All Hail World President Clinton

My sincere apologies for yet another post on Shillary, but her Gematria is the gift that keeps on giving. IMHO, the stand-out quote from the DNC was Hillary as President For All” =1044. Queen Hillary Clinton =1404. Hillary Rodham =144. President For All =174. Hillary For America =174. New World Order =174. Queen Hillary =147. The President of the United States =147. For All Americans =147. World President Hillary Clinton =147. World President =1447. President Hillary of Planet Earth =1407. President =47. 

  • World President =1709. World President Hillary Rodham Clinton =179. Her nomination at Wells Fargo =1179 came 179 days before Inauguration Day. Rigged Election =79. 
  • President For All Americans =113. I’m With Her =113. First Woman President =113. The First Female President =113. HR Clinton =113. Election Day =113, which comes 1 year 13 days her birthday. Dishonest =113. Perjury =113. False Loyalty =1113. President Clinton of Planet Earth =1131.
  • World President =182. President Clinton =1182. Moment of Reckoning =1182. Shillary =104. President For All Time =104. Hillary Clinton Tim Kaine =1004. President For All =84. United States of America =84. President of Earth =84. 

Controlled opposition stooge Alex Jones is currently hosting a 28-hour broadcast during Queen Hillary’s coronation, titled Operation Sleeping Giant =1506. President of Planet Earth =1506. Zionist Israel =1056. The President of the United States =156. Crooked Hillary =156. US President Hillary Rodham Clinton =156. World President Hillary Clinton =156. Twenty-Eight =156. Thirty-Three =156. Clinton =33. 

  • Sleeping Giant =393. President =393. Democrats =363. Giant =51. Hillary =510. Giant =157. American President Hillary Clinton =157. Hillary For Prison Twenty Sixteen =157.

If you read the ad at Infowars, they speak of the Globalist Takeover and say “Blazenly” instead of brazenly. Blazenly =34/97. Globalist =34/97. Takeover =34/97. President Clinton =197. Globalist Takeover =1250. President of Planet Earth =251. Operation Sleeping Giant =251. President Hillary Rodham Clinton =152.

Red Balloons =117. Central Intelligence Agency =117. President Hillary =1170. Hillary Rodham =711. And if we calculate 99 Red Balloons like 99+117 =216. The President of Earth =216. President Hillary of Planet Earth =2016. President Bill and Hillary Clinton =2016. 

HER (2014) Predictive Programming for Hillary

HER =93. A Spike Jonze Love Story =93. Hillary For America =93. Timothy Michael Kaine =93. President Hillary Clinton =1193. War-Monger =1193. American Israel Public Affairs Committee =1193. Zionist Stooge =193. President Hillary =931. The Simpsons episode with President Lisa after a disastrous Trump presidency aired on 19-3. One Hundred Ninety-Three =116. Royalty =116. Globalists =116. Matriarchy =116. Benghazi happened on 9/11, 1 month 16 days before Hillary’s birthday, and Her released 1106 days before Inauguration Day. Its film festival debut came 1019 days before her nomination. Hillary Clinton Tim Kaine =119/110 and Her dropped on 1-10. President =110. 

  • That Simpsons episode was #243. Forty-Fifth US President =243. Queen Hillary Clinton =243. Timothy Michael ‘Tim’ Kaine =243 and his birthday comes 243 days before Hillary’s in any given year (yet another confirmation that the full name + nickname that Wiccapedia gives in bold is coded for a damn good reason). 
  • Written and directed by Spike Jonze =67. Female =67. A Woman =67. (International Women’s Day is the 67th day of the year.) I’m With Hillary =167. Hillary For President =1067. Clinton Wins Nomination =1670. Hillary was the 67th Secretary of State and the 67th prime is 331. 
  • Hillary Clinton Fighting For Us =331. Queen Hillary of the United States =133. Forty-Fourth Person Elected =133. White House =133. Government =133. Habitual Liars =133. Rigged Election =133. Elect =133. Her A Spike Jonze Love Story =133. The film came out 1033 days before the election and 1 year 3 months 30 days after Benghazi. 

