9/11 Album Covers: Predictive Progamming


The Coup – Party Music. Boots Riley destroying the Twin Towers using a Covert-Labs digital chromatic tuner as a detonator while DJ Pam the Funktress conducts the orchestra (with her sticks and his fingers both pointed to what would be 9 & 11 on a clock). Scheduled for release on 11 September 2001, it was pushed back after the predictive programming on the album cover came to be. When was it pushed back to, you ask? Why, the mirror date of 9/11 of course: 11/6. No shit. Militarized Police State =116. And making matters even more suspect, the artists say they took the pictures on May 15th, which is 119 days before 9/11. That should be enough right there but the words on the tuner/detonator is the final straw: Engage Covert Labs =1116. Psychological Weapon =1116. That’s 9-11-01 upside down.

  • But that’s not all: Engage Covert Labs =156, the 911th prime number. False Flag =156. The Patriot Act =156.  Thirty-Three =156. Coup =330. False Flag =33. 
  • Covert-Labs =63. Nine Eleven Attacks =63. Terrorist Attack =63. Terrorism =63. The album was pushed back 63 days from it’s 9/4 street date.
  • The display on the tuner reads Engage =39. Hijackers =39. New York =39. 

And how bout their names? DJ Pam =44. Kill =44. Boots Riley =59. Kill =59. 


Dream Theater – Live Scenes From New York. This album depicting the World Trade Center in flames was released right on 9/11/01. It was recorded 377 or 378 days earlier, which is cute since September =377 and Eleven =378. 

  • Live Scenes From New York =105. Nine Eleven =105. Nine Eleven Terrorism =105. False Flag Terrorism =105. Masonry =105. Zionism =105. 

That Dream Theater title gives me chills, supporting the theory that this predictive programming via Gematria coding is subconscious manipulation to project a reality that becomes manifest through the power of our collective thoughts.

Breakfast in America =156, the 911th prime number. False Flag =156. The Patriot Act =156. Supertramp Breakfast in America =123. Conspiracy =123. Patriot Act =123. New York Nine Eleven False Flag =123. The attacks of course happened during breakfast in America, 199 days before the 23rd anniversary of the album’s release:

  • Predictive Program =199. A Terrorist Attack =199. The Twin Towers =199. Nine Eleven Terror =199. The attacks started at Eight Forty-Six AM =199.
  • Supertramp =48. Illuminati =48.
  • The 9/11 is reflected in the letters UP =222. NYC Nine Eleven Attacks =222. New York New York =222. 

Making matters even spookier than 9/11 coded directly on top of the Twin Towers viewed from an airplane window is the name on the waitress’s tag: Libby =55/23. Bush =55/23. Scooter Libby, nicknamed by Bush as his Chief of Staff, was one of the signatories on the Project for a New American Century report which called for a New Pearl Harbor =75. New World Order =75. Breakfast in America =75. Police State =750. The Pentagon =750. 

  • Pentagon =303. Supertramp Breakfast in America =303. False Flag =33. 
  • Project For The New American Century =2226. NYC Terrorism September Eleventh =2226. The ’93 World Trade Center Bombing occurred on 2/26. Jihad =622.  

While lacking the blatant imagery of the others, these two albums released on 9-11-01 are heavily coded in relevant Gematria. 

Jay-Z The Blueprint =77. September Eleventh =77. World Trade Center =77. Shanksville PA =77. Flight 77 hit the 77-foot-tall Pentagon on the 77th meridian. Zionist Israel =77. Judaism =77. Mossad Conspiracy =77. The Powers That Be =77. The Big Lie =77. 

  • The Blueprint =60. Conspiracy =60. Jihadis =60. Death To America =60. New York City =60. The Pentagon was bombed by an invisible airplane on the 60th anniversary of its construction, which began on 9-11-41, the very same day that President Roosevelt authorized Navy warships to fire upon Axis vessels, thus effectively entering America into World War II.

