9 thoughts on “Brother Berg’s Parents: Gematria IRL

  1. In the Telegraph we have Claire Cohen writing on Andy Murray:
    Claire Cohen has initials of CC = 33
    “Murray” in the English Reduction system equals 33
    So it’s a 33 writing about a 33.
    Remember that Andy Murray is supposed to have survived the Dunblane massacre.

    Andy Murray won the Wimbledon final yesterday (Sunday 10/07/2016).

    In the Euro 2016 soccer finals France lost to Portugal.
    France’s star player in the tournament was Antoine Griezmann whose sister reportedly escaped the Bataclan massacre:


    Note that the article number just linked: 3318393 begins with a ‘331’ which reminds of those numbers coded all over the “Paris attacks” and related psy ops.


  2. Paul Pogba is a hyped figure in world soccer these days so I took a look at his Wikipedia page:
    A few things jumped out at me:
    “In Italy, he gained the nicknames Il Polpo Paul (“Paul the Octopus”) for his long legs that look like tentacles during tackling or running…”
    It links to
    Given the matchfixing scandals in Italian soccer and the phenomenon of an Octopus who supposedly made some correct soccer predictions is this perhaps another oblique clue that soccer is fixed/rigged?

    “On 24 March 2011, Pogba scored his first goal with the team netting the game-winning goal in a 2–1 win over Germany. The goal was scored from over 30 metres (33 yd) out.”
    They had to get a 33 in there.

    “On 19 February 2011, Pogba was one of four academy players promoted to the first-team squad by manager Alex Ferguson ahead of Manchester United’s FA Cup fifth round match against Crawley Town, for which he was assigned the number 42 shirt.”

    Hmmm….a black athlete being given the number 42 shirt, not surprising knowing what we know.


  3. So brother, do you think gematria and numerology in general has any inherent power? Or do you think it’s just an arbitrary fanetic system used by insane Jews? What’s your take? I mean personally I’ve seen numbers tie In with my birth numerology and my parents. My dad was born on a date with 106 numerology, he is a writer/philosopher who considered himself a prophet before we learned that 106 connected to prophecy. do you think gematria is an arbitrary fanatic system or there’s actually something in it? I’m of the mind anymore that nothing is coincidence.


  4. Well Evangelist I too have been studying the same question you yourself just asked. After doing me and my wife”s Gematria I am totally convinced 100 percent their is something to it. What I like to say is Gematria is like a scrabble board for your life, not every phrase is a match, but you find the synchronicities in the phrases /words and they will tell you what the truth is..Therie is something to it for sure…


    • Interesting. I have so many numbers like 42 and 96 repeated all over in my name gematria and birth numerology that it makes me think I was destined to learn about the Freemasons and gematria their modus operandi. I think there is something to this but the big question to me is, to what extent is it prevalent? I’m sure some masons/Jews have based their lives around Gematria and numerology after the learned of it.


  5. My first name = 44

    GF first name = 444

    Her full name = 74

    Her favorite number = 47

    My little sister got married to someone who’s full name = 960

    Her full name = 96

    His last name = 804

    Her last name = 804

    Once you start really paying attention it gets very interesting…

    There’s definitely more to it….


  6. I was born in Chicago 60606 zip code until age 6. I moved to CA on 6-6-66 and stayed 16 years. I married on 9-9-90 at 3:33 in Orange, CT….I kid you not. Learned about gematria 2013 from FTFT.

    ‘Witch’ in Jewish gematria matches my full name…witch I AM knot!


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