Decoding The Legend of Pablo Escobar

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria =122 and he died on 12/2 at the age of 44, the number so intimately interwoven with assassination. In fact he died a day after turning 44, as if those who wanted him dead were given orders to wait until he turned 44. Kill =44. Execution =44. Drug Trade =44. Kingpin =44. Los Pepes =44 (the vigilante squad that waged war on Escobar throughout his final days – and disbanded with a press release issued on 4/4). April Fourth =144. Forty-Four =144. Just Say No =144. Notice 12/2 is the same sequence as 12^2 =144 and he died aged 44 years 1 day.

  • Seventy-One =144. Drug Smuggler =71. Cocaine Smuggler =71. Cocaine Empire =71. Masonic Cartel =71. The Star of David =71. The All-Seeing Eye =71. Gang War =71.
  • Pablo Escobar =364. “The King of Cocaine” =346. Pablo Escobar =46/109. Drug Cartel =46/109. From the Escobar-ordered bombing of Avianca Flight 203 to his death was 4 years 6 days. The Chief =46. Reagan =46. His mansion was called Hacienda Napoles =64.

Pablo =133. Medellín =133. Medellín Cartel =133. Masonic Cartel =133. Government =133. Patrón =331. Escobar died 3 months 13 days after then-president Bill Clinton’s 47th birthday. Bill Clinton =313, the former governor of Arkansas =313, well known in the underground for being actively involved in the drug trade – his election campaign allegedly financed with money from CIA guns-and-drugs operations. Indeed Escobar’s death can be seen as a ritual birthday gift to Bill, his former associate (to one degree or another).

  • Speaking of 313, on 3/13/81, Marta Ochoa (sister of a Medellín Cartel founding member) was kidnapped by the guerrila group M-19, which stands for the 19th of April Movement. Curiously, April 19th is also a Satanic holiday marking the start of the Beltane Festival, and on this day in history was the end of the Waco Siege, the Oklahoma City Bombing, and the Boston Bombing, to name but a few major terrorist incidents.
  • M-19 then became an ally of Escobar’s, carrying out the Palace of Justice Siege on 11/6/85 where guerillas stormed the government building in Bogotá, killing 11 Supreme Court Justices and destroying incriminating evidence against El Patrón .

The number 47 connected between Clinton and Escobar carries much occult significance: Mafia =47. Star of David =47. Obey =47. Authority =47. President =47. Barry Seal =47 (the CIA pilot known as the biggest drug smuggler in American history, officially recognized for infiltrating the Medellín Cartel, for which they apparently killed him). Drug Trafficker =147. Government Conspiracies =147. Police =147. The 15th prime is 47 and Escobar died 105 days after Bill’s birthday, or exactly 15 weeks. Season 2 of Narcos aired 1 year 5 days after season 1.

  • Mena =15/33. Clinton =33. Mena is the town in Arkansas that allegedly ran $100 million worth of Columbian cocaine each month throughout the 80s. (Notice that “Mena AR” is an anagram for “Amen-Ra”, said to be the source of the All-Seeing Eye).
  • Narcos aired on 8/28. Devils =828. The System =828. Master Mason =828. Great Architect =828. George HW Bush =828. Donald Trump =828. Off topic but Trump was born 22 years 3 days after HW. Masonic =223. Drug Enforcement Agency =223 (which is a stretch because the A is for Administration, though curious nonetheless).

Escobar =27/36 was born on date numerology of 27/36 and died on matching numerology of 27/36. Masons =27/36. Just Say No =27/36. National Grand Lodge of Columbia =270. Don Pablo =227. Twenty-Seven =72. Escobar =72. Medellín Cartel formed in ‘72.

In the awesome Netflix biopic series Narcos, Pablo Escobar =55 is played by Wagner Moura =55. Pablo Emilio =55. Satan =55. Depicted as such by the American government and international media, Escobar’s birthday is strongly connected to the Antichrist =121/49, as he was born 12/1/49. Revelation =121/49. 

  • Narcos =420. Colombia =420. Gangsters =420. Enemies =420. Gaviria =402. It’s estimated that at its height of operations the Medellín Cartel pulled in $420 million per week. Of course 420 is code for smoking cannabis, the counterculture holiday on 4/20 at 4:20.
  • Four Twenty =50. War on Drugs =50. Cocaine =50. Drug =50. Iran-Contra =50. Drug Cartel =500. The 50th prime number is 229 and the second season of Narcos aired exactly 22 years 9 months after Escobar’s death.

The Godfather =63. Escobar =63. Terrorism =63. Smoke =63. Cannabis =63. Plant =63. 


Obviously the legend of Pablo Escobar is frickin fascinating, and particularly with the creative liberties taken by the producers of Narcos, we’ll never know exactly what went on behind the scenes. The line between fact and fiction; between notorious bandito as independent agent and the shadow government that runs it all. However, with what we know of how the System functions – and the proven Gematria synchroncities here exposed – we can rest assured that there is much, much more to the story than we’ve been told.

I’m very interested to know what your take is on this myth so please share your comments!

4 thoughts on “Decoding The Legend of Pablo Escobar

  1. Some of the connections seem to be quite a stretch in this case. I’m starting to sense that gematria explains not elitist conspiracy, but divine intervention. Is it both? Can anyone explain? I follow these posts, but don’t have a good understanding of gematria.


    • It’s a fine line between authentic synchronicities, or ‘divine intervention’ and the synthetic variety, which are rigged up like man playing god based on the original blueprints. Gematria codes up a lot in my personal life and I know it’s often coded deliberately through the media. My goal is not to call it one way or another, that’s up to you. I’m here to present the art and reveal the patterns.


      • And i appreciate that. The system you use seems to be effective. Do you have any recommendations on learning gematria? I want to understand if i should look into chaldean and or Pythagorean numerology… Or both.. Are there any bridges between the two systems where you can derive greater significance from words? Mostly, i can’t get over how often synchronicity comes into my life. I feel it’s time to put some numbers to it. Appreciate your work. I’ve been following for several months.


      • Keep organized and detailed notes. Use the Gematria calculators for the four methods i use. I don’t deal with Chaldean but could be your niche. I find the more specific the sum the greater the significance, ie Jewish Gematria synchs are more powerful than Pythagorean, although based on my research they’re all connected, especially if the counts synch up with durations and date numerology. The more we become aware to the synchronicity of life the more it appears. Thanks for reading and good luck!


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