The Book of Eli Manning

The Book of Eli came out 7 years 22 days before Super Bowl 51. The UK release of the Big Friendly Giant was 7/22. Again, that’s our 3.14 Pi code in full effect. Giants Vikings NFC Conference Final =314. Jack the Giant Slayer came out 3 years 11 months 4 days before Super Bowl Fifty-One =231. Elisha Nelson Eli Manning =231. The Book of Eli =132. Manning Super Bowl Fifty-One =132. Gary Whitta =132 (film’s writer). We Walk By Faith Not By Sight =123 (film’s tagline). Some cats out there are drawing connections between Peyton & Eli and Cain & Abel, so we’ll drop a few religious religious archetypes here and there and see what comes out in the wash.

  • The Book of Eli released 2580 days before Super Bowl LI – and you can’t spell Eli without LI. Book =258. Psychological Operation =258. Holy Bible =90. Book of Eli =90. NY Giants Super Bowl LI =90. Big Friendly Giant =90. BFG =90. The Book of Eli Manning =105/195. The Big Friendly Giant =105/195. 
  • Book of Eli Manning =162. Big Friendly Giant =162. New York Giant =162. And it’s 261 weeks since last Giants Super Bowl and 26 years 10 days since their second. NY Giants Super Bowl LI =261. Cain and Abel =126. Elisha Manning =126. Albert Hughes =126 (film’s director). Eli =26. Super Bowl LI =62.
  • Eli =34. Adam and Eve =34. NY Giants Super Bowl Fifty-One =340/133. Elisha =133. Giants Super Bowl =201. Eli Manning =201. Champion =201. Elisha =36. Giant =306. McAdoo =306. Manning will be 36 for the SB.
  • Elisha Archibald Manning =112. Number Ten =112. Houston =112. NFL =66. Giants Super Bowl =66. Denzel =66. Cain and Abel =66. 

Eli survives the post-apocalyptic wastelands and a boss named “Carnegie” =150 (Super Bowl =50) to cross the Golden Gate Bridge (yet another San Fran theme) and make it to Alcatraz to dictate the King James Bible to a man named – no shit – Lombardi. As in the Super Bowl trophy. Vince Lombardi =127. Believe In Hope =127 (the film’s other tagline). Elisha =27. Cain =27. Enoch =27. Lombardi Trophy =1056. Eli =156. NY Giants Super Bowl LI =1566. 

Denzel Washington =196/1176. Lombardi =196. Lombardi Trophy =1176. 

From the Giants upsetting the Patriots at Super Bowl XLII to the upcoming LI Bowl is 9 years 3 days. New York Football Giants =93, as the team is originally known. Fratricide =93, the first recorded case involving Cain murdering Abel. Eli and Peyton Manning =193. New York =39. NY =39. Cain and Abel =39. (Thirty-Nine =791. Adam and Eve =791). Between both first/second and third/fourth Giants Super Bowls were equal periods of 4 years 2 days. Adam and Eve =420.

And now with Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine we have another level to the symbolism: Kaine & Unable =95. Peyton and Eli Manning =95. Qayin and Hebel =53, as the brothers are known in Hebrew. Cain =53 (like the Highlander there can only be one). Super Bowl LI =53. 

8 thoughts on “The Book of Eli Manning

  1. Nice work! I found some good connections with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham’s birthdays in relation to he superbowl. I’ll type it up soon!


  2. Man that was some straight gangster decode! In your honest opinion are you more confident and vibing the giants or vikings moreso…very hard to tell with your convincing evidence for the giants


  3. Eli is Asher please refer to my reply to other post 2/8) the black man who is otherwise blind (an actual man, not the ethnic grouping per se), as in out of God’s view (Cain descent, accursed). He is very studious of scriptures for through those lies his “salvation” as a sinner and therefore mortal. He has the know how to achieve this, so the “cat is in the bag”, not out of the bag. He does not divulge the secret, the fraternities protocol.

    The iPod hints at the “evolution harmonics”, The Song, that is required for this salvation and in English gematria is 44 – 11 up from 33, stepping past the curse of the Tree(cross). The scope of salvation is precise and he must therefore be diligent and totally focused, so he listens to scriptures on end.

    Solara (sunny one/of the sun) is your Mary/Magdalene/Queen of Heaven here, the noble female Column of the Divine DNA descent aka one of the Towers. She labours as a prostitute – freemasons tarnishing of the holy DNA through nephilim sexual corruption= from pure to quasi spawn of Sodomo and Gomorrah. For Judgement, someone has to “wear” the curse of Cain, it cannot be eliminated, it has to be accounted for and purification of the sinners can only be achieved if these purge through the Holy Spirit – whose Temple is the body, not a building! Eli needs Solara, she is the key OF San Francisco, the Christ spirit child, Francesco, shown as the allegory city in the film and many others.

    Note that Mila Kunis is further starred in Jupiter “Ascending” and she is the DNA Heiress of our Universe, she controls “bees” – bees as souls, as the 1000 souls that stem from the head of the Apis Bull – she judges and moves souls as the pale horse, death herself and death is immortal, the Holy Cow of the Milky Way from whom comes the Aleph.

    The transfer of the iPod from Eli to Solara is the representation of the transfer of the Mark. Whoever carries the Mark cannot “enter heaven” or pass to the other side of the Golden Bridge aka Satan saves himself for the time of Heaven, the Queen instead gets locked out of heaven and usurped, meaning San Francesco aka San Francisco (patron of Italy and Italian noble, hence Lombardi) aka Jesus remains barren post the apocalypse, usurped, pinned to the curse, as the last Heir of the Divine lineage! Mila also gets locked out in Jupiter Ascending, as does her “hero” whose wings were cut off! Both are forced to remain on Earth – denied ascension, usurping. In most cases the 2 Columns, man and female, mother and child, are represented as lovers in films to render the idea of the Bride, ie. Yesod to Malkuth, 9 to 10, the latter the Kingdom, the Female, the Lady cloaked with the Sun “Shekinah glory”, the inheritance belonging to the Son. Father spirit within, the Trilogy – Trilogy in the Matrix is female. Mila J in the 5th El-ement is female as the Supreme Being, they consistently show us this but people only focus on the male Jesus aspect…and get things wrong, by design.

    Solara is left carrying the iPod and chasing scriptures, saying “I WANT TO GO HOME”. Home is Heaven, Solara is Celestial.


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