Day =75. Colts Win Super Bowl =75. Ryan Grigson =75 (Colts GM). Andrew Austen Luck =57. James Irsay =57 (Colts owner, age 57). Fifty-First =57. Fifty-Seven =131. Super Bowl =131. And 57 reduces to 12.

#12 signed the richest contract in NFL history, good until 2021, 221 days before the Super Bowl. That’s “Andrew Luck” =112, initials A.L. [1+12] from Houston =112, picked #1 in ’12. His contract comes 112 days after the league year began. In his senior year at Stanford his team went 11-2. He has 12 career rushing touchdowns and was born on the 12th of September [9+1+2] =12. Colts Super Bowl =1200. A.LUCK [1+3+3+3+2] =12. LI =21. His birthday is exactly 21 weeks before Super Bowl LI, which is on the “Thirty-Sixth Day” =210.

  • TWELVE =87. COLTS AFC CHAMPIONS =87. FEBRUARY FIFTH =870. SUPER BOWL FIFTY ONE =87. And that’s the real reason why we’re told he’s guaranteed the $87 million.

Notice the AP posted this news at 6:12 PM. Super Bowl LI =912. Andrew Luck born 9/12. But it gets even better because that’s 1,092 minutes into the day: Indianapolis Colts =192. Andrew Austen Luck =192. Sunday February Fifth Two Thousand Sixteen =192. 

It’s 152 days from the first game of the regular season to Super Bowl LI =152. Indianapolis Colts =1152. Andrew Austen Luck =1152. Number Twelve =160. One Hundred and Forty Million Dollars =160. Charles David Pagano =160 (Colts’ coach). Fifty-First Super Bowl =116. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl =116. The regular season lasts 116 days and Luck’s contract was signed exactly 16 weeks after the 2016 NFL league year began.

  • From the league year’s start on 3/9 to the SB is 333 days. Indianapolis =333. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =330. Colts have been in Indy for 33 years. Indianapolis Super Bowl =1740. Sunday February Fifth Twenty Seventeen =174. Colts Super Bowl =74. Ryan Grigson =147. Super Bowl =1407. Luck’s birthday is 147 days before Super Bowl, which one might just call lucky.

And the story’s date numerology as the clincher: [6+29+16] =51, in case we needed any more confirmation that the now highest paid player in the NFL is indeed Super Bowl bound. Luck is also currently “Twenty-Six” =51. Fifty-One =46. Houston Texas =46. The last time Houston hosted a Super Bowl was 13 years 4 days before this one. Houston Texas =1034. Now we’ll leave you with one final piece of undeniable evidence as to the reality of the alphanumeric conspiracy:

2016-06-30 (2)2016-06-30 (1)

Oh, and 233 is the 51st prime.  

14 thoughts on “Andrew Luck’s Contract: Confirmation of Colts Super Bowl

  1. My god they’re really paving the way for this guy and his team. I’ve only been aware of gematria since January of this year but it seems this is the most coding any team has had so far, especially for it being before the season even starts. Great posts lately, I’m as confident of Colts being in the super bowl as I was the Cavs. I can see it now, Colts vs Patriots AFC championship, Colts finally beat them, Colts go on to play New York Giants in Sb51, Colts beat the Giants the team the patriots historically have choked against in the super bowl. I personally don’t think Eli will be allowed to win more Super Bowls than his brother.


    • Crazy ain’t it. That picture you painted looks feasible to me. Coughlin’s out so Giants new coach McAdoo will be shooting to be the third man in history to win the Super Bowl as a rookie coach. The first to do so was Don McCaffert – with the Colts, after playing for the Giants.

      That was Super Bowl V – 16,600 days before Luck’s contract. Reliant Stadium =166. Fifth of February =166. And even weirder is that’s 16,660 days before the Colts first preseason game. Continuing to chase the white rabbit, from SB V to SB LI is exactly 2403 weeks. Andrew Luck Super Bowl =243. wtf

      McCafferty was later hired as Lions coach then died just 1 year 6 months 2 days later. Colts AFC Champions =1062. Colts first regular season game is vs Lions. Coach died at 53. Super Bowl LI =53.


    • The AFC Final would come exactly 105 weeks after Deflategate. Indianapolis Indiana =1050. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =105. Colts =15. Masonry =105. Zionism =105. Colts Revenge =1105, ha!


      • That’s just wild. Absolutely mind fucking. I’m beginning to understand Zach saying these athletes are truly manchurian, born and bred to play for whatever team and everything else. I mean look at that connection to super bowl 5… Was lucks dad even in the league at that time? These contracts these people must sign go over lifetimes and even affect their children. All this reminds me of a story of former NFL manchurian athlete, Chris spielman. His dad pushed him from birth practically to be a pro linebacker, he even made him go to lift on Christmas Eve when he was in high school. Where he played high school football was Massillon Ohio, when he was with the Browns, the Browns played preseason game in Massilon Ohio AT HIS HIGH SCHOOL of all places. The name of the high school stadium is Paul Brown stadium, just like the bengals. Paul brown first coached where spielman went to high school then went on to found the Browns and the bengals. Total tribute, it’s just completely insane how long in advance this shit skit is planned out.


  2. Crazy man, as you guys explained above. I made a comment before to the Cavs post as well. I’m thinking of even betting some money on the colts winning it all the way hahaha. You were right the first time with the Cavs, and you managed to predict it I think on Game 4 or 5. It makes perfect sense man, let’s see what happens. I’ll be back on here for sure.


  3. im sold on colts now for afc…
    Is the numbers as strong for the giants?
    Or is it 2 early to tell??
    I reckon cubs win!!! back to the future i believe is ment 2016 not 2015 like the movie codes…broncos won sb50
    biff tanner—trump
    Thinking outside the box but so many things code from back to the future


  4. what happened here? I’m a Colts fan so I’d love for this to happen, but how can you seem so sure then have the Colts come up so short?


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