ESPN’s John Saunders: Super Bowl Sacrifice


Longtime ESPN host John Saunders died on 8/10, a date with 81 numerology (8+1+2+0+1+6), exactly 180 days before Super Bowl 51. Saunders =510 is remembered as a founding member of the V Foundation =51. Colts Giants =510. World Champs =51. McAdoo =51. Giant =51. Giants co-owner Steve Tisch celebrated his last birthday exactly 51 weeks before Super Bowl 51 in Texas =15. NYC =15 (where Saunders died). Mara =15. Eli Manning =150. ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports =150. Thirty-Sixth Day of Twenty Seventeen =150. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =105. The Giants season opener is on the 15th anniversary of Nine Eleven =105 and Giants owner Ann Mara died exactly 105 weeks before Super Bowl 51.

Mrs Mara passed away within hours of Super Bowl XLIX, the most-watched television program of all time, the one where the Seahawks were picked off by the Patriots on the one-yard line: Russell Wilson’s 21st pass on 2nd-and-1 intercepted by #21 on the date of 2/1. SB =21 LI =21 to be held on the Thirty-Sixth Day =210. John Saunders was born 21 days before Flip Saunders (more on that connection in a moment).

  • The day before Super Bowl XLIX, Whitney Houston’s daughter was found comatose in a bathtub at age 21, just like Whitney who died hours before the Grammys, also in a bathtub. Whitney Houston (as in the host city of Super Bowl LI) died on Brandy’s 33rd birthday, just as Joan Rivers died on Beyonce’s 33rd birthday.

John Saunders was born on the 33rd day with 333 remaining. Mara =33 died with 333 days remaining in the year. Former Giants player Gary Jeter died on the day the 2016 NFL League year began, 333 days before Super Bowl LI. New York Giants Super Bowl Fifty-One =333. Indianapolis =333. 

Saunders was the host of The Sports Reporters =112. Peterson =112 (Saunder’s middle name). NYC Giants =112. Number Ten =112. Giants Super Bowl Fifty-One =112. Andrew Luck =112. Colts Super Bowl LI Champions =112. Houston =112 and Whitney died on 2/11/12, exactly 208 weeks 1 day before SB 51. Her daughter Bobbi died 28 weeks 1 day before SB 51 and Saunders signed a multi-year extension with ESPN 28 weeks 1 day after his birthday. Manifest =281. Synchronicity =182. New York Giants =82. Giants NFL Champion =82.

  • ESPN Host =53. Saunder’s last birthday is exactly 53 weeks before Super Bowl LI =53 and he died 53 days after the NBA Finals. Indianapolis Colts were founded in ‘53 and they play at Lucas Oil Stadium =53. (It should be noted that Saunders’ Wikipedia profile picture is at the Kentucky Wildcats blue-and-white scrimmage, Colts colours. Before joining ESPN Saunders provided pre-game analysis for Baltimore Colts games.)

As for Saunders dying on 8/10 with 81 numerology 180 days before the Super Bowl, he was a founding member of The V Foundation for Cancer Research =181. New York Giants =181. Giants NFL Champion =181. Nephilim =181, the race of giants from the Bible. The World Is More Giant Than You Can Imagine =181, the tagline for The Big Friendly GiantJohn Mara =810. Gelindo Infante =810. Indianapolis Colts VS New York Giants =180, who’ve played a total of 18 times. NY Giants Super Bowl Champs =1800. 

Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023. Saunders died on the 223rd day of 2016. Another sportsman with the same surname died last year – Flip Saunders, coach of the Timberwolves, was born on 2/23 and died three days before the NBA season opener, which finished with a total score of 223 points. Flip died 291 days before John and Prince died 291 days before Super Bowl 51, both Flip and Prince dying in Minnesota, home of the Vikings. Super Bowl Fifty-One Champs =291. Colts Giants Super Bowl LI =291. 

The aforementioned NBA season opener was won by Flip’s Timberwolves, scoring 112 points. Flip died 1 month 12 days after Moses Malone and Prince died on the 112th day of the year. Vikings NFL Champion =112. Bridgewater =112, Vikings QB who set a league rookie record for highest completion percentage in a single game – exactly 112 weeks before the SB in Houston =112, which comes weeks after the 112th World Series.

3 thoughts on “ESPN’s John Saunders: Super Bowl Sacrifice

  1. Thanks for the post! I just wanted to let you know that Eli’s middle name is Nelson, not Archibald. His Dad’s name is Archie in case you didn’t know though 🙂


  2. He died on the 223rd day like Robin Williams, Jani Lane, Isaac Hayes, Brett Shapiro (lawyer Robert Shapiro son) and John Derek. Also a big wedding day: Joy Behar, Sasha Alexander, Chris Evans (producer), Kevin Hart, Nolan Hemmings, Dave Matthews, Riddick Bowe and Vincent Jennings (producer) all decided to marry on that day. There are many more examples and if you consider the 223 days remaining in the year, it becomes obvious that that this is a special number in Hollywood. In the Bible, “the synagogue of Satan” (Rev 3:9), “the prince of the devils” (Mk 3:22), “the mouth of the dragon” (Rev 16:13) and “king of fierce countenance” (Dan 8:23) all have gematria of 223 as does “ruler of this world.”


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