Clinton Wins Nomination: A Gematria Fiesta

Clinton Wins Nomination =1670 (Jewish). Military Industrial Complex =1670, and 167 is the 39th prime. Clinton was confirmed on 3/9 to speak at the AIPAC Conference, the first candidate announced, which is election confirmation in itself. American Israel Public Affairs Committee =1193. President Hillary Clinton =1193. War Monger =1193. Zionist Stooge =193. Democratic National Convention Philadelphia =193. Hillary For America =93. The AIPAC announcement came 19 weeks 3 days after her birthday and she won the nomination here 39 weeks 1 day after her birthday, the reflection. 193 is the 44th prime. Hillary will be the 44th person elected president, barring some freak decision to install Trump.

This news comes exactly nine months after her birthday, the human gestation period, appropriate for the first woman president. Human Gestation =167. Clinton Wins Nomination =1670. Hillary For President =1067. I’m With Hillary =167.

  • Female =67. A Woman =67. Hillary was the 67th Secretary of State and the 67th prime is 331. Hillary Clinton Fighting For Us =331. Queen Hillary of the United States =133. Forty-Fourth Person Elected =133. White House =133. Government =133. Habitual Liars =133. Rigged Election =133. Elect =133. Bernie Sanders =133. Spectrum II =133, as the Wells Fargo Center was called prior to construction. Clinton =33. Her nomination on [7+26] =33, the anniversary of both the FBI =133, and the state of New York where the Clintons came up.
  • Bitch =122. DNC Philadelphia =122. Bill Clinton =122. First Man of the United Stataes =122. Hillary was born 12 years 2 months after Geraldine Ferraro, the first ever woman nominated for VP of America in 1984.

Democratic Party =72. The Establishment =72. Dog and Pony Show =72. Mass Mind Control =72. Inauguration Day =72. Hillary Clinton =172. 


Her nomination comes 471 days after she announced her campaign. The President of the United States =147. Queen Hillary =147 and Kaine was selected VP 147 days after his birthday. President for All =174. New World Order =174. Hillary For America =174. Hillary Clinton Confirmed Reptilian =174/363, ha. Democrats =363.

The DNC is being held at the Wells Fargo Center =1412 and she announced her campaign on 4/12. (Check my Miss Cleo post and notice her phone number ends in 1412, as FTFT drew some connections between her sacrifice as a Hillary tribute.) Stronger Together =214 and Bill’s historic birth house burned down 214 days earlier. Kaine’s birthday was 21 weeks 4 days before his official nomination to VP. Wells Fargo =46/118. This is the 46th DNC and the election is on 11/8. Wells Fargo =1179. World President Clinton =1709. Her nomination comes 179 days before Inaugration Day (1/20: Presidential Inauguration =120. President Hillary Clinton =120). Mrs President =79. World Government =79. Pro-Israel Lobby =79. Rigged Election =79. 

I’m With Her =113. President For All Americans =113. First Woman President =113. The First Female President =113. HR Clinton =113. Election Day =113, which comes 1 year 13 days after birthday. The nomination comes 11 months 13 days after the anniversary of Wells Fargo Center’s grand opening. Puppets =113. Dishonest =113. Perjury =113. Vote or Die =113.

  • Miss Cleo’s phone number was 1-800-311-1412. We mentioned the 311/113 and the 1412 but here’s the clincher that proves she was a ritual sacrifice for the Hillary nomination: Hillary Clinton =800. Ha! The entire thread all synced up to the fuckhouse. Youree Dell Harris =87. Clinton =87. Harris =73. Hillary Clinton =73. Hillary’s America =73. Inauguration Day comes 73 days after Election Day. Nation =73. Union =73.
  • Inauguration Day is also 2 months 12 days after the election. Hillary Clinton Inauguration Day =2112. Clinton Coronation =211. Forty-Fifth US President =112. Mason =211. Zionist =112. Monarch =212. That’s also 2 months 13 days. Next US President =213. Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton =213, and she was Secretary of State for 210 weeks 3 days. Hillary Rodham Clinton =231. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =1032.

