Where To Invade Next

Where To Invade Next =86 (Ignorance / Citizen / Republic / Pyramid / Triangle / Symbol). Where To Invade Next =212. Monetary System =212. Michael Moore’s latest documentary was re-released for Oscar audiences this year on 2/12. That’s the day that leaves 322 (Military Industrial Complex =322). Its premier was on 12/23 (Masonic =223) which is 322 days before the American election. 

  • Michael Moore =291. USA =291. Problem Reaction Solution =291. Fraud =291. Michael Moore =702. 4th of July =702. The Establishment =72. Hillary Clinton =172. And the climax of the doco links successful models of society to feminine values and strong woman leaders. I’m all for that, but it’s being used to program the upcoming Hillary presidency, and she’s about as woman as a mechanical snake.  
  • Moore was born on the 113th day. Controlled Opposition =113. Dishonest =113. 

The film runs 120 minutes. President Hillary Clinton =120. The last words in the documentary give the veiled shoutout: Kansas Anyone =58/139. Freemasonry =58/139. 

Trump’s Doctor: Diagnosis Insane in the Membrane

‘The doctor who has produced the only public medical record about Donald Trump during his presidential campaign reportedly said he spent only five minutes writing it.’ – CNN

First question: Why is Trump’s doctor actually Yoko Ono in disguise? The story is from 8/26 which reduces to 8/8 and his name is apparently Dr Harold Bornstein =88. Trump =88. Donald J Trump =888. Emmett Brown =888, which is just awesome with all Trump’s Biff Tannen similarities that we get this zany long-haired mad scientist as his doctor.

Dr Bornstein =138. Donald Trump =138. Yoko Ono =38. And notice the van decals don’t just read ‘Goth’ (hilariously placed with him in all black) there’s also the G=33 of Freemasonry: G Goth =57. Dr Bornstein =57. Doc =57 (his bloody name even shares Gematria with Doc Brown!) Occult Symbolism =57, which this sure as heck is. G Goth =172. Hillary Clinton =172. 

  • The subject here is Health =142 and CNN gives us a 1:42 video, taking a break from their favourite subject matter: Terrorist =142.
  • Bornstein =416. Genetic Engineering =416. And you know what? I would not be surprised if Trump and Hillary and all these puppet politicians are in fact androids. Bornstein ran a quick diagnostics scan and he’s like “ya, all systems go, now if you’ll excuse me I’m late for my illuminati sex party.”

Five Minutes =1194. White iPhone =1194. Product Placement =1116. Psychological Operation =1116. Bornstein =116. Shot in the Back by Buford Tannen =116. LoL


And remember when Trump’s tombstone went up in Central Park on Easter Sunday? That was 4 months 31 days ago. I Wrote Trump’s Bill of Health in 5 Minutes =431. These programmers are fucking insane. (Or it’s my new theory that is is all being done via sentient AI super computer, which is also fucking insane).

Fallout 4: The Gematria Decipher


Fallout =397. Freemasons =397. I decided to rent a PS4 (aka pick one up from Best Buy and return it within 30 days) and explore the Wasteland to see what sort of predictive programming and hidden messages were embedded within. At least that’s my excuse for mixing business with pleasure, and my explanation for my prolonged absence on the blog. It’s been years since I’ve played video games and the next-gen virtual reality experience of steampunk revolution was nothing short of mind-blowing – as is the blatant Gematria coded into the game.

In the alternate timeline universe of Fallout, global thermonuclear war strikes on October 23rd 2077. October Twenty-Third =244. Global Thermonuclear War =244. Right off the bat we find a huge and deliberate example of how events are coded with harmonic dates via numerology. Reprogramming Reality =244. Military Mind Control =244. 


In the 10/23 date we of course find the classic Conspiracy =123. Dystopian =123. Atomic Bombing =123, matching the father of the nuclear weapon, Julius Robert Oppenheimer =123. The game’s tagline is “War – War Never Changes” =1230.

