Crooked Hillary Makes History

The media is making a big deal out of Trump’s tweet for being anti-Semitic in framing the Star of David on a background of dollar bills – as if it’s a derogatory slur and not a fact of reality that Zionist Jews run the global financial industry, and politicians like Trump and Hillary. CNN presstitutes are saying it had to have clearly been a mistake, using the term “Accidental Star” =130. Crooked Hillary Makes History =130. Holocaust Victimization Card =130. Washington =130. And conveniently it just so happens to be 130 days until the American election.

  • History Made =777. Order Out Of Chaos =777, another plug for the 777 week span from 9-11 to Aug 2nd. And with the money imagery we’re reminded of Brexit coming 7 years 7 months 7 weeks 7 days after the DOW Jones dropped 777 points. Zionist Israel =77. Judaism =77. The Powers That Be =77. The Programmers =77.
  • Most Corrupt Candidate Ever =109. Zionist Conspiracy =109. Jewish Terrorists =109. Psychological Warfare =109. Deception =91. The Elders of Zion =91.

History Made =137. Mind Control =137. Authority =137. Washington DC =137. United States President =1137. And of course 137 the 33rd prime. Clinton =33. Holocaust =33. Thirty-Three =156. Crooked Hillary =156. The President of the United States =156. Zionist Israel =1056. History Made =56. Mind Control =56. President =56. Diane Rodham =56. Star of David =56.

Ha, yeah real accidental.


This story just happens to come on the day of an iconic Zionist’s death, as Hillary is pretending to be investigated by the FBI. Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate, dead at 87. That’s funny because Clinton =87. It’s 8 months 7 days since Hillary’s birthday.

  • ELIE WIESEL =72, he died on 7/2. Israelites =702. David’s Star =702. ELIE WIESEL=153. Jewish International Financiers =153. The Illuminati =153. Protocols of the Elders of Zion =1531. And 153 is the 17th triangular number. Mossad =17. Israeli Intelligence =107. He’s known as the “Messenger to Mankind” =107.
  • ELIE WIESEL =1068. Jerusalem Israel =168. Israeli Defense Force =168. Queen Elizabeth II =168. The Powers That Be =68. Jewish Empire =68. Zionist Israel =68.

ELIE =39. Born 30/9. Knesset =39. WIESEL =1029. Jew’s Invisible Government =129. Jewish Agency =129. America =129. The President of the United States =129. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =129. President Hillary Clinton =129. Real frickin accidental indeed.


Israel awarded Wiesel the Presidential Medal of Distinction =1444 years 4 months 1 day before he died. Israeli Mossad =144. MK-Ultra =144. Bill Clinton was also awarded the medal, 1109 days before the death of Wiesel. Star of David =119. And get this, that’s also a span of 3 years 13 days: BILL CLINTON =313. 

Bill and Elie’s awards came exactly 68 weeks apart. Zionist Israel =68. (Tomorrow =47/137). And how about Shimon Peres there, on some Bram Stoker’s Dracula type shit. Of course “Shimon Peres” =69. State of Israel =69. Benjamin Netanyahu =69. Yossi Cohen =69 (current Director of the Mossad).

4 thoughts on “Crooked Hillary Makes History

  1. ELE we-sell
    87y9m3d at death
    21/9/78 Reagan ‘alien threat could unite us all’
    Meteor poll candidate also announced “Perhaps sensing the ability to unite people with different views, people have created a Twitter account for the giant meteors presidential campaign.”


  2. Elie was also the name of the bus driver who ran a stop sign and hit a semi in Florida the other day. Killed 4, injured 25. Elie was driving 35 Hatian immigrants. First they said 5 dead, but they changed it today.


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