And I should take this opportunity to comment on what a Fuck You it was to the hopes and dreams of the semi-lucid Bernie Sanders supporters for having him appear to sell out and support Hillary. Same damn story with Ron Paul – and the Jewish Gematria speaks for itself: Bernie Sanders =451. Ron Paul =451. The Couple =451. Uplifting =451. Purchased =451. Our Plan =451. 

13 thoughts on “Clinton Wins Nomination: A Gematria Fiesta

  1. I do feel Amerikans Deserve 8yrs of Hitllery.

    Stronger Together =214 & 807. Both those #’s fit into that amazing post.

    Forty Fifth President Of The United States =2071. Hillary Clinton =172. Damn it.


  2. Paul Romano (aka “pocketsofthefuture” IIRC) has done some convincing YouTube videos on the satanic and paedophilia aspects of the sit-com “Full House”.
    “Full House” = 119.
    That confirms to me that this show is a Judaeo-Masonic occult psy op.


  3. WRT the date of interest 8/2, Alex Jones is doing a 28 hour live broadcast titled Operation Sleeping Giant. (An allusion to the “Big One”/earthquake? As the subject came up recently.) Might be of course way far fetched though, the 28 hour live broadcast is a recurring thing as I gather.

    On a related note, came across the following quote: “the crest of the Great Seal of the U.S has 13 stars, 26 horizontal lines, 24 divisions of Glory and 19 clouds which equals 82”.


    • Nice one! Twenty-Eight =156. Operation Sleeping Giant =1506. False Flag =156. Twenty-Eight Hour Broadcast =112. Eight Two Twenty Sixteen =112. August Second Earthquake =112. California August Second =112.

      Operation Sleeping Giant =251. California August Second Twenty Sixteen =152. August 2nd is the 215th day.


  4. Off-topic, but I’ve been reading “Why Evolution Is True” by Jerry A. Coyne.

    “Jerry A. Coyne” in the English Ordinal system equals 139
    Freemasonry = 139

    He’s a very strong opponent of Intelligent Design.


    • Jerry A. Coyne has a book called “Speciation”
      “Speciation” in the English Sumerian system equals 666
      Coyne is a self-described “secular Jew” who studied in spook schools Rockefeller University and Harvard.


  5. 8/2 coincidence: 8 shot, 2 dead in Washington


  6. August 1:

    “Erroneous alert of massive Tokyo quake causes brief panic”

    “Railway companies temporarily stopped trains and social media users were in a state of panic after the Meteorological Agency sent a false alarm of a magnitude-9 earthquake across wide parts of the Kanto region Monday afternoon.

    The agency issued an erroneous emergency earthquake alert to railway companies and app operators around 5 p.m. The notification warned of a quake measuring 7 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale, the most powerful rank.

    The quake would have been as powerful as the one that hit the Tohoku region on March 11, 2011.”


    “False smartphone alert of huge earthquake triggers panic in Japan”

    “An erroneous alert that a massive earthquake had hit the Tokyo area sent many people in Japan into a brief panic on Monday and disrupted some train services.

    The Japanese Meteorological Agency sent the alert just after 5pm, saying a magnitude-9.1 quake had struck. It cancelled it seconds later but that wasn’t fast enough to stop at least one smartphone app passing the warning on.”

    “Japan’s Meteorological Agency said it had sent the alert but its cancellation just seconds later had not reached some app operators in time. An agency official said the reason for the withdrawn alert may have been lightning hitting a seismograph, an instrument that monitors quakes.”


    Don’t know, the Japanese Meteorological Agency sending out an alert of a 9.1 earthquake and seconds later a cancellation, this sounds a bit strange. I guess this might lower the probability of something earthquake related in the Pacific region tomorrow?


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