  • 10/23/2077 is a date with numerology of 33 (10+23) – the call-sign of Freemasonry – that leaves 69 days remaining in the year. World War III =69. Sentient Machines =69. False Flag =69, and it’s alluded to in the game that the annihilation of World War III blamed on either the Americans or the Chinese was in fact sentient AI that turned on its maker.
  • It leaves this truth-seeker to wonder if perhaps AI hasn’t already become sentient in our world, and it’s machine not man that’s programming this reality and writing these numerologically encoded scripts into being…

Playstation =53. Sentient AI =53. Hypnosis =53. Transhumanism =53. Technological Singularity =1272. Playstation Four =1272. PS Four =95. Sentient Technology =95. 


  • Great New Bottle Rocket Shape =126. November Tenth Twenty Fifteen =126. Bethesda Softworks =1260. The game-maker with a self-tribute via Fallout’s release date and coded in-game advertising. Next Generation =1026. Virtual Reality Experience =126. And if you haven’t played any next-gen RPG, it’s exactly what it is.

According to game mythology, a secret society of technocrats known as The Institute was formed in 2110, which is 33 years after the Great War. Mason =211. Masonry =33. Nuka-Cola =33, the bottlecaps of which are currency in the post-apocalyptic future, its 33-coded billboards a major part of the satirical media landscape. Institute =137, the 33rd prime number. Scientific-Technological Elite =137. Authority =137. Mind Control =137. 

The issue of mind control is a prevalent theme with these video game systems and they should be approached with caution and a healthy sense of paranoia, for who knows what these devices are really capable of once the hypnotic induction sets in. I know from my experience here that this PS4 might be the most intelligent machine I’ve ever interacted with. It’s spooky how smart it is. Adding that to the prevailing in-game themes of omnipresent surveillance and the glorification of technological superiority, along with the moral questions of unchecked power and human rights, it succeeds in predictive programming – leaving the decision up to us as to what world we want to create. Or have created for us.

  • The Institute =1020. World War Three =1020. Transhumanism =1020, and indeed The Institute is focused on the creation of synthetic humans (androids) or ‘synths’ that are instinguishable from human beings (a la Blade Runner / Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep). The people of the game world live in constant fear of a loved one being covertly replaced with a synth spy, which is paranoia at its finest. The shadowy organization exists much as the Illuminati do today, in whispered rumours and feared reverence.

And what do you know, the Institute’s logo is the Masonic compass and Vitruvian Man, symbolizing sacred geometry (as expressed through language – and thus thought – by Gematria). The motto is a tribute to arguably the most famous Freemason: Mankind Redefined =292. Albert Pike =292. And hidden right there in plain sight with the year: Shadow Government =2110. 

  • If we decode all the letters on the logo we find Institute Mankind Refined =111. Reprogram =111. Subconscious Programming =111. Mind Control Broadcast Station =111, which hey, the PS4 may very well be. Truth is stranger than fiction.
  • One One One =48. Fallout Four =48. Illuminati =48. Transhuman =48. And as you’ll see in the trailer below, there is very much a theme of man merging with machine.
  • The main character in the game is the Sole Survivor of Vault 111, and the ads for this game were aired during the 111th World Series in New York =111 (which ended on 11/1 after a hit from a batter with a .111 ERA on #33’s 111th and final pitch).

Man Versus Machine =1110Fallout 4 appropriately released on 11/10 and includes a dynamic dialogue system featuring 111,000 lines of dialogue, as Bethesda tweeted at 10:11 AM. Just a coincidence, right?

The soundtrack in the trailer uses the song The Wanderer, and at one point the protagonist joins an underground revolution and is code-named Wanderer =43. One Eleven =43. Notice how this gorgeous synchronicity connects with the visual of Fallout 4-III. Freemasons =43. Globalist =43. Takeover =43. Nuclear Bomb =43. Sentient =43. 

  • PlayStation is releasing their virtual reality helmet in October – which will officially be next level. In fact it’s coming out on the ominous date of 10/13.
  • Artificial Intelligence =113. Fake Reality =113. Dream World =113. Green Screen =113. Mainstream =113. We Are Under Hypnosis =113. 

Fallout released on (11+10+20+15) =56, which reduces to 11 like the numerology of the day the bombs fell (10+23+77) =110. Vault One Eleven =56. Bottle Rocket =56. All-Seeing Eye =56. Mind Control =56. Sentient Artificial Intelligence =156. God =156. 

