All Hail World President Clinton

My sincere apologies for yet another post on Shillary, but her Gematria is the gift that keeps on giving. IMHO, the stand-out quote from the DNC was Hillary as President For All” =1044. Queen Hillary Clinton =1404. Hillary Rodham =144. President For All =174. Hillary For America =174. New World Order =174. Queen Hillary =147. The President of the United States =147. For All Americans =147. World President Hillary Clinton =147. World President =1447. President Hillary of Planet Earth =1407. President =47. 

  • World President =1709. World President Hillary Rodham Clinton =179. Her nomination at Wells Fargo =1179 came 179 days before Inauguration Day. Rigged Election =79. 
  • President For All Americans =113. I’m With Her =113. First Woman President =113. The First Female President =113. HR Clinton =113. Election Day =113, which comes 1 year 13 days her birthday. Dishonest =113. Perjury =113. False Loyalty =1113. President Clinton of Planet Earth =1131.
  • World President =182. President Clinton =1182. Moment of Reckoning =1182. Shillary =104. President For All Time =104. Hillary Clinton Tim Kaine =1004. President For All =84. United States of America =84. President of Earth =84. 

Controlled opposition stooge Alex Jones is currently hosting a 28-hour broadcast during Queen Hillary’s coronation, titled Operation Sleeping Giant =1506. President of Planet Earth =1506. Zionist Israel =1056. The President of the United States =156. Crooked Hillary =156. US President Hillary Rodham Clinton =156. World President Hillary Clinton =156. Twenty-Eight =156. Thirty-Three =156. Clinton =33. 

  • Sleeping Giant =393. President =393. Democrats =363. Giant =51. Hillary =510. Giant =157. American President Hillary Clinton =157. Hillary For Prison Twenty Sixteen =157.

If you read the ad at Infowars, they speak of the Globalist Takeover and say “Blazenly” instead of brazenly. Blazenly =34/97. Globalist =34/97. Takeover =34/97. President Clinton =197. Globalist Takeover =1250. President of Planet Earth =251. Operation Sleeping Giant =251. President Hillary Rodham Clinton =152.

Red Balloons =117. Central Intelligence Agency =117. President Hillary =1170. Hillary Rodham =711. And if we calculate 99 Red Balloons like 99+117 =216. The President of Earth =216. President Hillary of Planet Earth =2016. President Bill and Hillary Clinton =2016. 

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