Police State USA: Racial PsyOps and the Dallas Ambush

“Police State in the USA: Fascism with a Friendly Face” – Anti-Flag

It’s summertime in America, and you know what that means: barbecues, fireworks, and of course, divisive police shooting hoaxes. July 5th and 6th saw the back-to-back editions of the classic psyop, the white cop killing the young black man – Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana – both incidents caught (unconvincingly) on tape. Civil unrest then broke out around the country (problem-reaction-solution) and on July 7th a black sniper – Micah Johnson – ambushed a Dallas protest, killing five white cops. Or so the fable goes. Police Brutality =188, the motive for the ambush on the 188th day. Targeted By Sniper =188. Snipers Open Fire =188. Central Intelligence =188. Israeli Intelligence =188. 

As always, the military psyop is deep-coded with both alphanumeric and neuro-linguistic programming. Micah, the army veteran sniper character, autocorrects to Mocha (Johnson for the phallic reference), as Philando autocorrects to Philanderer, subconsciously connecting to the socially engineered stereotype of black men as wanton sex machines preying on white women. Sterling is a reference to silver, like the silverback gorilla (Harambe) and the blending of black and white to make grey. Blurred lines, like last summer’s Freddie Gray psyop. And like the Michael Brown hoax we find the Dallas Chief of Police named Brown. This fable is also synced up with the Texas Tower Sniper of 1966, surname Whitman like White Man.

  • Nigger =42. Racist =420. Mocha Johnson was in the 420th Engineer Brigade in Afghanistan. Gunman =420. Philando Castile =420. Louisiana =420. Social Engineering =420. Freemason =42. Zionism =42. Brothers =42. Black Lives =42. Kennedy =42. It’s since been reported that hate crimes in Britain are up 42%. 
  • The Dallas Ambush happened just a five minute walk from the spot in Dealey Plaza (site of the first Masonic temple in Dallas and named after a 33rd-degree Mason) where JFK was also shot in a sniper ambush, 52 years 7 months 16 days earlier. Notice that duration reduces to 7-7-7, just like the date of the latest ambush on 7-7-16. Order Out of Chaos =777, the motto of 33rd-degree Freemasonry. Police Officer =77. Police Department =77. US Law Enforcement =77. Zionist Israel =77. The Powers That Be =77. Mossad Conspiracy =77. Operation Gladio USA =777. The London Bombings of 7-7-7 came 11 years earlier, or exactly 574 weeks. President Barack Obama =574.
  • We’re told this is the single deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11, and exactly 777 weeks after 9/11 is the upcoming Aug 2nd (2/8) target window. Barack Hussein Obama II =82. The ambush happened at the intersection of “Main & Murphy” =828.

Micah Xavier Johnson =208. Dallas Texas =28. PsyOp =28. Israel =28. Zion =28. Thelema =28. According to Wiccapedia, the cop-killing lasted precisely 332 minutes. A Military Police State =233, which is what this propaganda is designed to advance. MK-Ultra Mind Control =233, in full effect on the captive home audience. Freemason Mind Control =233. John Fitzgerald Kennedy =233. An Orwellian Dystopia =233, the 51st prime. Mass Shooting =51. Lone Wolf Attacks =51. Pigs =51. Conspiracy =51. Freemason =51. Zionism =51. Militarism =51. Downtown Dallas =51. Main & Murphy =858 and it started at 8:58 PM. 

The ambush happened 55 weeks 5 days after the 2015 Attack on Dallas Police, where a man in a zombie apocalypse van pulled a drive-by on the police station. Prison Planet =555. America invaded Iraq 555 days after 9-11 where a missile struck the 5-storey 5-sided pentagon with the 5-acre courtyard across from the 555-foot Washington Monument. The sum of 1 to 10 equals 55 and 55 is the 10th Fibonacci number. 55 is considered the God number in ‘Numerology’ (5+3+4+5+9+6+3+6+7+7) =55. Sniper Ambush =55.

