Vikings and the Minnesota Mayor’s 9/11 Sacrifice 

Lawrence D. “Larry” Cohen, the Mayor of Saint Paul Minnesota from 1972 to 1976, passed away on 9/11, the day of the Vikings first regular season game. What’s immediately interesting about this is that the 1976 season was the last time the Vikings played in the Super Bowl (XI). Larry Cohen =119, the date of his death, or flipped upside down: Lawrence D Cohen =1160. Saint Paul MN =116. Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl =116. The regular season lasts 116 days and the Super Bowl is on 2/5/17: Two Five Seventeen =119. 

  • Lawrence Cohen =63 and he died on Nine Eleven =630. 
  • Larry Cohen =56 died on 56 numerology (9+11+20+16) and Vikings are in their 56th year. Super Bowl XI (which they lost) finished with a total score of 56 points. The Super Bowl =56. Coach Zimmer was born on 5/6 of ’56, the 156th day and was named head coach 1560 days after his wife died. Former coach Dennis Denny Green =1560 died 156 days after his own birthday. Lombardi Trophy =1056. Zygmunt Wilf =1056, Vikings owner. Minnesota Vikings Win Super Bowl LI =156. Vikings Super Bowl Champs =156. Houston TX =156. Thirty-Three =156 and Cohen was born in ’33.

Cohen died 147 days after his birthday and 147 days before Super Bowl LI, on the same day that Vikings beat Titans 25-16: Twenty-Five Sixteen =1470. Super Bowl =1407. Larry Cohen =714, and he was born on 4/17. The dates of both his death and birth  synch up marvellously with his name Gematria, which is pretty dang special.

  • He also died 219 days before his next birthday. Super Bowl LI =912. Coach Zimmer =912 won Super Bowl XXX 21 years 9 days before SB LI.
  • Lawrence Cohen =126. LI =126. Held on the Thirty-Sixth Day =1260 at NRG Stadium =126. Cohen =106. Super Bowl LI Champions =106. 

He was the mayor of Saint Paul Minnesota =223. Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023. Dennis Green died 22 weeks 3 days after his birthday, and current Vikings coach Mike Zimmer was hired exactly 223 weeks after his wife died (his father also died on the 223rd day of the year). Zimmer was named head coach 3 years 22 days before Super Bowl 51. Adrian Peterson was born 322 days before SB and holds the NFL record for most rushing yards over eight games (1,322). Minnesota Vikings NFC Champions =322. Vikings Super Bowl Fifty-One =322. Vikings Super Bowl LI Champion =322. 

Saint Paul =41. Saint Paul MN =41. Vikings won with a combined score of 41 points and a decent performance by their new quarterback, Shaun Hill =41. Hill =41, the 13th prime and he wears #13. Super Bowl =41. The Titans QB made 41 pass attempts.

  • Cohen died 52 days after Coach Green =52, who died the day before the new Vikings stadium opened. The Vikings =52. Coach Mike Zimmer =152. The Super Bowl =1520. Super Bowl LI =152. Super Bowl Fifty-One Champions =152. Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl =152. Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl LI Champs =152. Vikings Win Super Bowl Fifty-One =152. 

Super Bowl XI on 1-9-77 was exactly 2070 weeks before the death of Cohen =270. Super Bowl 50 on 2/7 came 2 months 11 days before Cohen’s final birthday, which was 21 weeks 1 day before he died. Adrian Peterson =211, Vikings running back. That’s the mirror of Houston =112. Peterson =112. Bridgewater =112. Vikings NFL Champion =112. 

*Fun Fact* — Lawrence D Cohen is also the name of a screenwriter, best known for Carrie, released 11/16 of our year in focus, 1976. That film was directed by Brian de Palma who just so happens to have turned 76 on the day Cohen died, 9/11. Brian Russell de Palma =76. Lawrence D Cohen =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. Carrie =36. Viking =36. 

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