The Dallas Sniper RB Blood Message Clue

What’s up Reader, sorry for being AWOL over the last several days, I was at Pemberton Music Festival having an absolutely legendary time. Didn’t pay attention to any propaganda for a week and enjoyed a well-earned digital detox. I’ll be catching up on the latest here and we’ll begin with this piece from my drafts. 

Here’s a beauty mystery for us, the Dallas sniper character scrawls RB into his blood with his last dying breath after being blown to kingdom-come by a bomb-baring robot. What could it mean?? First thing I see is the 82 connection (the 8-2 pattern in all three methods) as another potentially huge clue to our 8/2 target date. Barack Hussein Obama =82 (with s-exceptions) and his full name is a perfect match: Barack Hussein Obama II =82. Quake =28. Colors =82, as highlighted on one of the main images we’re shown of Micah X, the subject out of focus to emphasize the number 4484.


Obama the 44th president who ran on Hope =44. Obama =84, born on 8/4 (and it’s 28 days between the 7/7 sniper hoax and his birthday). Message In Blood =840. Four Four Eight Four =1137. United States President =1137. 

  • We also see GMR on the license plate. GMR =117 (Jewish Gematria). Government Sponsored Hoax =117. Military Exercise =1170. Invasion Training =1170. Mastering The Human Domain =117. That’s the motto of Jade Helm 15, last summer’s much hyped martial law drill. Fifteen =171. United States Department of Homeland Security =171. JADE =20/120. RB =20/120. Illuminati =120. 
  • Jade Helm Fifteen =123 and it began 11 months 23 days before 7/7. Mastering the Human Domain =1512 and it began 51 weeks 2 days before 7/7. So there’s clearly a connection here. Remember, Texas was designated ‘Hostile Territory’ for the drill. While it was apparently a dud, might Jade Helm have succeeded in laying infrastructure for a future event?

Controllled opposition pundit Alex Jones told us that Helm stands for “Homeland Eradication of Local Militants” =1009/2112. Psychological Warfare =109. Dallas Police =109. Los Angeles =109. Madrid Fault Line Earthquake =1009. August Second Twenty Sixteen =2112.  

Micah Xavier Johnson, aka: Micah X =58. Jade Helm =58. Total Police State =58. FEMA Camp =58. Freemasonry =58. Destruction =58. Agenda =58. The 58th prime is 271 and the Pulse Hoax came 271 days after Jade Helm ended (or 333 days after it began).

The Obama Regime =333. This infamous photo of Obama in front of the Golden Gate Bridge (that I’ve discussed a few times) was taken 3 years 3 months 30 days before 8/2. Snapped on 4/4/13. Earthquake =44. San Francisco =413. “We Have Prepared Now We Strike” =4103, the tagline from the ominous Maserati Ghibli commercial. “Where Will You Be Who Will You Be With” =413, the tagline from the disaster film San Andreas, released 431 days before 8/2. Reduced that date gives us 444 like Energy =444 Weapon =444, which could be used to induce the Big One. The New Moon strikes on 8/2 at 4:44 PM EST. Valdivia =1444, the location of the largest quake ever recorded.

  • Notice that’s also 1217 days from the picture to 8/2. San Francisco August Second =217. Loma Prieta Earthquake =217, the last major quake to hit SF, the one that was caught on live TV during the World Series. And without the end date that’s 1216 like Barack =216, born on the 216th day.
  • The president has cancelled his Spanish trip to meet with Dallas government and it’s no secret that Obama is not welcome in Texas…

Is the RB initials for a location? Rio de Janeiro Brazil? Redondo Beach in LA? Rockaway Beach near Portland? Richmond BC? Vermont’s area code is 208 and Idaho’s is 802. Houston’s is 281, home of the upcoming Super Bowl. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law Love is the Law Love Under Will =281. Cracker =182. Negro=182. Black Males =182. US President Obama =182. 

  • Shooter Left Message In Blood =112 (CNN headline). Houston =112. Eight Two Twenty Sixteen =112. August Second Earthquake =112. 

