Ex-Vikings Coach Dennis Green: Super Bowl Sacrifice

*update: Green’s death has been officially memory-scrubbed from 22/7 as originally reported to 21/7, matching his 2/17 birthday.*

Coach Green’s death made the news on 7/22 ~ the very day of the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Viking’s new US Bank Stadium (=777) ~ at age 67, highly ominous coding right off the bat, what with the 22/7 Pi symbolism and “Blood Sacrifice” =67, “Human Sacrifice” =67. Denny Green =666. And as we’ll see, his life and death is coded up with Super Bowl 51 in numerous and auspicious ways. Denny Green =57. Cardiac Arrest =57. Fifty-Seven =131. Championship =131. Super Bowl =131. There are 131 executive suites at US Bank Stadium… (And all forms of life are separated by no greater than seven degrees – from Kevin Bacon.)

Green’s birth numbers, [2+17+19+49] =87. Super Bowl Sacrifice =87. Vikings Super Bowl =87. Super Bowl Fifty One =87. February Fifth =870, the date of the Bowl. He died 156 days after his birthday and current Vikings coach Mike Zimmer was born on the 156th day; Zimmer’s wife died 1560 days before he was named head coach. Dennis Denny Green =1056. Thirty-Three =156. Green born on [2+1+7+1+9+4+9] =33. He died 3 months 3 days after Prince, who was born in and peaced out from Minnesota. The 33rd prime is 137. Green =137.

  • Green died 22 weeks 3 days after his birthday. Zimmer was named head coach exactly 223 weeks after the sudden death of his wife and his father died on the 223rd day of the year. Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023. Vikings Super Bowl Fifty One =322. And if we don’t include the end date that’s 222 days: Vikings Super Bowl =222. Hot shit!
  • Green died 93 days after Prince. Minnesota Vikings =93, based on the 93rd meridian. US Bank Stadium =930. Coach Dennis Green =390. That’s also 13 weeks 2 days. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =132. Super Bowl Fifty-One =231. Prince died on 4/21. Vikings Super Bowl Fifty One =124.
  • Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl Fifty One =199. He died 199 days before SB LI, the fulfilment of 99. The Vikes =99. Purple People Eaters =99, both Vikings nicknames. 199 is the 46th prime: Fifty-One =46. Houston Texas =46. Vikings =46.

Vikings Super Bowl Fifty One =169. Dennis Green =69. Adrian Peterson =69. This NFL league year began on the 69th day. Indianapolis =69. Colts =69, who the Vikings may very well meet in “Super Bowl Fifty-One” =96. Vikings Super Bowl =96. Viking’s stud RB Peterson’s two-year-old son died on 10/11/13. University of Minnesota =113, where Vikings games were played for the last couple years before the new stadium this year. Coach Green finished with 113 NFL wins and Vikings host Houston 11 weeks 3 days after his death. He died 1016 days after the death of Peterson’s son: Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl =116. Another tight duration count is him dying exactly 24 weeks after Super Bowl 50. Super Bowl LI =24. Vikings Super Bowl Fifty One =124, the fulfilment of 24.

Coach Green’s death was reported 51 days before the start of the season leading up to Super Bowl 51. That can also be 52 days. Coach Green =52. Super Bowl LI =152, and it’s 152 days from first game of the season to the SB.

As I’m sure you’re well aware if you’ve been following along, it’s been the juiciest coding for Colts-Giants-Vikings. And this mighty blue chip sacrifice bodes very well for the Purple, especially in this era of royalty tributes. Get some bets in now on a parlay of Colts-Giants and Colts-Vikings Super Bowl. Who cares who wins, the ticket to the big dance is all but printed.

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