Dhaka Attack and the Bangladesh Bakery Siege

Hostage crisis in Bangladesh as an overnight siege at a trendy expat cafe takes 33 victims – exactly 33 weeks after the Paris Attacks. Hours later another cafe was shot up in Serbia, totally unrelated incidents yet matching the pattern. Reminding us of the Sydney Siege at the Lindt Cafe, 333 days before the Paris Attacks. And just like Paris, a movie about terrorism was set to release the week of the attack, predictive programming the psyop to come.

Dhaka Cafe Siege =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. Human Sacrifice =67. It lasted 670 minutes. Dhaka Bangladesh =62. Hostage Crisis =62. Militant Siege =62. Execution Style =62. Ritual Murders =62. We’re told 20+6 dead, foreign victims + terrorists, and the victims were all “Stabbed” =26. Sacrifice =206. Holey Artisan Bakery =209. Bangladesh Attack =129.

  • Dhaka Cafe Siege =85. Killed two American students from Emory University =85. This comes 805 days after the ‘Sydney Siege’ =137 (the 33rd prime) at ‘Lindt’ =173. Deadly Standoff =731. Bangladesh =73. False Flag Terror =73. Sydney Hostage Crisis =244, which ended at 2:44 am, also in a cafe.
  • The address of the Holey Artisan Bakery is Road No 79. Foreign Victims =79. Massacre =79. Murder =79. Assassination =79. Black Ops =79. 

The siege ended 40 weeks 4 days into the Jubilee Year, which began on 23/9, on date numerology of [7+1+20+16] =44 (Kill / Shooting / Gunfire / Execution / Military / Police State / The Force / Extremists / Mossad Job). Zionist Paramilitary Organization =404.

20 killed 13 rescued for a total of 33 victims. False Flag =33. Thirty-Three =66. Bangladesh Attack =66. Lake View Clinic =66. Holey Artisan =66. Holey Artisan Bakery =1302. Israeli Secret Intelligence =132. It happened 231 days after the Paris Attacks. TWENTY HOSTAGES KILLED =101. HOLEY ARTISAN BAKERY =101. It comes 101 days after the Brussels Bombings. TWENTY HOSTAGES KILLED =83. HOLEY ARTISAN BAKERY =83. July 1st is smack-dab in the middle of the year, 183 days in 183 out. Order Out Of Chaos =183. Manifest Destiny =183. 

The incident occurred on the evening of Friday July 1st, and the very next Friday sees the release of the Bollywood film “Dhaka Attack” =239 (Global Elite / One World Government). According to the Wiki page, the film centers on the elite Dhaka police and their fierce operation against a terrorist organization who carry out an attack as part of a plot by foreign intelligence agencies to destablize the region in order to destroy the country’s defense layers. Sound familiar? This incident is but the latest in the ongoing reality show called Leave It To ISIS, directed and produced by our good friends in the psychological warfare department of the world state.

  • You gotta appreciate this thumbprint: A Film By Dipankar Sengupta =119 (Star of David / All-Seeing Eye / Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula). Dipankar Sengupta =69 (State of Israel / Jerusalem Israel / Irgun / False Flag / CIA Mind Control).

Made in France is a film about extremist muslim groups growing inside western countries that can strike at any moment. It was scheduled to open five days after the Paris Attacks, but was obviously cancelled; it finally aired in French cinemas in April 2016. Made in France =224. Terrorist Strike =224. Both films would have had promo posters up, sinking into the subconscious as pure uncut predictive programming; literally willing the event into reality like black magick.


(And how’s the lighting in this image they give us! Orange =33 / Manifest =33 / Magic =33) 

One thought on “Dhaka Attack and the Bangladesh Bakery Siege

  1. Orange = 33/60, UEFA = 33, Wales = 60
    Could be a hint?
    Would fit the royal theme and the big upset every twelve years (monkey year)


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