  • Police =33. Masonry =33 (Johnson was a ‘masonry specialist’ in the Army). Race War =33. Federal =33. Black Male =33. Black Lives =33. Kennedy =33, shot on (11+22) =33, by ‘Lee Oswald’ =33, aka ‘The Patsy’ =33, from the ‘Texas Schoolbook Depository’ =330. Oswald was a ‘Marine’ =33, who used the alias ‘A Hidell’ =33. The Master-Teacher number of Masonic obsession, correlating with the 33 vertebrae in the human spine and Jesus dying at age 33 after performing 33 miracles in the Bible.

Revelation =49. David Brown =49 (Dallas Chief of Police). Rawlings =49 (Dallas Mayor) and his birthday is in 49 days. Dallas =49. Dallas Sniper =49. Dallas Shooting =490 and it’s been 49 years since the Texas Tower Sniper gunned down 49 people at the University of Texas in Austin. Dallas Shooter =149, the 35th prime. JFK was the 35th president and the only US president whose religion was “Catholic” =35.

  • Military Exercise =1146. Main Street =460. Dallas Police =46. Hate Crime =46. Baton Rouge =46, where Alton Sterling’s character died. French for ‘red baton’, a bloody symbol of police brutality.

6 dead 9 wounded. Race War =69. Dallas PD =69. Texas =69. David O’Neal Brown =69 (Chief of Police). Mike Rawlings =69 (Dallas Mayor). Elm St =69. False Flag =69. Castile =69 (character in the livestream shooting psyop). State of Israel =69. Benjamin Netanyahu =69. Yossi Cohen =69 (director of the Mossad). 69 is the zodiac sign coded in the keystone of the Masonic arch. The only availble footage of the sniper (who we’re told is clearly wearing body armour despite it being blurry as fuck and indistinguishable as always) is standing “between two pillars” as the narrator points out (despite earlier reports that there were multiple snipers on rooftops triangualting the target). This is a veiled reference to the Twin Pillars of Freemasonry, Jachin and Boaz. Twin Pillars =54. Jachin and Boaz =54. Freemasonic =54. 

The Texas Tower Massacre happened 133 weeks 3 days after the Kennedy Assassination. Ambush =331. Shootout =133. Black Lives Matter Protest =133. Government =133. White House =133. Masonic Temple =133. Federal Bureau of Investigation =133. Alan Dulles,  of the Warren Commission, was fired by Kennedy 103 weeks 3 days before his death. The Texas Tower event came 2 years 6 months 20 days (262) later. Micha Johnson =929. United States of America =929. James Holmes =929, the Aurora Patsy who hoaxed us exactly 207 weeks earlier. Allen Dulles =702. Elm Street =702. JFK =27. ATF =27.

  • Michael Brown was shot 702 days before 7/11, another upcoming target date. That’s 1 year 11 months 3 days (1113). Eleven Thirteen =1122, like the date of Kennedy’s assassination, and the latest sniper came 11 months 22 days after the start of last summer’s Jade Helm 15 exercises. Governor Abbott born 11/13 and it was Executive Order 11130 that assembled the Warren Commission. Notice the 113 on the above license plate; Bava Kamma 113 in the Torah permits Jews to circumvent Gentiles via subterfuge, aka deception. That’s also 99 weeks 9 days, like an upside-down 666. July Eleventh =2103. Mayor Mike Rawlings =213. Hands Up Don’t Shoot =213. 

David Brown was sworn in as Chief of Police just 47 days (1 month 16) before his son killed a cop (Dallas Gunman =47/119) and was executed in the ensuing shootout. The 7/7/7 Sniper came 322 weeks 2 days later. Masonic =223. Dallas Area Rapid Transit =223. Gregory Wayne Abbott =223/2230, the Governor of Texas. JFK was killed 223 days before the Civil Rights Act.