41 thoughts on “The Dallas Sniper RB Blood Message Clue

  1. Good to see you back brother man. I’ve been meaning to ask your opinion on how much this decoding of our overlay reality through Gematria is helping humanity as a whole. Sure, now we know how the bad guys have taken control. Are we going to use this knowledge and begin to create a world we prefer? Or are we just going to stay forever focused on televised sport and the thugs that are running the show thus giving power to a reality we say we don’t wish for ourselves. I’m certain that your work has literally saved lives in the short term my man. Nevertheless, we’re up against consciousness hijackers that plan things out up to a hundred years in advance. I’m open to suggestions how we can do just a tiny wee bit more than what we’re already doing as we keep a firm hold on our love and compassion for everyone. After all, the bad guys are just a symbol, just playing thier role in this extreme duality experience. Here’s a video from Granpaw Peter Koyote. Enjoy.


    • Hey brother, great questions. My favourite take is that this is the Deprogram Program, the apocalypse which means the unveiling. Truth is energetically synonymous with Love and everything else is but a distortion in our natural field. We are actively reclaiming the creative power to manifest the reality we want, which is ours by right as multidimensional beings of infinity. It’s all about looking through the code, and the programmers and their spectacles, to perceive the Truth of our existence – and by extension our potential to rewrite the future.

      I think like you said buddy, it’s the little things that we do out of love and compassion for all living beings. It’s every decision we make as a vote for the world we want. Definitely don’t get bogged down by the hate/fear as many in the Truth Community do, rather experience the illusion and learn to play with it. Be honest with people and smile at strangers. Recognize the good in all things, get our reframing on.

      I also like to think that this is the ultimate challenge in our human experience and we can find some gratitude for the psychopathic programmers for showing us the light. Find some forgiveness, for it isn’t the wrongdoer who benefits directly from forgiveness it is you who is healing – and by extension we all benefit.

      I’ll reply again once I get a chance to watch this video. Thank you my man and keeping being a beacon of love and light, leading by example for others. All of us at the perfect place on our journey. ✌️


      • Thanks for your response brother man. We’re definitely of a like mind.
        The majority, if not all, of your contributors and commenters here are good souls and are no doubt doing their part in dissolving this duality matrix..Maybe it really is time for something new. Something the Universe has never seen before. Something totally awesome! 🙂
        PS. To all the code breakers out there using the bad guys own coding system against them..then good on ye.
        Maybe if we did get a million people betting using Gematria we could bankrupt the Casinos and betting shops.. Infuse the system with good intent as opposed to lies and deceit.


      • That’s right brother. The one concern is we hit capacity and they flip the script on us but A) it’s carved into hieroglyphs, and B) the capacity to adapt is one of our strongest attributes.

        Get on board G-Club and let’s tip the scale:


      • Good to see you back Brother. Is that Gematria Club a new endeavor? Any chance you’re looking for admins/contributors, or some such? Been thinking for a while that if we all put our heads together in a single place, we’d be unstoppable. I actually had Stenson to win the Open from the outset, almost 20:1. 145th Open, Stenson birthday 4/5, life #45 this year, name equals 415 jewish, AND the final round fell precisely 14 weeks 5 days after his birthday! Talk about overkill.


      • Dext my man. G Club commissions me for work and I’m always impressed with your finds. You got da touch. Hit me up on email via my contact page and we’ll talk shop.


  2. my thinking was this. Remember the Killer left another message? THE END IS NEAR…So RB, R = 18 B =2 Revelation 18:2 With a mighty voice he shouted” Fallen! Fallen! is Babylon the Great! She has become a dwelling for Demons and a haunt for every impure spirit, a haunt for every unclean bird,a detestable beast…..I think its pretty obvious they are telling us the END of America the way we know it,is very very close. I have noticed the word FREEDOM, all over the place lately, they are sending subconscious scripts to us about our freedoms being taken…Something very nasty is coming, TRUMPPENCE doesn’t it sound like Trumpets? Trump= the Trumpet of Apoc/Rev Rev 18:13 As I watched I heard an eagle that was flying in midair, call out in a loud voice, WOE,WOE,WOE,To the inhabitants on earth,Because of the TRUMPET BLASTS….Seems to me we are getting a lot of multi contextual clues to our coming collapse…………Don’t forget I pet goat 2 shows the USA flag ripping apart in the winter time.