Her released on 1/10/14. President of the United States =114. Hitlery Clinton =1014. That’s 41 weeks 2 days before Hillary’s birthday and she launched her presidential campaign two years later on 4/12. Her birthday is 10/26, was confirmed to speak at AIPAC 10 months 26 days after her campaign announcement, and her VP is Timothy Michael Kaine =1206. Vice President Kaine =126. Technological Singularity =126. The film has a runtime of 126 minutes and was general released 12 weeks 6 days after the film festival debut. That’s 2 months 16 days after Hillary’s birthday and here she is primed to win in 2016. President Bill and Hillary Clinton =2016. President Hillary of Planet Earth =2016. 

What we’re trying to say is… Hillary is a Robot =85. Hillary =85. Two Thousand Sixteen =85. Artificial Intelligence =501. Hillary =510. Joaquin Phoenix’s character is Theodore =302. Artificial Intelligence =203. The AI Theodore falls in love with is Samantha =271. Hillary Clinton =172. 

Clinton Wins Nomination: A Gematria Fiesta

Clinton Wins Nomination =1670 (Jewish). Military Industrial Complex =1670, and 167 is the 39th prime. Clinton was confirmed on 3/9 to speak at the AIPAC Conference, the first candidate announced, which is election confirmation in itself. American Israel Public Affairs Committee =1193. President Hillary Clinton =1193. War Monger =1193. Zionist Stooge =193. Democratic National Convention Philadelphia =193. Hillary For America =93. The AIPAC announcement came 19 weeks 3 days after her birthday and she won the nomination here 39 weeks 1 day after her birthday, the reflection. 193 is the 44th prime. Hillary will be the 44th person elected president, barring some freak decision to install Trump.

This news comes exactly nine months after her birthday, the human gestation period, appropriate for the first woman president. Human Gestation =167. Clinton Wins Nomination =1670. Hillary For President =1067. I’m With Hillary =167.

  • Female =67. A Woman =67. Hillary was the 67th Secretary of State and the 67th prime is 331. Hillary Clinton Fighting For Us =331. Queen Hillary of the United States =133. Forty-Fourth Person Elected =133. White House =133. Government =133. Habitual Liars =133. Rigged Election =133. Elect =133. Bernie Sanders =133. Spectrum II =133, as the Wells Fargo Center was called prior to construction. Clinton =33. Her nomination on [7+26] =33, the anniversary of both the FBI =133, and the state of New York where the Clintons came up.
  • Bitch =122. DNC Philadelphia =122. Bill Clinton =122. First Man of the United Stataes =122. Hillary was born 12 years 2 months after Geraldine Ferraro, the first ever woman nominated for VP of America in 1984.

Democratic Party =72. The Establishment =72. Dog and Pony Show =72. Mass Mind Control =72. Inauguration Day =72. Hillary Clinton =172. 


Her nomination comes 471 days after she announced her campaign. The President of the United States =147. Queen Hillary =147 and Kaine was selected VP 147 days after his birthday. President for All =174. New World Order =174. Hillary For America =174. Hillary Clinton Confirmed Reptilian =174/363, ha. Democrats =363.

The DNC is being held at the Wells Fargo Center =1412 and she announced her campaign on 4/12. (Check my Miss Cleo post and notice her phone number ends in 1412, as FTFT drew some connections between her sacrifice as a Hillary tribute.) Stronger Together =214 and Bill’s historic birth house burned down 214 days earlier. Kaine’s birthday was 21 weeks 4 days before his official nomination to VP. Wells Fargo =46/118. This is the 46th DNC and the election is on 11/8. Wells Fargo =1179. World President Clinton =1709. Her nomination comes 179 days before Inaugration Day (1/20: Presidential Inauguration =120. President Hillary Clinton =120). Mrs President =79. World Government =79. Pro-Israel Lobby =79. Rigged Election =79. 

I’m With Her =113. President For All Americans =113. First Woman President =113. The First Female President =113. HR Clinton =113. Election Day =113, which comes 1 year 13 days after birthday. The nomination comes 11 months 13 days after the anniversary of Wells Fargo Center’s grand opening. Puppets =113. Dishonest =113. Perjury =113. Vote or Die =113.

  • Miss Cleo’s phone number was 1-800-311-1412. We mentioned the 311/113 and the 1412 but here’s the clincher that proves she was a ritual sacrifice for the Hillary nomination: Hillary Clinton =800. Ha! The entire thread all synced up to the fuckhouse. Youree Dell Harris =87. Clinton =87. Harris =73. Hillary Clinton =73. Hillary’s America =73. Inauguration Day comes 73 days after Election Day. Nation =73. Union =73.
  • Inauguration Day is also 2 months 12 days after the election. Hillary Clinton Inauguration Day =2112. Clinton Coronation =211. Forty-Fifth US President =112. Mason =211. Zionist =112. Monarch =212. That’s also 2 months 13 days. Next US President =213. Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton =213, and she was Secretary of State for 210 weeks 3 days. Hillary Rodham Clinton =231. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =1032.

