Jason Bourne: MK-Ultra Coding

Jason Bourne =44. MK Ultra Assassin =44 (Kill / Execution / Lone Gunman / Manipulated / Military / Mossad Job / Police State / Spy Grid / Spy System). Deep Dream =44, the name of the social media corporation in the film that is secretly funded by the CIA for the purposes of total surveillance. Sound familiar? The 44th prime is 193: You Know His Name =193. Zionist Stooge =193. Zionist Terror =1193. War-Monger =1193. Reality Is An Illusion =1193. The film premiered in London on 7-11-16, the 193rd day of the year.

The flick also features two major instances of false flag programming: a car bomb by the CIA on its own analyst and the assassination attempt of the CEO of Deep Dream – both inside jobs blamed on Islamic Terrorism =84. Global Surveillance State =84. Jason Bourne =804. 

  • Jason =59. Brainwashed =59. Kill =59. Robert Dewey =59, the CIA Director played by Tommy Lee Jones. Robert Dewey =140. Jason =14. Cyber Ops =40. Treadstone =40. Blackbriar =41. CIA Assassin =114. Operation Blackbriar =1140. 
  • CIA Assassin =424. Trauma-Based Mind Control =242. Surveillance System =242. The 424+242 =666 connection and 242 is the 53rd prime. The Pentagon =53. Superhero =53. Jason Bourne =53. 
  • Dewey =26/62. Mason =26/62. Surveillance State =206/62. 

When Bourne finally confronts Dewey (on the 58th floor: Freemasonry =58 / Masonic Hitman =58) we’re informed that he has 32 confirmed kills, synced with his birth name, Webb =32. Moments later he takes down his 33rd, a man appropriately named Jeffers =33. CIA Assassin =33. His 34th kill is the assassin nemesis, known simply as The Asset =34. Murder =34. Black Budget =34. Jason Bourne =134. The Agency =43. The Asset =43. Secretive =43. Assassination =43. The Strip =43. Aaron Kalloor =403, Deep Dream CEO and target of assassination on the Strip by the Asset of the Agency – probably on a date with 43 numerology.

Jason Bourne’s birthday is 21 August 1969, the 233rd day. MK-Ultra Mind Control =233, the main theme of the series. That’s numerology of [21+8+19+69] =117. Central Intelligence Agency =117.  And again the film premiered on 11/7 (London time). [21+8+1+9+6+9] =56. Mind Control =56. Assassin =56. License to Kill =56. Seal Team Six =56. 

  • That means Bourne is 47 years old in this fifth film of the series. Damon =47. Agent =47. The 47th prime is 211 and it released on the 211th day. Masonic Mind Control =211. Mason =211. World Government =2111.
  • Matt Damon is born 10/8. Action Hero =108.

Heather Lee =87 is the head of Cyber Ops Division =87. Inside Job =87. False Flag Terrorism =87. The Bourne Identity =88. The Agency =88. Black Budget =88. Mind-Controlled Assassin =88. Hitman =188. Central Intelligence =188. Israeli Intelligence =188. 

3 thoughts on “Jason Bourne: MK-Ultra Coding

  1. Yes! That Bolg entry was as Action-Packed as the Movie!

    There is 1 Big Decode you missed, but are gonna love…. Look at that Movie Poster again with the Premiere Date 7.29.16. That date is actually CODE that = 7/11/7.

    Here’s how we know…. Seven Eleven Seven =193. And look at that run of 193’s in that very 1st paragraph – directly under the movie poster w/ the Coded Date.

    Again, lets run the Gematria on the Code – Seven Eleven Seven =1158. Jason Bourne =1158.


  2. Reminds me of the video game series Hitman. Same kind of theme, you play a MK Ultra Assassin type character called Agent 47. The first game is titled Codename 47.


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