Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

There’s a classic video game (available on iOS) called Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars. I figured I’d have a play to see what hidden messages I could find – and oh baby it did not disappoint. It hooked me, not just for the brainbuster puzzles, murder mystery and Templar conspiracy, but for its genuine treasure trove of Gematria and predictive programming. For with the right eyes, the clues in the game become clues in real life.

BROKEN SWORD =1311. On the first level my character discovered one such hint: SUB JUDICE =1113 (Justice Be Done =1113, which is pretty much its English translation, Under Judgment). The follow-up clue was the word SINISTER =113. Notice both 1311 and 1113 are expressions of November 13th, the date of the Paris Attacks. Not only is the game set in Paris, the second level opens with the terrorist bombing of a café (pictured above). Broken Sword Shadow of the Templars =138. Paris Attacks =138. Knights Templar =1038. 

  • Broken Sword =144 (Scottish Rite of Freemasonry / King Solomon / Israeli Mossad / Mark of the Beast). Broken Sword =63 (Freemasonic / Terrorism / False Flag Event / Charlie Hebdo / Paris). The Shadow of the Templars =117. Templiers =117, as the Templars are called in French. La Chandelle Verte =1017, the name of the bombed café in the game. 

Before we get into the duration evidence, remember how the Paris Attacks of Friday the 13th was staged ritual theatre for the masses in symbolic tribute to the Knights Templar, who were rounded up and burned at the stake in Paris on Friday the 13th, 10/13 in the year 1307. Philip the Fair =137, the man who expelled both the Templars and the Jews (now the Freemasons and Zionists) for being what he called “a state within a state”. World State =137. Royal Family =137. Authority =137. 

Broken Sword was first released on 9/30/96, the 274th day. Order of Solomon’s Temple =274, as the Templars are also known. If we count the days between it and the Paris Attacks, we find 19 years 1 month 13 days (9113). 9/11 happened 3119 days after the ’93 WTC Bombing, the Madrid Bombings of 3/11 came 911 days after 9/11, and the Paris Attacks of 11/13 came 311 days after the Charlie Hebdo prologue. 311 is the 64th prime number and [9+30+1+9+9+6] =64

George Stobbart =64 (the protagonist). Solomon’s Temple =640. Temple Mount =640. The full title of the Templars is “Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon” =604/280. Nico Collard =280. That’s the game’s other protagonist, both characters synchronizing with the secret language of language employed by the Templars – and their descendants. Nico Collard =52/106. Prophecy =52/106. That which is coded into Broken Sword. 

  • Knights Templar =560. Paris France =56. Three Eleven =56. Knights Templar =65. Circle of Blood =65 (the game’s original US title).
  • The Brussels Bombings came 7113 days after the game’s release (exactly 1016 weeks). The upside-down 911, and it came out 4 years 11 months 13 days before 9-11-01. Yet another 113! That’s 1807 days between Broken Sword and 9-11, a pairing of the homicide code and the emergency number. Paris Friday the Thirteenth =187. The Parisian PsyOp occurred 708 years 1 month (781) after the Templars were burned at the stake.

Speaking of the Brussels Bombings of 3/22 (like the number of Skull and Bones), from Broken Sword to the London Bombings of 7/7 is a gorgeous 3202 days. Friday the Thirteenth =223. Masonic =223. Clearly whomever hid their tactics within this game also coded up the release date as a marker to future events. My 8/2 target showed inconclusive but 7/11/16 scored: 19 years 9 months 11 days later (exactly 1032 weeks). July 9th comes 7222 days later, or 19 years 9 months 9 days, making it another date to look out for, especially with its Pi coding. 

Now what else could it forecast?

In short order, the player is tasked with cracking ciphers, which essentially teaches the player the basics of How to Gematria. And on the right is the Sub-Judice clue. SDSSDSS =13/103. Order of Solomon’s Temple =103. Solomon =103. Divine Decree =103. Will of God =103. The Vatican =103. Jesuits =103. The Secret =103. Government Conspiracy =103. Elite World Government =103. 

9 thoughts on “Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

    • precisely…this year alone the “reality” I have lived has been thorough stories of old, so I’ve been left feeling that those stories were themselves “predictions” and aims and forecasts, rather than real “history”


  1. Excellent decode, BB. I just played this game a few months ago! I didn’t even think that a little video game like this one would be so coded by TPTB.