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    • Great thoughts man. Trump-Pence is totally Trumpets. And I missed that other message he left! THE END IS NEAR =59/68/122. SAN FRANCISCO =59/68/122.

      Fallen Fallen is Babylon the Great =121. Revelation =121.


  3. Hey brother berg Jeff here I been looking into the Canada 144 Canadian open starting tomorrow 21/7/16=44 Dustin Johnson birthday 6/22/16 =44 Tatum Johnson=44 Coastal Carolina=144 PGA=144 Paulin =144 . From birthday 6/22/16 to7/21/16 is 32 days Justin is 32 yrs 1mon 3days that’s 13 for Lebron James 32yrs this year. I’ve read all yours and Jeremy’s on the masters for his win maybe it was coded for the Canadian Open for the win on 7/24/16 =22(Dustin)32 days after his birthday. What do you think Brother Berg is there something here ? maybe ‘ Could you check it out ? Thanks


    • That was a Heavy blog entry, & I’m left a lil speechless by it.

      Its easy talking about what Jeffrey Wallce mentioned, & I liked everything he had to say. Just by applying common sense I think DJ will win. The entire top 50 players of the PGA are taking the week off except for Dj & Day.

      Day is obligated to show up because of his record setting Win last season. DJ has a half-canadian girlfriend who just so happen to be the daughter of Canadian God, Wayne Gretzky. So if DJ shows up to the Canadian Open – it can only be to Win it.

      And if Gretzky shows up to watch…..Its a Sure Thing.


      • Yeah brother. Vibe for Grillo but if Gretz rocks up its pretty much lights out. Just found an article from four days ago that says “no official word yet… but wouldn’t be surprised if Wayne joins the gallery”


    • Hey Jeff, I took a peek into the Open and while obviously DJ is a pretty healthy first choice, I like the numbers on Emiliano Grillo =151/79. Glen Abbey Golf Club =151/790. Oakville Ontario =179. Grillo =37/73. Glen Abbey =37/73. It’s 7 weeks 3 days from the 24th to his 24th birthday or 52 days. Canadian Open =52.

      Grillo also has birth numerology of 44. Royal Bank of Canada =144. Seventy-One =144. Oakville Ontario =71. Royal Bank of Canada =710.


  4. August 2, 1776, was the date of the official signing of The Declaration of Independence. Pence,independence and trumpets. 8/2/16 marks 240 years.
    two hundred forty= 2027/ 1296/ 216

    I hate that cheshire cat sardonic grin of his, just like the grin photo in front of Hoover Dam. He will be in office at the time of The Crossing.


    • august 2nd is a watch date of mine already. great post. Look for some shit to brake out at democratic convention next week, july 26/ 27 is hot with cryptic sub- conscious scripts they are hitting us with now. Ted cruz invoked FREEDOM again in his speech last night, they keep bringing up Freedom……Ford is having a nationwide FREEDOM sale , Beyoncé released her solo Freedom in April, They bombard us with these meme sub conscious neuro linguistic messages , just got to decipher them….

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    • Nice one brother. What is the Crossing you speak of? The difference between Pence and Independence is “in de den” =330/107. Bridge =107. DNA Code =107 which I reckon these patterns are an expression of. A bridge to higher dimensions.


