The Bestseller Code: Secret Gematria

BESTSELLER CODE =144. The Secret Key =144. The Alphabet =44. Gematria =444. English =444. BESTSELLER CODE =72. Top Secret Language =72. Story =720. Vocabulary =720. The Truth =720. The Architect =720. Illuminati =720. 

BBC did an article titled The Secret Code to Writing a Bestseller, and as we’ve proven from deciphering many examples of pop culture media, the secret code is indeed Gematria – as demonstrated in the book’s own secret code. The authors are Jodie Archer & Matthew L Lockers =117. Bestseller =117. Holy Bible Code =117. Gematria Book =117. Alphanumeric Gematria =1170. Gematria Revelation =1170. 

  • The book comes out on date numerology of [9+20+2+0+1+6] =38. Gematria [7+5+4+1+2+9+9+1] =38. September Twentieth =83. Secret Algorthim =83.
  • September Twentieth Twenty Sixteen =160. Messages Revealed =160. Archer and Jockers =1060. Subconscious Gematria =1060. Mathematical =106. Alphabet Key =106.

The article was published on 8/12, which is 5 weeks 4 days before the book release. Bestseller Code =54. The Bible Code =540. Holy Code =540. Gematric Relation =540.

3 thoughts on “The Bestseller Code: Secret Gematria

  1. So I finally watched the movie “Hit and Run” and in the movie they emphasize the license plate number GL879.

    “GL” in the Greek Beta Code system equals 33
    879 might be August 2016.


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