99 Baskets of Problems (And This Bitch Is One) 

Truly amazing special effects – you can’t even see her puppet strings let alone her crown of thorns. This is obviously one of the most blatantly coded headlines of the year, a phrase that guaranteed no one has ever heard before let alone said. I’m imagining her on that Oprah tip, “You get a basket of deplorables! You get a basket of deplorables! Everybody gets a basket of deplorables!” That phrase draws more attention to itself than Donald Trump, literally begging to be deciphered. And who are we to deny them that?

Jewish Gematria tells the whole story: BASKET OF DEPLORABLES =601. The Truth =601. The Mark of the Beast =601. Terror Alert =601. Basket of Guns =601. Basket of Problems =601. MRS PRESIDENT =601. Fucking Hilarious.

  • Basket of Deplorables =188. Jesus of Nazareth =188. Crown of Thorns =188. Israeli Intelligence =188. Israel Defense Forces =188. Central Intelligence =188. New Order of the Ages =188. The Social Engineers =188. FEMINISM =88. STRONGER TOGETHER =88 (and notice there’s 8 letters in each word).
  • Deplorables =109 and this piece of propaganda was posted on 10/9 (Sept 10th). Psychological Warfare =109. Zionist Conspiracy =109.

“Basket of Anything” =87. Clinton =87. Elitism =87. False Flag Terrorism =87. Another Nine Eleven =87. Next Nine Eleven =87. 

One thought on “99 Baskets of Problems (And This Bitch Is One) 

  1. The 188’s are a theme, or maybe a Tribute to Trump =88. President Trump =1188.

    Basket Of Deplorables =188, and they tried to cover-up Hillary’s Dementia/fake pneumonia by saying – Hillary Overheated =188.

    One Hundred Eighty Eight =231. Hillary Clinton =1032.

    Hundred Eighty Eight =999.


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