      • Whoa that’s trippy. Great find dude! I’m a have to do a post on this shit, 8/2 is crazy coded and you know what these psychopaths say: never miss out on a good opportunity. Thanks for the follow homie


      • Hey Bro berg here is what I mean by the Crossing. This is deep, unpleasant to write, so people choose to block things out that scare them and I understand. But here is what I have discovered with help from a genius friend of mine who has shown me gematria on a level I never thought exhisted.. The crossing is the Galactic crossing, Look at the 2008 logo for Barack Obama ‘Change we can believe in’. Ok it shows you whats about to happen in 2016/ 2017. It shows BLUE at top = EARTH, then a white half circle which is our SUN at the bottom is 3 red stripes coming into the SUN which is the waves that will be incoming into our earth effecting the sun, So the message is Nibiru and the Sun conjoin and produce/provoke Electromagnetic plasma exchange of Dramatic proportions. A Power surge in our solar system.. Why do you think they released the movie the 5th wave? Hint…These waves will effect our poles, earthquakes, sinkholes, volcanoes, but also will effect us mentally! They will alter DNA as we know it, hence the term running rampant [ ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE] what the Zombie Apocolypse really means is when the next wave arrives if you cannot RISE ,your Vibration,frequency, you will be caught between your sub conscious mind and your conscious mind, unable to tell a dream state from reality!! That’s another reason Katy Perry released RISE just recently….A sub conscious neuro script to us to Raise our Vibration! Why is Ghostbusters out at the theatres? A sub conscious script to warn us of the Plasma discharge coming from the galactic crossing . I know this shit is DEEP, but I have been decoding this ,learning as much as I could for 2 years and this is what the Gematria also shows .RESET = the 5th age is here, Our matrix is expiring, Ran by Saturn 969 that’s why all the 69 coding deaths this year by celebrities… Pulse = the Quantum pulse wave that is coming… You know all the coding to the ROYALS we have been seeing try this on, 73 = crown, Britain,Kingdom , sacrifice, Nibiru, PULSE, stone ,Nimrod ,Egypt, Carolina, …. That’s why we have been having all the Royal coding . TrumpPence ties into the sub conscious scripts they are feeding us.. I will leave you with this little nugget I discovered, Remember the super bowl performance at half time from Bruno Mars? Behind him playing was the Blood Red words PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE. flashing in the background………….. Bruno was singing his song Billionaire, Trump is considered a Billionaire by common folks, the words he was singing “I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine ( Trump had recently been on the cover) I swear the world better prepare for when im a Billionaire!!! A American flag was in the background of his performance. So they were telling us subconsciously the world better prepare when a billionaire is in the limelight politically in America.. Trump! Deep Deep stuff …

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      • Very nice interpretation brothA. Can’t spell rise without EYEZ. I have a theory that as multidimensional beings we can shift into another reality without even knowing it. So if we keep elevating that vibe we will experience a positive future whereas the other dumdums will branch off and experience all the ww3 disaster movie shit. One aspect of them, their higher aspect, will still be chilling with us on the good side. Like what was foretold in Donny Darko. A tangent universe split involving a plane crash, so 9/11 triggered this tangent reality we are in and if we elevate enough before the sand runs out the clock we wake up back on 9/11 with crazy collective dreams and no war of terror. Ha, it’d make a good story anyway


  5. Let’s see if any Running Backs get BLOWN UP in enemy territory for the Tigers(LSU) or the Dallas Cowboys. Or even big years for those guys with disastrous conclusions.

    McFadden Injury-882

    And he has always been ripe for season sacrifices

    Darren McFadden–110, 660, 303

    Not saying the RB is just for them, but the RB code will probably touch a couple of them. I am really not expecting any political demises until close to November anyway. And Trump is going to have a heart attack, imo. Old Man can’t finish when he is on top.

    Fatal Heart Attack=888=Donald J Trump

    Hope you had a good decompression! Now get to work!

    Oh, and I think Montreal is going to get hit by terror soon too. Time for a Canadian 911


    • Nice one bruvva!! Will def have to run some durations from cowboys games back to the 7/7. Good call too on the ‘heart attack’ =108. Congestive heart failure =108. Desire sex =108. Speaking of, next post up is on Denny Green, coded to the fuckhouse for SB51.

