Wales Upsets Belgium on Diana Princess of Wales’ Birthday

The BBC predictive programmed the exact outcome of the Euro Championship quarter-final match, the day before it happened. They showed the 3-1 score from a 1990 game on 17/10. The odds for Wales to win this one by two goals were 17:1. Belgium VS Wales =170. Cardiff Wales =107. All synched with this July 1st game, 1/7. The final is on 10/7. We clearly see 17 connected favourably to the Welsh. The 17th prime is 59 and its capital city is Cardiff Wales =159. Seven One Sixteen =195. Charles Prince of Wales =95.

The Euro Championship logo shows 3 6-pointed stars. Wales =360. Princess Diana died age 36. And as we know, 3-6 is code for 666. Their team is The Dragons =666/48. Six-Six-Six =48. Cymru =480, as Wales is called in Welsh (pronounced ‘Cumree’). Wales Dragons =48. 

  • Wales National Football Team =1608. Christopher Patrick Coleman =1680 (coach). Ashley Williams =168 (captain). Queen Elizabeth II =168 (reptilian).
  • [7+1+20+16] =44. Wales Football =44. Car Crash =44. Prince Charles =404. 

And the day of the Wales victory just so happens to be the birthday of Diana, Princess of Wales, a trend we’ve seen with King James winning on King James’ birthday. She died on the 31st, 1 month 31 days after her b-day, and the final score was 3-1. Princess Diana =60. Wales =60. Welsh Football =60. Princess Di =116. Royalty =116. Wales =1016. Even the venue is coded up for the tribute: Stade Pierre Mauroy =87/213. Diana Princess of Wales =87/213. 

14 thoughts on “Wales Upsets Belgium on Diana Princess of Wales’ Birthday

  1. Following on from your finds on 60. 60 days from the final is 8th september.
    8th September 1969 was the day Gary Speed was born. He was the wales manager.
    8+9+1+9+6+9 = 42. He died aged 42. 8+9+19+69 = 105. The final is at the ‘Stade de france’ which also = 105.
    He died on 27/11/2011. 2+7+1+1+2+1+1 = 15. This is the 15th euro tournament.
    27+11+20+11 = 69. Like the year he was born and ‘Saint denis paris’ = 69. That’s where the final is.
    His 1st competitive game in charge was on 26/3/2011 = 15.
    Gary Speed = 46. He would be 46 now if he was alive.


    • Yes!! Shag-Nasty with the dunk. Can’t believe I didn’t see that anagram. Portugal is my pick for the cup. “Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, GOIH” =170. Final is 7/10, and 8 weeks 3 days after the end of the Invictus Games. Portugal =38. Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro =383.


      • Alot has been made so far in the euros of the fact that Portugal has ‘not won a game in ninety minutes’ = 123.
        Win euros on penalties = 90.
        Should the semi-final against Wales go to penalties, I can see only one outcome – Potugal to go to the final.
        Although, Wales football (soccer) team does have the hashtag ‘TogetherStronger’ = 88 (8+8=16?).
        Cavalier King Charles = 88.
        As I mentioned to Bally in one of your previous posts … March 1st is Saint David’s Day in Wales. Duration of days between that date and July 10th (final date) is 131 days. Championship = 131/68.
        Prince Charles = 68.
        Pincipality of Wales = 98.
        There is a connection between Iceland and Wales, cos Iceland Fozen Foods Ltd. (Supermarket chain) is headquartered in Wales, and has stores in Iceland the country. Their slogan is ‘thats why mums go to Iceland’ = 2626 (2+6+2+6 =16?).
        Iceland’s football captain (Aron Gunnarsson) plays club football in Wales for Cardiff. Maybe, the Wales / Iceland connection maybe a stretch.
        See how it plays out.


      • Just found some interesting links regarding Cristiano Ronaldo, Prince Harry, Portugal, and France.

        Many of the Knights Templar (current day freemasons) were arrested in France by King Philip IV of France on 10/13/1307. (origin of Friday the 13th)

        The surviving knights fled to Portugal to reconstitute and renamed to Knights of Christ.

        Cristiano is the Italian and Portuguese form of Christian, from the Latin “Christianus” meaning “follower of Christ”.

