The McMassacre in Munich

On 7/22 in Munich, a teenager named Ali David Sonboly shot up a McDonalds restaurant at the Olympia shopping mall, 36 casualties. It happened 32 years 4 days after the McDonalds Massacre in San Ysidro California in ’84. Shopping =324. Multinational Corporations =324. Arab Nation =324. Islam =324. And the patsy was a German-Iranian with Shiite parents. The Elites =342 (notice the prominently displayed 3442 on the goon). He was carrying a book during the shooting called “Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters” =3042/507/201. Sonboly =102. Bullying =102. Olympia =570. McMassacre =570. 

  • Ali David Sonboly =164/74. McDonalds Massacre =164/74. Olympia Mall =641. Mickey D =461/420. Ali Sonboly =42. The original McDonald’s Massacre happened 85 days before the shooter’s (James Huberty) 42nd birthday.
  • Munich Shooting =85. Shooting Spree At Mall =85. McDonald’s =85. The Olympics start on 8/5 and this happened at Olympia Mall.

The San Ysidro Mcdonalds Massacre happened 2 months 23 days after the shooter’s birthday. Fast Food Restaurant =223. A McDonald’s Restaurant =223. Domestic Terrorism =223. Masonic =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Browns Chicken Massacre =223, which occurred 1228 weeks earlier. Death =228. James Oliver Huberty =228, the perp from ’84. Munich Massacre =882. Anders Breivik =822, the patsy from the 2011 Norway Attacks, which also happened on 7/22. Sonboly allegedly used Breivik for his profile pic.

  • Anders Breivik =65. Ali David Sonboly =65. All-Seeing Eye =65. McDonald’s Massacre =65. This latest psyop occurred on date numerology of [7+22+20+16] =65.
  • McDonald’s serves 68 million customers daily. Munich =68. Zionist Israel =68. The Powers That Be =68. Deranged Loner =68, the media is calling Sonboly.

Nice posing in front of “GameStop” =33/96. False Flag =33. Masonry =33. Police =33. MK-Ultra =33/96. Freemason =96. Jackboots =96. Militarized Police =96.

Ali David Sonboly =1400. The mass shooting hoax happened 1 week 4 days before our 8/2 target window. Fourteen =41 and this happened 41 days after the Pulse Hoax. Huberty was 41 and racked up 41 casualties. Mass Murder =41, the 13th prime. M for the Golden Arches is the 13th letter and the 13th number in the Fibonacci sequence is 233. This ‘shooting’ happened 233 days after the San Bernardino False Flag of 12/2, the very city where McDonald’s was founded. Olympia Shopping Mall =233, the 51st prime. McDonald’s =510. I’m Lovin It =51. Mass Shooting =51. Black September =51. Zionism =51. State of Israel =51. Nation of Israel =501. 

A film about McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc is coming out on 12/16/16. That’s 4 months 24 days away. McDonald’s =242, a perfect 666 synch. McMassacre =333.

16 thoughts on “The McMassacre in Munich

  1. Threw this out on Z’s post too, but McDonalds is an offical sponsor of the Olympic Movement for the 38th year this year.

    38=Death, Germany

    That GameStop picture is hillarious.


  2. Hey Brother Berg,
    Which gematria methods do you use and do you find are the most relevant? With so many choices I would like to know which ones are in your opinion the most substantial when making connections, thanks!


    • Hey Allen, there are only four methods that we use on Extra-Capsa: Pythagorean (Reduced); Ordinal / Simple; English / Sumerian (aka Satanic); and Jewish. Simple and Reduced are the most often used forms but Jewish Gematria is the most powerful and precise, in that it’s the most complex and thus trickiest to find synchronizations. There’s also the Francis Bacon Method (a=1 z=26 A=27 Z=52) which is legit but four styles is enough for our current scope of decoding and deciphering.


      • 1) Jewish 2) Ordinal 3) Reduced / Sumerian. I find connections like 1074 and 174 to be a solid match, followed in importance by 471 – in reverse as Hebrew is read and in accordance with Crowley’s Law of Reversals. Weaker synchs are numeric anagrams like 714 and 471 – they still carry the source frequency, only it’s been diluted.


  3. Hello, could you tell me more about this? Shooting hoax, what does that mean? That there are no victims??? What was the purpose of this attack? Was David Sonboly a MK-Ultra-victim? Or does the media just use their coding everywhere with no purpose? I’m sorry for these stupid questions but could you tell me more details about that stuff, that would be very kind, thank you!


    • Those are not stupid questions at all. They definitely code for purpose and without having looked into the crime scene details here to see if it was staged or completely contrived I assume the latter as my default stance nowadays, based on all the other events I’ve researched. I used to be very hesitant to call something an outright hoax, until I really researched sandy hook and no planes on 9-11 etc and now it seems like almost every attack we are shown is a made for tv spectacle with actors and special fx and all. It’s like wag the dog but for most if not all msm stories.


      • Thank you for very very much for your response, very kind! I even contacted Zachary K. Hubbard but he never responds… I guess he has too much to do and he is doing his job quite well!
        The thing is, I am from Munich and I can confirm, that at least one person died. He was my brothers buddy. So, the victims at least were (most seemed) real…
        And it was clear when i heard about this journalist, Richard Gutjahn. His wife works for the Mossad and R. Gutjahn was involved in Nizza, now in Munich and even in the egyptian revolution (and I think in even more media-events). So, no coincidence here!
        BUT I have no clue what the purpose of the Munich-massacre was! This is so confusing to me!
        It seemed definetely like a staged act and I guess the boy was a MK-Ultra-victim or something like that. Your conclusions were very helpful and I found another german shooting, that creeped me out! Tim K., shooter from Winnenden, in 2009. It seemed done by professional police-hitman in a school and not by the 17 year old Tim K.! And Tim K. had this connections to psychiatrists and depression and stuff… (or he was a MK-ULTRA-victim, what I don’t believe in that case)
        Watch from 11:00-13:00. The numbers are revealing!

