The Big Friendly Giant: Super Bowl Prophecy

Is Disney’s The Big Friendly Giant forecasting a Super Bowl run by the New York Giants? Let’s first examine the acronym title: THE BFG (2+6+7). The Two Six Seven =64. New York Giants =64. Giant Imagine =64 (the emphasized words). BFG =15. Two Six Seven =1050. The Big Friendly Giant =105. New York Giants Super Bowl =105. Off to a pretty persuasive start.

  • The film’s tag line: The World Is More Giant Than You Can Imagine =181. New York Giants =181. Nephilim =181 (the race of giants in pre-biblical times). Coach McAdoo =81. BFG =90. Big Friendly Giant =90.
  • Giants fired their old head coach on 4 Jan 2016. That’s 1 year 1 month 2 days (112) before Super Bowl 51 in ‘Houston’ =112. McAdoo was hired ten days later, a man with matching birth numerology of [7+9+19+77] =112. Elisha Archibald Manning =112 (Giants QB).
  • Super Bowl =41. Benjamin Lee McAdoo =141 was hired on 14/1, a date with 51 numerology [1+14+20+16]. McAdoo =51. Giant =51.

Disney The BFG =70. Giants =70.  Gigantic =70. The Big Friendly Giant =1170. The all-time record between the Giants and Colts is 11-7-0 in favour of Indy; projections for their next possible matchup at the Super Bowl. BFG has a runtime of 117 minutes and had its Cannes premier 1 months 17 days before the North American release on July 1st (1/7) – exactly 170 days after McAdoo’s hiring – and he’s the 17th head coach in Giants franchise history. The nemesis in the film is called Fleshlumpeater =71. And like a cherry on top, IMDb gives the flick a score of 7.1. 

In the trailer the Giant is riding a Leyland garbage truck like a bucking Bronco. Leyland =73. New York Giants =73. Leyland =490. Patriots =490 (which would be crazy programming if Pats beat Colts in the AFC and played Giants). Super Bowl comes exactly 49 weeks after longtime Giants trainer John Johnson passed away.

Garbage Truck =496. Texas =496, home of Super Bowl 51. Garbage Truck =51/114. McAdoo =51 hired on 1/14. As we’ve been exploring, tributes to the Royal Family are being coded into rigged sports championships; Princess Diana died exactly 1014 weeks before SB51. McAdoo hired on 1/14. It should also be noted that in the film, the girl and the BFG travel to London “to convince Queen Elizabeth to help them get rid of all the bad giants (who look like Vikings) once and for all”.

  • The protagonist in the movie is Sophie =72. Ben McAdoo =72. Sopie =36. McAdoo =306. Giant =306. From McAdoo’s hiring to Super Bowl is 1 year 23 days. Frank Gifford, who played in the last Super Bowl matchup between Colts and Giants, died 10 months 23 days before SB51. Roald Dahl, intelligence operative and author of The BFG, died on 11/23. Gifford died on 9/8 and John Johnson died age 98. Eli Manning =98. Champions =98.
  • The Big Friendly Giant is 24-feet tall, yet another tribute to Gematria: Giant (7+9+1+5+2) =24. McAdoo (4+3+1+4+6+6) =24. Twenty-Four-Feet =203. Coach McAdoo =203. Twenty-Four =50. Super Bowl =50. Nephilim =50. 

Here’s another clincher: the duration between the 7/1 release of The BFG to the SB is 31 weeks 2 days. New York Giants Super Bowl =312 (Super Bowl Fifty One =231). That’s also 219 days. Prince died 219 days before the big game: Super Bowl LI =912.


“In the aftermath, Sophie is seen living in the Queen’s palace. Subtly hinted she’s been adopted by Mary and Mr. Tibbs, who are hinted to be a couple. The BFG stays in Giant Country and is living peacefully while growing a wide variety of vegetables and still deliver dreams to which he was introduced during his visit with the Queen. The film ends with Sophie whispering “Good Morning” to BFG which he happily hears his friend.”

Wikipedia’s poorly written plot synopsis drops the big clue on us: GOOD MORNING =68/131. CHAMPIONSHIP =68/131. SUPER BOWL =131. And now for the big prophecy code-break finale:


6 thoughts on “The Big Friendly Giant: Super Bowl Prophecy

  1. Just watched the film…very odd that the BFG movie has an American Football scene in it, being an English childrens novel (and not in the novel). The scene shown above, with the garbage truck, also has a giant skating towards the BFG with 2 cars under his feet. One is a Hackney Carriage (Londons traditional taxi, named after a medium sized horse) = 75 in English Ordinal (Indianapolis Colts = 75 in English Ordinal). The other vehicle riden by the giant is a Landrover Defender.


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