Finding Jack the Giant Slayer

Now that we’ve established the link between New York Giants and the BFG, the question remains: who is he that is worthy to be called Giant Slayer? (And might those pursued by Giants be Broncos or Colts?)

The movie Jack the Giant Slayer came out 3 years 11 months 4 days (3114) before Super Bowl 51, our Pi code of history repeating – and the U.K. release of The BFG was 22/7. Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. Houston Texas =134 and the last time Houston hosted a Super Bowl was 13 years 4 days before SB 51. Jack the Giant Slayer =1134. 

It came out 3 years 4 months before The BFG, or 1219 days. Jim Irsay =1219 (Colts owner). Luck born 9/12. Super Bowl LI =912, comes 219 days after The BFG. That’s also exactly 174 weeks from Giant Slayer to SB 51. Indianapolis Super Bowl =1740. Sunday February Fifth Twenty Seventeen =174. Magic Beans =74. The Giant Slayer =74. Lombardi =74.

  • Jack =150. Colts =15. BFG =15. The Big Friendly Giant =105. New York Giants Super Bowl =105. Indianapolis Indiana =1050. Nephilim =50. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =105. The Beanstalk =510. Something Giant Is Coming =1500. 

JACK (1+1+3+11). Giant Slayer =131. QB Andrew Luck =131. Super Bowl =131/50. Giant Slayer =50. Number Twelve =160. Charles David Pagano =160 (Colts’ coach). JACK =16.

  • Slayer =596. Indianapolis Colts =596. Both in Jewish Gematria.
  • The Giant Killer =906. Number Twelve =960. Jack and the Beanstalk =162. Big Friendly Giant =162. New York Giant =162. Jack and the Beanstalk =72/1041. Princess Diana died 1041 weeks before Super Bowl 51. Benjamin Lee McAdoo =141. Ben McAdoo =72. Beanstalk =118. Giant Killer =118. If Giants beat Colts in the SB their all-time matchup record will be 11-8. New York Giants =118. Nephilim =118 (the race of giants in the Bible). 

Fee Fye Foe Fumm =68/131. Championship =68/131. Fee Fye Foe Fumm I Smell the Blood of an Englishman =2520. Giant Slayer came out 205 weeks 2 days (2052) before SB 51. (Fuck me, right!?) Now the question remains, which Englishman’s blood? Charles?

There’s talk of linebacker Myles Jack being traded to Vikings (my third pick for Super Bowl). Jack’s birthday is 156 days before the SB. Jack the Giant Killer =1056. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum =56. There’s also two Jacks playing on the Colts. Jack Doyle =41/86. Super Bowl =41. Jack the Giant Killer =86. Jack Mewhort =55. The Beanstalk =55. Mewhort has the same birthday as Myles Jack. My what a tangled web they weave.

3 thoughts on “Finding Jack the Giant Slayer

  1. Both the Colts and Giants are playing games in London, England this year.
    October 2: Colts vs. Jaguars at Wembley Stadium
    October 23: Giants vs. Rams at Twickenham Stadium

    Another notable game (from wikipedia):
    On February 5, 2016, it was also announced that the Oakland Raiders will host the Houston Texans on Monday, November 21, 2016 at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, Mexico. This will be the first time Monday Night Football has been held outside the US, and the second time ESPN broadcasts a game abroad after the 2005 Fútbol Americano game (also in Mexico City at the defunct ESPN Sunday Night Football slot) and the first NFL International Series game in Mexico.


  2. Great Job! I had a feeling the jaguars would begin to get better as their mascot becomes more relevant in regards to prophecy…(Denver International Airport Mural)…and The Rams prophetic/occult significance speaks for itself as well


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