The Bestseller Code: Secret Gematria

BESTSELLER CODE =144. The Secret Key =144. The Alphabet =44. Gematria =444. English =444. BESTSELLER CODE =72. Top Secret Language =72. Story =720. Vocabulary =720. The Truth =720. The Architect =720. Illuminati =720. 

BBC did an article titled The Secret Code to Writing a Bestseller, and as we’ve proven from deciphering many examples of pop culture media, the secret code is indeed Gematria – as demonstrated in the book’s own secret code. The authors are Jodie Archer & Matthew L Lockers =117. Bestseller =117. Holy Bible Code =117. Gematria Book =117. Alphanumeric Gematria =1170. Gematria Revelation =1170. 

  • The book comes out on date numerology of [9+20+2+0+1+6] =38. Gematria [7+5+4+1+2+9+9+1] =38. September Twentieth =83. Secret Algorthim =83.
  • September Twentieth Twenty Sixteen =160. Messages Revealed =160. Archer and Jockers =1060. Subconscious Gematria =1060. Mathematical =106. Alphabet Key =106.

The article was published on 8/12, which is 5 weeks 4 days before the book release. Bestseller Code =54. The Bible Code =540. Holy Code =540. Gematric Relation =540.

Donte Moncrief and Zurlon Tipton: Masonic Super Bowl Clues


We previously covered how former Indianapolis Colts RB Zurlon Tipton “accidentally shot himself dead” 223 days before Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023 and 2 months 23 days before his birthday. Well get a load of this update. As Sports Illustrated reported on 8/1, Colts WR Donte Moncrief says he’ll now be supporting Zurlon’s daughter: MONCRIEF =223.

  • Masonic =223, 444 and Moncrief racked up 444 yards in his rookie with the Colts. Blatant fingerprints of the goons who control every aspect of the NFL – except for the hacking of their secret codes and programming rituals. That, truthseekers, we control.
  • Moncrief has an NFL career total of 96 catches. Freemason =96. 
  • The daughter’s name is Zoe =46. Fifty-One =46. Houston Texas =46. NYG =46. 

Suggestive of a blood sacrifice as Super Bowl entrance fee, the final line of the SI article reads “He’s Keeping Everything Going” =1704. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl =1740. Lucas Oil Stadium =1074, where the Colts play. Indianapolis Colts Win Super Bowl LI =174. Colts Super Bowl =74. Super Bowl Champs =74. Lombardi =74. Masonic =74. 


Also extremely curious about the Donte Moncrief connection are his synchronizations with Giants QB Eli Manning: they both wear #10, both went to Ole Miss; and Montcrief renounced his senior eligibility on 1/3/14, Eli’s 33rd birthday. Notice how that date is the fulfilment of 314, the Pi code of history repeating. Twenty Seventeen Champions =314.

  • From 1/3/14 to Super Bowl Sunday is 1130 days, matching the coded 113 in the image above. If they were standing on opposite sides it’d read “Super Bowl” =131. Championship =131. Donte Moncrief’s middle name is “Rakeem” =131

Freemasonry =58. Donte =58. Colts Giants =58. It’s been 58 years since the Greatest Game Ever Played, the ’58 NFL Championship between Colts and Giants.

Psycho (1960)

Psycho =41. Norman Bates =41. Mass Murder =41. Slaughter =666. Marion Crane =666.

An anagram for Beast, Bates =198. The film premiered with 198 days remaining and general released on 9/8; in 1980 Hitchcock died. Alfred Hitchcock =310. Bates Motel =31. Killer =31. Psychopath =131. Serial Killer =131. Mass Murder =131. 

  • Hitchcock =80. “Master of Suspense” =80. He died in ’80 at age 80.
  • The Beast =80. Baphomet =80. Beelzebub =80.

Norman was born with numerology of [3+7+34] =44. His character is based on Ed Gein =44. Kill =44. Hitchcock =44. Forty-Four =144. Killer =144. Mark of the Beast =144.



