Trump’s Doctor: Diagnosis Insane in the Membrane

‘The doctor who has produced the only public medical record about Donald Trump during his presidential campaign reportedly said he spent only five minutes writing it.’ – CNN

First question: Why is Trump’s doctor actually Yoko Ono in disguise? The story is from 8/26 which reduces to 8/8 and his name is apparently Dr Harold Bornstein =88. Trump =88. Donald J Trump =888. Emmett Brown =888, which is just awesome with all Trump’s Biff Tannen similarities that we get this zany long-haired mad scientist as his doctor.

Dr Bornstein =138. Donald Trump =138. Yoko Ono =38. And notice the van decals don’t just read ‘Goth’ (hilariously placed with him in all black) there’s also the G=33 of Freemasonry: G Goth =57. Dr Bornstein =57. Doc =57 (his bloody name even shares Gematria with Doc Brown!) Occult Symbolism =57, which this sure as heck is. G Goth =172. Hillary Clinton =172. 

  • The subject here is Health =142 and CNN gives us a 1:42 video, taking a break from their favourite subject matter: Terrorist =142.
  • Bornstein =416. Genetic Engineering =416. And you know what? I would not be surprised if Trump and Hillary and all these puppet politicians are in fact androids. Bornstein ran a quick diagnostics scan and he’s like “ya, all systems go, now if you’ll excuse me I’m late for my illuminati sex party.”

Five Minutes =1194. White iPhone =1194. Product Placement =1116. Psychological Operation =1116. Bornstein =116. Shot in the Back by Buford Tannen =116. LoL


And remember when Trump’s tombstone went up in Central Park on Easter Sunday? That was 4 months 31 days ago. I Wrote Trump’s Bill of Health in 5 Minutes =431. These programmers are fucking insane. (Or it’s my new theory that is is all being done via sentient AI super computer, which is also fucking insane).

3 thoughts on “Trump’s Doctor: Diagnosis Insane in the Membrane

  1. Bornstein’s eye-phone is his third eye. third eye = 611 /564 / 94 = in the club

    AI Super Computer = 973 = Hillary Rodham Clinton, three eleven

    I think you’re onto something Brother Berg.


  2. The doctor is between two stoplights that appear to be yellow instead of red at the top.

    stoplight + spotlight ( 444 + 444 = 888 ) 444=Order of Thelema
    yellow light = 888 = Donald J Trump


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