Brother Berg’s B-Day

It was your Brother Berg’s birthday on July 24th and we celebrated with rooftop fireworks and the surprise gift of a horseback ride through the hills. It was yet another awesome reminder that life is all about the authentic experience. The more manure these Reality Programmers drop along our path, in the form of tall tales by the numbers presented as truth, the more we recognize the absurdity – thus elevating our vibrations to the higher levels of love from whence we came. Always learning, always growing, always seeking out the next adventure; launching our intentions like fireworks to manifest. Together we flip the script.

My full name equals 63, matching my Path of Destiny number of 63. The sum of 1 through 63 equals 2016, yet another clue that this is my big year, and my horse’s name was Rocky =36. We rode in a provincial park called “Golden Ears” =302. Berg =32. And I just made my 32nd trip around the sun. Ain’t life weird and wonderful. 

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