ESPN’s John Saunders: Super Bowl Sacrifice


Longtime ESPN host John Saunders died on 8/10, a date with 81 numerology (8+1+2+0+1+6), exactly 180 days before Super Bowl 51. Saunders =510 is remembered as a founding member of the V Foundation =51. Colts Giants =510. World Champs =51. McAdoo =51. Giant =51. Giants co-owner Steve Tisch celebrated his last birthday exactly 51 weeks before Super Bowl 51 in Texas =15. NYC =15 (where Saunders died). Mara =15. Eli Manning =150. ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports =150. Thirty-Sixth Day of Twenty Seventeen =150. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =105. The Giants season opener is on the 15th anniversary of Nine Eleven =105 and Giants owner Ann Mara died exactly 105 weeks before Super Bowl 51.

Mrs Mara passed away within hours of Super Bowl XLIX, the most-watched television program of all time, the one where the Seahawks were picked off by the Patriots on the one-yard line: Russell Wilson’s 21st pass on 2nd-and-1 intercepted by #21 on the date of 2/1. SB =21 LI =21 to be held on the Thirty-Sixth Day =210. John Saunders was born 21 days before Flip Saunders (more on that connection in a moment).

  • The day before Super Bowl XLIX, Whitney Houston’s daughter was found comatose in a bathtub at age 21, just like Whitney who died hours before the Grammys, also in a bathtub. Whitney Houston (as in the host city of Super Bowl LI) died on Brandy’s 33rd birthday, just as Joan Rivers died on Beyonce’s 33rd birthday.

John Saunders was born on the 33rd day with 333 remaining. Mara =33 died with 333 days remaining in the year. Former Giants player Gary Jeter died on the day the 2016 NFL League year began, 333 days before Super Bowl LI. New York Giants Super Bowl Fifty-One =333. Indianapolis =333. 

Saunders was the host of The Sports Reporters =112. Peterson =112 (Saunder’s middle name). NYC Giants =112. Number Ten =112. Giants Super Bowl Fifty-One =112. Andrew Luck =112. Colts Super Bowl LI Champions =112. Houston =112 and Whitney died on 2/11/12, exactly 208 weeks 1 day before SB 51. Her daughter Bobbi died 28 weeks 1 day before SB 51 and Saunders signed a multi-year extension with ESPN 28 weeks 1 day after his birthday. Manifest =281. Synchronicity =182. New York Giants =82. Giants NFL Champion =82.

  • ESPN Host =53. Saunder’s last birthday is exactly 53 weeks before Super Bowl LI =53 and he died 53 days after the NBA Finals. Indianapolis Colts were founded in ‘53 and they play at Lucas Oil Stadium =53. (It should be noted that Saunders’ Wikipedia profile picture is at the Kentucky Wildcats blue-and-white scrimmage, Colts colours. Before joining ESPN Saunders provided pre-game analysis for Baltimore Colts games.)

As for Saunders dying on 8/10 with 81 numerology 180 days before the Super Bowl, he was a founding member of The V Foundation for Cancer Research =181. New York Giants =181. Giants NFL Champion =181. Nephilim =181, the race of giants from the Bible. The World Is More Giant Than You Can Imagine =181, the tagline for The Big Friendly GiantJohn Mara =810. Gelindo Infante =810. Indianapolis Colts VS New York Giants =180, who’ve played a total of 18 times. NY Giants Super Bowl Champs =1800. 

Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023. Saunders died on the 223rd day of 2016. Another sportsman with the same surname died last year – Flip Saunders, coach of the Timberwolves, was born on 2/23 and died three days before the NBA season opener, which finished with a total score of 223 points. Flip died 291 days before John and Prince died 291 days before Super Bowl 51, both Flip and Prince dying in Minnesota, home of the Vikings. Super Bowl Fifty-One Champs =291. Colts Giants Super Bowl LI =291. 

The aforementioned NBA season opener was won by Flip’s Timberwolves, scoring 112 points. Flip died 1 month 12 days after Moses Malone and Prince died on the 112th day of the year. Vikings NFL Champion =112. Bridgewater =112, Vikings QB who set a league rookie record for highest completion percentage in a single game – exactly 112 weeks before the SB in Houston =112, which comes weeks after the 112th World Series.