  2. I love all the connections you make – I have found things out in retrospect, experiencing then researching, you instead dig in the right direction, end of. I mentioned the kabal magic square on another reply of mine to another of your posts, and here you see its numbers fully at play. I’ll mention them again for others to catch up on them too, they are:

    22 4 7 = 22/11 OR 33

    11 6 8 = 25 OR 7

    3 9 5 = 17 OR 8 = 64?
    = = =

    33 19 20 = 72 NAMES OF GOD

    In the left row you can see that 3 is both relevant to 11 and 22, giving you 113/311 and 223/322. Just out of this magic box you can get most numbers you consistently highlight in your blog – 47, 85, 36, 11/6, 76 and so forth.

    The other trick is to replace them with Mary Ann Lenormand Oracle cards, as per each number. You might be interested in knowing that this Oracle only has 36 cards, as per Lady Di’s age at death and the ensign for 36 is the cross – the curse of the Tree.

    The box would then be:

    Crossroad House Snake = V / D / G note that the Masonic G equates Snake in the Oracle, No. 7

    Whip Clouds Coffin = K / F / H

    Ship Flowers Tree = C / I / E The Tree is 5, as the Palm of G-d,

    ie. in oracle cards would equate Flowers Tree – as a reading this would be Exchange Tree aka barking up the wrong Tree, substituting G-d. Most read the Flowers card erroneously, as a gathering or giftor similar delight. Spiritually speaking, instead, the flowers are the exchange factor, I give you these, you give me what? No gift is free of obligation. There always has to be an exchange. This notion is what the Babylonian Trade Exchange is based on. The only gift which isn’t scaled, is the gift of “Love”, the heart card number 24. When they say and “God loved man so much as to sacrifice His son to us..” what they are saying is that they are debt free for taking the innocent blood for their salvation! They owe the Universe, the Scales of balance, NOTHING! Through this “NOTION” can they programme their freedom from the curse of the Law, the balance, judgement.

    Now, through this magical box and making it relevant to clock number positions and masonic 20/40/60 Mercedes “clock”, I have been able to trace a “bow formation” which highlights the ONLY time in which this “exchange” can occur and it is nailed as 11/6 of this year. 711 or 11th July, was the 1st day post the indicated 10/7 of revelation and otherwise legible as Snake & Whip, the whip is represented in X formation with a broom and is Aleph as the 11th Path of the Tree of Life past Malkuth, the Kingdom. Basically, rendering Snake Aleph (broom = witchcraft and Scopa, a southern Italian card game and original cartomancy of the South and slang for “have sex”, Nephilim tarnishing). The time was this year. That time frame is now passed and what we witness now are all the other rite continuation in relation to this “sacrificing of G-d’s Earth vessels” to their El-ation.

    Naturally, we see the “V” sign everywhere, index and middle finger in happy photos salutes. That is 22, the crossroad, indicative of crossroad demonology and “V Visitors” the alien invaders, the reptiles. V is also Roman numeric value 5, E, the Hand of G-d. Crossroad is the exchange route, the +, the Cross of the Maltese Order, cross of St. George of England. Now the “in plain sight” part, as proof that this G-d exchange, Christ to Antichrist happens in England and at the hand of the Brits – the Union(44 3) Jack (11 3 11) flag is the + crossroad plus x for Aleph combined. In English gematria, the X has value 24, which in Oracle terms is the Heart card, the Love card and of course Paris is the city of Love! – 24 is the sacred heart of Jesus.


  3. I had mentioned “BOW FORMATION” in relation to 711 as in Beyonce’s 711 video, we are clearly shown the “white chick” with the bow on her top – she 11/6 royalty, is the key to all this and in fact we see the X-mas tree in the video and the bathroom, indicative of Cube (cubicles) portals and purgatory – where one can get cleansed and upgraded to Heaven, with a silly focus placed on the “white chick sporting a bow”.

    Naturally, Beyonce’ starts off on the balcony, a place of high from which you can look down and reminiscent of an auditorium, as in theatres, 11/13 bataclan showcase for instance, and….she waves her PALMS in the air.

    In the movie The Adjustment Bureau, Emily Blunt consistently runs into Matt Damon in the toilets, the Cube(icles). In the first instance she is carrying a bottle of champagne, indicative of the French connection to the Love gift at time of Purgatory and she is a rebel, the only one unconfined my Man’s Law – for she is of celestial Law. Because of her and only with her, mostly important, does Matt Damon reach the most high of “rooms” in the film, the high roof terrace looking down at the entire city and they begin this ascent from the toilets, a stadium (whip/aleph/sport/personal trainer) and statue of Liberty – lady of freedom. In the closing scene, Emily Blunt is clearly shown underneath an Italian flag, whereas Matt Damon is shown with the word Taylor beside him – taylor made, all the dress up for his rise. Matt Damon is Born Supremacy and Matt Damon is also Elysium – Matt Damon’s filmology follows the lineage of the antichrist as him, for those who know to read the “signs”.


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