Mariah Carey =102. Kite Hit Steel Plane Must =102, as the children were chanting in the Florida classroom for Bush on the morning of 9/11. United States of America =102. Al Qaeda =102. And the attacks lasted 102 minutes.

  • Glitter =321. Manhattan =321. Conspiracy =123. Psychological Operation =123. Israeli Secret Intelligence =123. New York Nine Eleven False Flag =123. 
  • Mariah Glitter =69. Nine Eleven =69. False Flag =69. 

8 thoughts on “9/11 Album Covers: Predictive Progamming

  1. In the Coup album cover: If his left pointing finger that on the detonator button is on the nine of a clock face, his thumb could be at the eleven. More obvious is the conductors batons doing the same; the baton in her left hand as the nine. You just have to turn the photo to align it.
    I listened to that Supertramp album a lot back in my teens…when I hadn’t yet truly seen through the first layer of the matrix program. Looks like I’ll be taking a much closer look at the music that I listened to during my formative years: I’m sure I’ll find some subtle predictive programming going on if I look closely enough.
    The high Majick that’s been on all these years and to this day has given a few magicians control of the lives of several hundred million. Now that we know it’s our power they use to grant themselves their freedom to do as they do, it’s pretty much game over for them.
    Thanks for the awe inspiring post brither!


    • Great catch AJ!! They are most definitely pointing at 9 & 11. That’s a 60 degree angle, to go with the other 60s mentioned. And we are indeed tapping into our own magic potential and currently in the process of flipping the script on these wizards. What a time to be alive.


  2. If you look at the way “The Coup” is formatted on the album cover – you’ll notice they put “The” in the “C”.

    The C =36,216,116, 18. Thats as Satanic as you can possibly get…

    Sum 1-36 =666. Multiply 6x6x6 =216. Multiply 11×6 =66. Add 6+6+6 =18.

    Not to mention the 116 flips to 911, or in this case 9/11.

    You guys totally get it right? The Coup?! And there was an actual COUP by the Military Industrial Complex on America that day…..and ever since.

    Then Brother Berg ends this Post by reminding us that “The Blueprint” came out on 9/11/01 as well. The Blueprint has been followed perfectly by those who over-threw the USA that day….and ever since 😉


      • The Blueprint =150. Blue Ivy =51.

        I have no doubt that JayZ’s daughter is named “Blue” as a Tribute to that Album released on 9/11. Why? Ivy =1109.

        Its ALL sooo Occult when it comes to JayZ, Beyonce, & Blue Ivy Carter. Plus they tie-in to Sept 11. The Matrix is Beautiful & Hideous at the same time.


  3. Hold a mirror to ‘Coup’ and spy another 9-11 in ‘up’ just like ‘Supertramp’.
    The apple in ‘Dream Theatre’ has xxx (666) in its crown of thorns…or is it the antichrist’s crowning of birth in the Big Apple…Live (Evil) scenes from New York, the Disneyland/Police-State.

    Breakfast in America is especially sickening to me because I used to like this album, but as I am no longer spellbound, I approach it as if studying a hideous insect.
    A plane has written ‘Breakfast’ as if a honey bee, on Lady Libby Liberty’s (Isis) menu. The plane window (Eye of Horus) about to make a landing.
    I was listening to ‘Roger Hodgson on Supertramp Breakfast in America’ on youtube.
    He shares: ” After my album ‘Crime of the Century’ I wanted to do a more sunny album, a combination of songs that really hit home and obviously we had the hits.”

    The album was 46:06 minutes long. 106= Prophecy


  4. Roger concludes: “There were four hits on that album.” Four Hits= 44-696-116

    I’m a winner, I’m a sinner
    Do you want my autograph?
    I’m a loser, what a joker
    I’m playing my jokes upon you
    While there’s nothing better to do, Yeah!

    ‘Breakfast in America’


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