As Zachary K Hubbard points out in his video decodes, there are a few glaring discrepancies within the images we’re shown, deliberate cognitive dissonance to amplify the MK-Ultra on the captive home audience. The videographer in the Sterling shooting moves the camera away for a moment as the shots are fired in a magician’s sleight-of-hand, and when we see the victim on the parking lot pavement he’s leaking from a chest wound – easily explainable by the amateur-grade special FX of a blood pack.

However, it’s the wife’s livestream footage of Castile that really seals the deal. Pure Strength, is what the propaganda is calling Diamond Reynold’s remarkable (read: unbeLIEvable) level of calm as she hardly reacts to her man being shot right beside her as they sit in their vehicle. There’s a toddler sitting silently in the back seat when, were it real, she’d have been screaming bloody murder.

  • Philando Castile =888. Stereotype =888. African-American Men =888. Mastering The Human Domain =888 (Jade Helm 15’s motto). The Warren Ommission summarized their findings in a 888-page report after the 88th Congressional Session. Black Lives Matter Protest =88.
  • Castile =228. Government is Lying =228/93. United States of America =228/93.
  • Diamond Reynolds =1032 (Castile’s calm videographer). Next Generation Action Network =132 (the organizers of the ambushed Black Lives Matter protest). Protests =132. A War on Police =132. Israeli Secret Intelligence =132. Diamond =138. Main & Murphy =138. And So It Begins =138. Black Lives Matter =1038. 

Ambush in Dallas =136. Dallas =136. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry =136. Civil Rights =136. Political Power =1367. Hate Crimes Against Humanity =1367. Blue Lives Matter =1367.


10 thoughts on “Police State USA: Racial PsyOps and the Dallas Ambush

  1. Also remember that in Jade Helm 15 psy op that Texas was marked as “hostile” territory.
    I believe that Jade Helm was partly to condition the inhabitants of those southern States to a domestic military presence.


    • Great reminder! Jade Helm Fifteen =123 and it started 11 months 23 days before 7/7. Mastering the Human Domain =1512 and if started 51 weeks 2 days before 7/7.

      Jade Helm =58. Total Police State =58. The 58th prime is 271 and Pulse happened 271 days after Jade ended. Some more gems here, I’ll tie it into an upcoming post.


  2. Excellent work. Man they’re really trying to get their master plans in full effect and fast. They know time is running out and this knowledge is beginning to spread faster than they can counter act. This year really has been the year of satan, more celebrity deaths than I’ve ever seen in a year, more shooting hoaxes than I can ever remember… They’re really pressing hard this year.


  3. Brother Berg your connections are amazing. This chaos is textbook ‘Operation Gladio’. On a whim I looked up : Operation Gladio USA = 777 ! /1212 / 202. Order out of chaos, American Style.

    Philando Castile reminds me of Phi (golden ratio encoded fractionally within a pentagram) and Orlando Castle = 139 = freemasonry, Mickey Mouse, sixty- nine.
    The original DisneymkultraWorld castle was named ‘Cinderella Castle’, but has been
    changed to ‘Elsa’s Ice Palace’ = 313 / 666 ! / 111.
    changed to Elsa’s Ice Palace


    • Awesome buddy. That Gladio 777 is golden and such a Disney synch there with that name, I knew it rang a bell! Elsas Ice Palace 666 damn. Elsa =116. Molech =116. Molech’s Ice Palace, lovely. Isn’t that the deity that demands child sacrifice?


  4. https://extracapsa.wordpress.com/2016/07/01/wales-upset-belgium-on-princess-of-wales-birthday/#comments

    Some called here for a Portugal win for the Euro tournament. Now it happened.

    There was an influential Jew by the name of Joseph Nasi who came from Portugal and died on Aug. 2, 1579. That would be your 8/2 date, ironically.

    According to Wikipedia: Nasi is a Hebrew title meaning “prince” in Biblical Hebrew, “Prince [of the Sanhedrin]”) in Mishnaic Hebrew, or “president” in Modern Hebrew.