        Cristiano Ronaldo received the Order of Prince Henry in 2014.

        Prince Harry’s real first name is Henry. Invictus games.

        Prediction for tomorrow’s Euro final: Portugal (representing the knights/freemasons) to beat France (representing King Philip IV) IN FRANCE! REVENGE!


      • “Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro” in the English Reduction system equals 140
        “UEFA Euro twenty sixteen champion” in the English Reduction system equals 140

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  2. Brother Berg can you check into all the Wales ending up on the beaches many in2016theres even one today July 4′ 16 closing a beach on south beach Martha’s Vineyard closing the beach is this a sacrifice or they lose what do you think I hope it’s a sacrifice Wales all the way … King James father was none other than King Charles soon too be ? and now Prince of Wales looks good too me


  3. The international dialing code for France is +33 and todays date has a numerology of 33 (7+10+16). The French football association is known as – Federation Francaise de Football (FFF) F = 6, 6×6×6=216.
    Having said that I hope Portugal lifts the euro trophy tonight.

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  4. Boys, this one seals the deal. Gematria Club just called Murray + Portugal. And they nailed Cavs, DJ, and Penguins since I’ve been a member. Highly recommend joining. Promo code: Gematria100


  5. 11/6 is Royalty, yes it is. The white Fiat Uno involved in the tunnel light flash – Fiat means Divine Decree and Uno as one the number correlated with G-d as the 1st, Number 1, A=1, Aleph and Alpha. Fiat Uno is G-d’s Will directly! 11/6 is the Princess. 11/6 is G-d’s Tower on Earth of the 13th Tribe, the Unicorn. 13 is Mem, the waters and the golden child in the french Mary Ann Lenormand Oracle.

    Fiat is Italian, of course. Dodi was born in Egypt 15/4/1955. The 13th Tribe is Ephraim, The Unicorn, the Egyptian house of Joseph of the rainbow colour coat. Only Joseph’s camp ensign is a mystical creature and only he bears the prismic LIGHT garment – of Ephraim comes the true Messiah, house of Joseph, of one born on a Friday, Friday the 13th, Friday of Venus, planet of Love, 55 Venus orbits to the formation of the flower in the sky, the 5 petals Violet, nobility, spiritual evolution. 15 in the Oracle is the Bear for Ursea Major, the Judge, the protective motherly instinct. 4 is the House and 19 Tower and 55 TreeTree – as above so below, Venus prbit as the celestial sign. Diana was of course a Goddess name too. Lady Di’s coupling with Dodi bore all the indications that this was the predictive play off to killing the House of God – in the hands of man!

    Just the other day I saw a Jaguar where I live in Northumberland and its number plate was CT10 ODN. Number plates here should read NL, NA primarily, instead this entire year many have shown up from Wales and London and surroundings. CT regional identifier lists Cymru, Wales. This plate stuck in my mind primarily for the following reasons – I am from Catania, Sicily and the number plates begin with CT. Then 10, which I’ve had used to describe me this entire year, which stands for the Kingdom 10th Sephirot. ODN reminded me of Odin and Odin is portrayed as having sacrificed himself on the tree aka the cross and is in direct connection to Freya, Friday goddess. Between Odin and Freya are the souls divided, it is said. In any case, like you I like to check gematria, so English gematria stands as follows: Jaguar 10+1=11 kabal prime number, no more addition, then 7+21+1+18=47, I like to reduce further so this gives 11, so we get 11 11 in the make Jaguar. Then the plate – CT10 3+20+10=33 ODN 15+4+14=33, so Jaguar CT10 ODN reads 11 11 33 33. It was black, so 2+12+1+3 and (k)11 = 18, further reduction 9, so black is 911. In films they show us 11 as binaries, as seen in The Matrix, and trains, as train tracks. The word binari in Italian literally means train tracks. From today, the sea town where I live, home to the main Masonic lodge in the entire county of Northumberland, begins a Regatta hosting lasting till the 29th, Bank holiday Monday. In relation to this year, Yom Kippur falls on the 11th of the 10th month and only this year does the Tree festival aka Hannukah, Jewish Christmas, fall precisely on the 25th December.


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