      Monréal is hot for action for sure. And decompression was phenomenal my dude. 👊


  6. Philadelphia is of course ripe for a BLM hit, what with nothing happening in Believeland for the RNC when everyone expected it too, I was already looking for a Throwdown in Philly. Philando and all that jazz. And keep an eye on the Olympic Torch, it was in a Province Capital both the day of Orlando and the day of Nice. Not sure what the next capital is that it hits, but there will mos def be something happening somewhere while Rio is rocking. Not in Rio though.


    • It’s always sleight of hand with these Mind Freaks. Damn that news about provincial capital torches is interesting… Let’s keep eyes peeled on the next few stops. And still love how Rio is Roi is King en français


  7. Obama reminds me of a troll under these bridges. Is he stationed there to secure the “pet goat that eats everything in its path” a safe crossing? I’m referencing “The Pet Goat” book Bush was reading on 9-11, in the Florida classroom. Later, in I Pet Goat, ll, the video, the witch uses an apple to cast her ominous spell. The apple rolls across the floor and stops after hitting Obama’s shoe and magickly sprouts into a lotus (Horus).
    ‘Troll’ is an old Norse word for ‘demon’ and ” devil: a person of great wickedness or maliciousness. A hideous, earth-demon of Teutonic mythology living in caves. The troll can be a dwarf or a giant who also lives in the hills and under bridges.” ‘Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated’

    Obama lives on “The Hill” in Washington,DC., as does the House Of Representatives United States (HORUS).

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    • That’s awesome man. And in the troll under the bridge stories the protagonist must answer three riddles to cross, right? We get riddles on the daily from these freaks and working together we are earning passage. I love that Horus acronym, I’ll be using that one, cheers buddy.


      • Hey man wanted to let you know espn had a clip showing andrew luck tour around london…he showed his old housing of course the 33 adress blatantly on the door…but he also mentioned Princess Dianna! Also a fast clip flashes on and off the screen and he says “Its a jubilee” I recorded the clip with my phone if you wanted to see it, I am not sure if you can find it online…Apparently his dad is the president or owner of the European football league I think it says


    • Yes! Jubilee reference at 3:45…I was trying to see what time the clock tower read… Maybe 1:21. (112 connect) Also repeatedly showing the Big Ben clock in the video…not sure if the Steelers might be an AFC oppenent with the Leveon Bell “Miss Test” but I was also looking to see if the Will Smith Movie “Concussion” had any connections to Super Bowl 51 or not


  8. New to all of this, really appreciate your work of decoding. I woke up the day the Warriors (my team) lost the finals. I was already doing research on sports rigging beforehand but nowi totally see it.

    Anyways, I wrote a paper in my history class a long time ago in high school about The Gulf of Tonkin incident which happened 8/2/1964. Which is 52 years from 8/2/2016.
    Big One = 52

    I live in the Bay Area / California, it’s really been getting overpopulated just from these past few years..a lot of traffic, very strange. I hear commercials on the radio about advertising earthquake insurance. Very scary but i’ll be prepared just in case. We’ll see what happens. Expect the unexpected or expected.


  9. Hey Bro Berg. Besides the economist mag, the biggest decode for us is the conspiracy guy commercial!! The board is huge with future false flags. SFO is prominently in caps so look out San Fran. Also Paris eifel tower is frequently shown, Flight numbers, zipcodes , it is huge to decode! Im working on it.


  10. Bro Berg, great to have you back and nice to read the comments here with their positive vibes!
    Can you break down the story from yesterday about the Dallas Cowboys bus crash in Arizona? The crash reportedly on U.S. 93 about 30 miles north of the city of Kingman. The bus carrying staffers on route to a Dallas Cowboys fan event in Las Vegas.
    Jhonattan Vegas won the Canadian open golf yesterday. Are there any Superbowl connections to this story, you can find?


  11. Remember the headlines “Strange Light in the Sky,” ” Bright Moving Object Seen Above SoCal to SF Bay Area,” “Naval Test Fire Off Coast Unarmed Trident Missile,” last November 7?

    11/7/15 to 8/2/16 = 7months, 7 weeks, 7 days

    Something really wicked about all this.


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