    In the following article, Nasi is described as a proto-zionist.

    With his aunt Dona Gracia Mendes Nasi, one of the wealthiest women in the World at the time, they were engaged in en effort to resettle Jews into Palestine.

    Dona Gracia Mendes Nasi s experiencing some kind of revival recently.
    – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gracia_Mendes_Nasi
    “Indeed, Dona Gracia is fast becoming a cult figure on the world stage. New York City designated a Dona Gracia Day in June 2010, followed by a similar proclamation in Philadelphia a year later. Israel’s political leaders honoured her for the first time in October 2010.”

    (This sounds awful probably but, a strange coincidence, kind of, that 400 years after the Nasis, Israel got established largely because of the Nazis.)

    Joseph Nasi even had some role in the beginnings of the Eighty Years’ War, of which it’s end coincides with the end of the Thirty Years’ War in 1648, one of the most destructive wars in European history.

    (From the above-mentioned article.)
    “When Selim II ascended to the throne, Joseph, with extensive trading ties in Europe, became an influential confidant. He helped the Ottoman porte negotiate peace with Poland in 1562, and was given a monopoly on the trade of beeswax with that kingdom. Seven years later, he encouraged the Netherlands to revolt against Spain (what became the Eighty Years’ War), and promised Turkish support. He was involved in intrigues related to the succession of princes who ruled Moldavia (with which he had a monopoly on the wine trade), and he encouraged the sultan to annex Cyprus to the empire. Selim did indeed conquer the island in 1571.”

    – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Nasi
    “Maintaining contacts with William the Silent, Nasi encouraged the Netherlands to revolt against Spain, a major adversary of the Ottoman Empire (the rebellion was ultimately carried out by the Union of Utrecht, as the start of the Eighty Years’ War).”

    – ore.exeter.ac.uk/repository/bitstream/handle/10036/90953/Islam-in-Christian-tolerance-201001.pdf
    “Just after the Beeldenstorm in October, Joseph Nasi, a Jewish friend of Orange from Antwerp who had fled from the Inquisition and now worked for the sultan, arranged for a letter from Suleiman I promising the Netherlands financial and military support. After the demise of Suleiman, diplomacy continued with sultan Selim II until cooperation was established in 1574.”

    By the way, hundred years later we find another Orange, William III of England, who granted the Royal Charter to the Bank of England in 1694, was also financed by Amsterdam Jews. And prior to that Cromwell also had contact to Amsterdam Jews.

    Some suggest Amsterdam Jews might have been also behind staging the Sabbatai Zevi, Kabbalistic Messiah phenomenon, who declared himself Messiah in 1665. (Quite obviously prior to the year 1666. And starting in 1648, which “based on an interpreted passage in the Zohar, and particularly popular among the Jews, according to which the year 1648 was to be the year of Israel’s redemption by their long-awaited Jewish Messiah”.)

    Sabbatai Zevi was allegedly born on the Ninth of Av, the Jewish fast day (that commemorates a number of disasters in Jewish history). Av is the eleventh month of the civil year, so it would be like 11/9, mirror of 9/11. Sabbatai is Shabtai which means Saturn. Coincidentally, it takes Saturn 29.45 years to orbit the Sun, and 2+9.4+5 would be like 11.9.

    There’s a fringe theory that the Rothschilds are descendants of Sabbatai Zevi. And the Rothschilds led the establishment of Israel.

    Further information on Joseph Nasi:


  5. It’s still Cinderella Castle. They put out April fools articles about the name change to Elsa’s Ice Palace.
    Elsa and her ice palace are from the movie “Frozen”. Cinderella lives on in the happiest place on earth.


  6. If picking out 2882 and 51.

    51×82 = 4182 -> 4182 + 2814 = 6996

    28×51 = 1428 -> 1428 + 8241 = 9669

    (969 is the orbital speed of Saturn.
    969 + 9x6x9 = 1455 -> 1455 + 5541 = 9669)

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