Pawn Stars Colts and Vikings: Super Bowl Predictive Programming

Here’s a deadly find from the fine folks over at Free to Find Truth. There was an episode of the reality TV series Pawn Stars called “Colts and Vikings” which aired on 7-24-14, the 322nd episode. Vikings Super Bowl Fifty-One =322. Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023. Again, ex-Vikings coach Dennis Green died 22 weeks 3 days after his birthday and his replacement, Mike Zimmer, was named head coach 223 weeks after his wife died. Colts QB Andrew Luck recently signed a record-breaking contract worth Eighty-Seven Million =223. And Zurlon Tipton, the ex-Colts RB who allegedly shot himself dead by accident, died 223 days before Super Bowl 51 and 2 months 23 days before his next birthday. The stars of Pawn Stars are Rick and Richard Harrison =223. Masonic =223. Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings =223. 

  • Pawn Stars =50/131. Super Bowl =50/131. The show follows the dealings of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas =139. Colts Vikings Super Bowl Fifty-One =139. It’s run by a father-son duo named Harrison =612. Super Bowl LI =912.
  • Colts and Vikings =1074. Sunday February Fifth Twenty Seventeen =174. Colts Vikings Super Bowl =147. Super Bowl =1407.
  • Minnesota Vikings Indianapolis Colts =150. Colts Vikings Super Bowl LI =105. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =105. Colts Vikings =52. Super Bowl LI =152. Coach Mike Zimmer =152. The Super Bowl =1520.

Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings =160. Colts Vikings =160 and the show in focus was Season 10 Episode 6. Three Hundred Twenty-Two =106. Prophecy =106. Pawn Stars Season Ten Episode Six =116. Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl =116. Season Ten Episode Six =1043. Episode Three Hundred Twenty-Two =143. Rick Harrison =143. Pawn Stars debuted the same year as Super Bowl 43. Champion =43 and there are 322 days remaining on the 43rd day of the year.

In fact it debuted exactly 24 weeks after SB43 and 204 days before SB44 (featuring the Colts). The History Channel =204. This double-24 coding appears again when we run a duration from episode #322 to the upcoming regular season matchup of Colts and Vikings on 12-18-16: it’s 2 years 4 months 24 days. It should also be noted that Pawn Stars debuted 2027 days before SB51, our highly suggestive Pi Prophecy code.

5 thoughts on “Pawn Stars Colts and Vikings: Super Bowl Predictive Programming

    • Nice one, here’s the thing: The Ranch =41 and it aired on 4/1 with 41 numerology (4+1+20+16). Super Bowl =41.

      The show’s tag line: They’re A Different Breed of Family =155. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl LI =155 (with S-exceptions).


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