The Election Sacrifice of NY Assemblyman Bill Nojay

Bill Nojay State Assembly =99 & 261. On September 9th (9/9, like the coding in his ad) William R Nojay =162 of the One Hundred Thirty-Third District =162 blew his brains out in a cemetery, 162 days before his four-year anniversary as member of the New York State Assembly. William R Nojay =2160 died 2 months 16 days before his 2016 birthday. 6x6x6 =216 and he was born and died in Rochester =666 New York =666. Trump rallied in Rochester 21 weeks 6 days before Nojay died.

Nojay had been facing fraud charges involving a Cambodian dentist, which were subsequently sealed. Despite being dead he just won reelection today (with 58% of the votes against Milne =58, United States =58, Freemasonry =58, and the presidential election will be the 58th in history). Did he really take his own life or did he know something that needed covering up? Is this all proof of authentic synchronicity or coded tributes to yet another ritual sacrifice for the American election?

  • Assemblyman William Nojay =88 died 87 or 88 days after Trump’s birthday. Clinton =87. Trump =88. The Clinton Dynasty has been repping New York for centuries and Trump was born and lives in NYC. New York =39. NY =39. Nojay =390. 
  • The 133rd District detail is interesting. Trump’s and Clinton’s birthdays are 133 days apart. Habitual Liars =133. Forty-Fourth Person Elected =133Elect =133. Rigged Election =133. Government =133. White House =133. Trump is the 133rd richest person on Earth. Clinton =33. 

William R Nogaj =144 (Nojay’s birth name) died 1440 hours before the election. Hillary Rodham =144. Queen Clinton of the United States =144. Hillary for America =1044. Queen Hillary Clinton =1404. The first female presidential candidate in American history was 144 years ago.

  • Nojay was born on the 329th day of the year and died 192 weeks 3 days into his term.
  • He died with 113 days remaining and took office on 1/1/13. Election Day =113. First Woman President =113. The First Female President =113. 

Assemblyman =124. Born on 11/24. Hillary on 10/24. Nojay died in Rochester =421 exactly 12 weeks 4 days before Trump’s birthday and 6 weeks 3 days before Hillary’s. William R Nogaj =63. William R Nojay =63. Assemblyman Nojay =63. Cambodian Dentist =63. The sum of 1 to 63 equals 2016, making him ripe for the picking this year. President Bill and Hillary Clinton =2016.

  • That’s also 45 days after her birthday (this election for the 45th president) and 322 days after her last bday, the Skull & Bones tribute that always seems to be coded in somehow.
  • William Nogaj =54 and he died on 54 numerology (9+9+20+16) in a Cemetary =540.

Nojay like No J? No Donald J Trump? J is the 10th letter. Bill Nojay =100. He died age 59. Kill =59. New York State =59/1056. The President of the United States =156. US President Hillary Rodham Clinton =156. 

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