Donte Moncrief and Zurlon Tipton: Masonic Super Bowl Clues


We previously covered how former Indianapolis Colts RB Zurlon Tipton “accidentally shot himself dead” 223 days before Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023 and 2 months 23 days before his birthday. Well get a load of this update. As Sports Illustrated reported on 8/1, Colts WR Donte Moncrief says he’ll now be supporting Zurlon’s daughter: MONCRIEF =223.

  • Masonic =223, 444 and Moncrief racked up 444 yards in his rookie with the Colts. Blatant fingerprints of the goons who control every aspect of the NFL – except for the hacking of their secret codes and programming rituals. That, truthseekers, we control.
  • Moncrief has an NFL career total of 96 catches. Freemason =96. 
  • The daughter’s name is Zoe =46. Fifty-One =46. Houston Texas =46. NYG =46. 

Suggestive of a blood sacrifice as Super Bowl entrance fee, the final line of the SI article reads “He’s Keeping Everything Going” =1704. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl =1740. Lucas Oil Stadium =1074, where the Colts play. Indianapolis Colts Win Super Bowl LI =174. Colts Super Bowl =74. Super Bowl Champs =74. Lombardi =74. Masonic =74. 


Also extremely curious about the Donte Moncrief connection are his synchronizations with Giants QB Eli Manning: they both wear #10, both went to Ole Miss; and Montcrief renounced his senior eligibility on 1/3/14, Eli’s 33rd birthday. Notice how that date is the fulfilment of 314, the Pi code of history repeating. Twenty Seventeen Champions =314.

  • From 1/3/14 to Super Bowl Sunday is 1130 days, matching the coded 113 in the image above. If they were standing on opposite sides it’d read “Super Bowl” =131. Championship =131. Donte Moncrief’s middle name is “Rakeem” =131

Freemasonry =58. Donte =58. Colts Giants =58. It’s been 58 years since the Greatest Game Ever Played, the ’58 NFL Championship between Colts and Giants.

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