And I should take this opportunity to comment on what a Fuck You it was to the hopes and dreams of the semi-lucid Bernie Sanders supporters for having him appear to sell out and support Hillary. Same damn story with Ron Paul – and the Jewish Gematria speaks for itself: Bernie Sanders =451. Ron Paul =451. The Couple =451. Uplifting =451. Purchased =451. Our Plan =451. 

The Book of Eli Manning

The Book of Eli came out 7 years 22 days before Super Bowl 51. The UK release of the Big Friendly Giant was 7/22. Again, that’s our 3.14 Pi code in full effect. Giants Vikings NFC Conference Final =314. Jack the Giant Slayer came out 3 years 11 months 4 days before Super Bowl Fifty-One =231. Elisha Nelson Eli Manning =231. The Book of Eli =132. Manning Super Bowl Fifty-One =132. Gary Whitta =132 (film’s writer). We Walk By Faith Not By Sight =123 (film’s tagline). Some cats out there are drawing connections between Peyton & Eli and Cain & Abel, so we’ll drop a few religious religious archetypes here and there and see what comes out in the wash.

  • The Book of Eli released 2580 days before Super Bowl LI – and you can’t spell Eli without LI. Book =258. Psychological Operation =258. Holy Bible =90. Book of Eli =90. NY Giants Super Bowl LI =90. Big Friendly Giant =90. BFG =90. The Book of Eli Manning =105/195. The Big Friendly Giant =105/195. 
  • Book of Eli Manning =162. Big Friendly Giant =162. New York Giant =162. And it’s 261 weeks since last Giants Super Bowl and 26 years 10 days since their second. NY Giants Super Bowl LI =261. Cain and Abel =126. Elisha Manning =126. Albert Hughes =126 (film’s director). Eli =26. Super Bowl LI =62.
  • Eli =34. Adam and Eve =34. NY Giants Super Bowl Fifty-One =340/133. Elisha =133. Giants Super Bowl =201. Eli Manning =201. Champion =201. Elisha =36. Giant =306. McAdoo =306. Manning will be 36 for the SB.
  • Elisha Archibald Manning =112. Number Ten =112. Houston =112. NFL =66. Giants Super Bowl =66. Denzel =66. Cain and Abel =66. 

Eli survives the post-apocalyptic wastelands and a boss named “Carnegie” =150 (Super Bowl =50) to cross the Golden Gate Bridge (yet another San Fran theme) and make it to Alcatraz to dictate the King James Bible to a man named – no shit – Lombardi. As in the Super Bowl trophy. Vince Lombardi =127. Believe In Hope =127 (the film’s other tagline). Elisha =27. Cain =27. Enoch =27. Lombardi Trophy =1056. Eli =156. NY Giants Super Bowl LI =1566. 

Denzel Washington =196/1176. Lombardi =196. Lombardi Trophy =1176. 

From the Giants upsetting the Patriots at Super Bowl XLII to the upcoming LI Bowl is 9 years 3 days. New York Football Giants =93, as the team is originally known. Fratricide =93, the first recorded case involving Cain murdering Abel. Eli and Peyton Manning =193. New York =39. NY =39. Cain and Abel =39. (Thirty-Nine =791. Adam and Eve =791). Between both first/second and third/fourth Giants Super Bowls were equal periods of 4 years 2 days. Adam and Eve =420.

And now with Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine we have another level to the symbolism: Kaine & Unable =95. Peyton and Eli Manning =95. Qayin and Hebel =53, as the brothers are known in Hebrew. Cain =53 (like the Highlander there can only be one). Super Bowl LI =53. 

The Passing of Miss Cleo


Miss Cleo, the iconic “TV Psychic” =53 has died 350 days after her 53rd birthday. Cleo =35. Youree =35. Psychic Readers =153. Fifty-Three =59. Negro =59. Afro-American =59. Black Magician =59. Rasta =59. Miss Cleo =95. Youree Dell Harris =195. In what comes as no surprise to any of us, her real name synchs up several ways with her stage name: Youree Dell Harris =1057. Miss Cleo =570. Tell-A-Vision =57. Youree Dell Harris =87. Cleo =78. 