        Back to the McMunich-massacre…
        The boy began the shooting inside of the McDonald’s and when he steps out
        you will see the two “M’s” from the McD’s-Logo. If you turn your head and view the two M’s laterally, they build a 33! A typical masonic-staged location.

        And there was an interesting conversation between a resident and the frenzied attacker. A resident swears at the shooter and the shooter revealed certain things about himself. He was a mobbing victim, was in therapy but it didn’t help,
        he even sweared at Turks and identified himself as a German…
        This conversation was very random and definetely not staged! And I think, that this was not planned. Maybe this small talk was an unwanted complication of this operation.
        Here is the video:

        After this incident the media claimed his parents were from Iran and he was born and raised in Germany.
        And there is this report:
        This site claims he is syrian (and to me he looks syrian, my father is syrian, so I’m syrian-german but have nothing to do with my syrian background, I lazy fool am not even able to speak arabic! (But I do look like a syrian wog) 😉

        And the current situation in Germany is following:
        – refugees behave like barbarians and are very demanding of religion, rights, welfare and this and that…
        – at first, the media did never report about the refugee crimes, it was always about Nazis, (who are a small minority). And there were many rapings and murders since the beginning of the mass immigration by the refugees.
        – currently, the media does report, but some incidents look too staged
        – Germans see Islam as a threat and behave more and more hostile towards refugees, and Muslims
        – and there are ISIS-fighters who returned, this is real shit, they want to kill even Muslims, the IS-theory is “Allah will care and distinguish, that the right people will go to heaven and the wrong people to hell. So don’t worry, if you’re murdering someone!”
        Zachary K. Hubbard says this is an artificial islamic bogeyman. Maybe in the US,
        here in Europe this bogeyman is pretty real.
        – Germany has a very bad relation to Turkey’s president Erdogan
        The Munich-massacre seems all like a divide & conquer-stretegy. But what was the purpose of using Ali David Sonboly? Could you help me in that case?
        And I want to apologize, I am not a native speaker, forgive me for possible mistakes!
        BTW, you’re doing a GREAT JOB! 🙂


      • Danke schön brother. I must first give you a heads up that if your brother’s friend really did die, telling people that as an anonymous source will automatically shut people off, because there are paid government agents who troll blogs to spread misinformation and that is their go-to line: “a friend of a friend really died!” Zach especially will blacklist you if you approach him with that comment.

        It’s a boy who cried wolf story, because so many people lie about knowing someone there that when finally someone actually does – nobody believes him. Personally, I don’t give a shit if it was an MK-Job or it was fictionalized on a movie set, the impact it has on the unconscious public is the same: another random act of terror that could happen anywhere.

        I haven’t looked into the event any further but the coding speaks for itself. Although I will say that authentic synchronicities do happen all the time, in all our personal lives, but for this to harmonize so perfectly with McDonalds as a megacorporation that deals in death on the daily and the past McMassacre, it’s obviously contrived in some way so we can all agree on that. Arguing over whether its a hoax or a false flag is as wasteful as this flat earth debate. It’s the chicken vs egg scenario, who gives a shit when we’re all being fed the same omelette.

        I can imagine that the Isis threat trickles down to infect the impressionable minds of young European immigrants. And that’s real mk-ultra in effect on a mass scale. So is the fear that it’s so much greater than it really is. Isis is 100% a weapon of the Programmers, and why wouldn’t they release a few influential agents into the gangs to stir shit up and keep the divide and conquer running on full steam.

        I think the trick is to look at the bigger picture and who’s behind all this fuckery. Why’d they use this kid as a patsy, you ask? Why’d they use any of them? They were impressionable and susceptible targets with a politically appropriate backstory. Or they were made up in a writer’s room. It doesn’t matter how exactly McDonalds produces its food, it’s still no good for the mind-body-spirit apparatus.


      • You know, I was almost an absolute HOAX-claimer, now I think it is real and they kill more often than I thought… but I guess that’s life! 😐
        If you are spiritual in nature, there is a worthwile book, called “THE BOOK OF LIGHT”.
        10 volumes + illustrated one:
        Here, its channel:
        I can fully recommend it to everyone!
        And the YouTube-Channel “Trampleonsnakes6” exposes the “darker” occult doings in the media and was very helpful to me at first.
        But this gematria stuff is pretty impressive to me! You just need to know the numbers and TA-DAH! You know very soon in which direction you have to look!
        I’ve seen Zachary’s stuff after the NBA-finals for the first time and now I’m addicted to it! A few days ago I was binge viewing the most of yours!
        They want to hide knowledge,
        I want to spread it! 😀


  4. Hey Brother, what do you know…

    “B Savage says:
    APRIL 18, 2016 AT 1:11 AM
    Interesting that 32 weeks and 2 days = 227 days…

    i was just literally connecting the next terrorist attack to be on 7/22……. the reflection of 227!!

    From 8/9 – 7/22 is 11 months, 13 days…..

    From 3/22 – 7/22 is 122 days…. or should i say 33.33% of 2016😉

    Might want to keep that date in mind……”


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