  • Miss Cleo =297 and she died on 26/7. Fools Gold =297, ha. Tarot Reading =792. Her death comes exactly 50 weeks after her last birthday. Miss Cleo =50. Mind and Spirit =150 (her website). 
  • She was born with life lesson number of [8+12+1+9+6+2] =38. Psychic =38. Tarot Cards =38. Jamaica =38, where she claimed to be from. Television Infomercial Psychic =318.
  • Call Miss Cleo =123. Fraudulent Psychic =1230. Conspiracy =123.

Tarot =331. Psychic Fraud =133. Miss Cleo worked for the Psychic Readers Network =133 and died on a 33 date [7+26]. Cleo Knows The Truth =93. Propaganda =93. Smoke and Mirrors =93. This Is Total Bullshit =93. Miss Cleo’s Tarot Power =906. Shaman Miss Cleo =906. Knowledge =96. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. MK-Ultra =96. Ouijia Board =96.

And we gotta love that 311 phone number. Psychic Network Pitchwoman =311. Telepathic =311. The Beast =311. 

Pawn Stars Colts and Vikings: Super Bowl Predictive Programming

Here’s a deadly find from the fine folks over at Free to Find Truth. There was an episode of the reality TV series Pawn Stars called “Colts and Vikings” which aired on 7-24-14, the 322nd episode. Vikings Super Bowl Fifty-One =322. Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023. Again, ex-Vikings coach Dennis Green died 22 weeks 3 days after his birthday and his replacement, Mike Zimmer, was named head coach 223 weeks after his wife died. Colts QB Andrew Luck recently signed a record-breaking contract worth Eighty-Seven Million =223. And Zurlon Tipton, the ex-Colts RB who allegedly shot himself dead by accident, died 223 days before Super Bowl 51 and 2 months 23 days before his next birthday. The stars of Pawn Stars are Rick and Richard Harrison =223. Masonic =223. Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings =223. 

  • Pawn Stars =50/131. Super Bowl =50/131. The show follows the dealings of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas =139. Colts Vikings Super Bowl Fifty-One =139. It’s run by a father-son duo named Harrison =612. Super Bowl LI =912.
  • Colts and Vikings =1074. Sunday February Fifth Twenty Seventeen =174. Colts Vikings Super Bowl =147. Super Bowl =1407.
  • Minnesota Vikings Indianapolis Colts =150. Colts Vikings Super Bowl LI =105. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =105. Colts Vikings =52. Super Bowl LI =152. Coach Mike Zimmer =152. The Super Bowl =1520.

Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings =160. Colts Vikings =160 and the show in focus was Season 10 Episode 6. Three Hundred Twenty-Two =106. Prophecy =106. Pawn Stars Season Ten Episode Six =116. Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl =116. Season Ten Episode Six =1043. Episode Three Hundred Twenty-Two =143. Rick Harrison =143. Pawn Stars debuted the same year as Super Bowl 43. Champion =43 and there are 322 days remaining on the 43rd day of the year.

In fact it debuted exactly 24 weeks after SB43 and 204 days before SB44 (featuring the Colts). The History Channel =204. This double-24 coding appears again when we run a duration from episode #322 to the upcoming regular season matchup of Colts and Vikings on 12-18-16: it’s 2 years 4 months 24 days. It should also be noted that Pawn Stars debuted 2027 days before SB51, our highly suggestive Pi Prophecy code.

Brother Berg’s B-Day

It was your Brother Berg’s birthday on July 24th and we celebrated with rooftop fireworks and the surprise gift of a horseback ride through the hills. It was yet another awesome reminder that life is all about the authentic experience. The more manure these Reality Programmers drop along our path, in the form of tall tales by the numbers presented as truth, the more we recognize the absurdity – thus elevating our vibrations to the higher levels of love from whence we came. Always learning, always growing, always seeking out the next adventure; launching our intentions like fireworks to manifest. Together we flip the script.

My full name equals 63, matching my Path of Destiny number of 63. The sum of 1 through 63 equals 2016, yet another clue that this is my big year, and my horse’s name was Rocky =36. We rode in a provincial park called “Golden Ears” =302. Berg =32. And I just made my 32nd trip around the sun. Ain’t life weird and wonderful.