Sully & the Miracle on the Hudson Hoax

On 15 January 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 was forced to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River after losing both its engines due to a flock of rogue Canada geese. Thanks to the heroism of one man, Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, all 155 people aboard were saved. But did it really happen the way we’re told? The first red flag to me is that Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood are doing the propaganda adaptation. That should be cased closed right there, ha. American Sniper, Captain Phillips, Apollo 13… These men make a career of selling hoax news stories to the public as dramatic fact. The one-man myth of individualism so glorified in America. But was the Miracle on the Hudson really a hoax too?

For starters the only footage we see of the crash is provided by the US Coast Guard, blurry and distant as always. You’d think an Airbus crash-landing in Manhattan would be caught on at least a couple amateur videos but not one is to be found online of the descent nor the landing, just the news footage of the jet floating on the water and the harrowing rescue drill. Having thoroughly researched this incident, my take is that it’s yet another staged drill passed off on the public as authentic. Who knows how exactly they pulled it off, a few Freemasons in a glider or maybe they just wheeled the prop on out for us. Maybe it really was brought down. One thing’s for certain: the Gematria says it happened for a reason.

Chesley Sully Sullenberger =115 and it happened on 1/15. Freemasons =115. Psychological Operations =115. The incident happened in the 15th hour and involved 150 passengers, hitting the water at 150 mph. Aviation Accident =150. Jeffrey Skiles =150, the copilot. Cactus Fifteen Forty-Nine =105 (its call sign). Masonry =105. Freemason =51. The Hudson =51. 

  • Flight One Five Four Nine =123 made its emergency landing 11 months 23 days after Sully’s birthday. Conspiracy =123/51 and he was born 1/23/51. Psychological Operation =123. Manhattan =321. One Hundred and Fifty-Five Souls =321, as they say in the film released 3 months 21 days after EgyptAir 804 crash, involving the same model Airbus A320. His initials CBS (3+2+1) and he now works for CBS News as a frickin Aviation and Safety Expert (lol).
  • 155 people aboard US Airways =55 on January Fifteen =155. Hmm… Occult Ritual =155. The Illuminati =551. The Illusion =551. 
  • Chesley Sullenberger III =116 retired 1 year 1 month 16 days after the incident on The Hudson River =1116. Psychological Operation =1116. Multiple Bird Strikes =116. His father killed himself 1 month 16 days before Sully’s birthday.

Chesley Sully Sullenberger =133. Government =133. This Is A Hoax =133. The flight crashed at 3:31 and Sully retired on 3/3/10, the day that leaves 303 remaining. The film released on 9/9, exactly 6 years 6 months 6 days after his retirement! Fuck outta here…

Will ya have a look at those 89s… Unreal. That 666 span is equal to 340 weeks 2 days. There are 342 days remaining in the year on Sully’s birthday. Actor =342. Deceived =342. Fooled =342. Magician =342. Jews =342. The Elites =342. Jeffery Zaslow, co-author of Sullenberger’s book, died in a car crash on 2/10/12 – 34 weeks 2 days before his birthday – on the day that leaves 324. On 3/24 of 2015 was the Germanwings hoax crash, involving another Airbus A-Three-Twenty =234. 

  • Jeffrey Lloyd Zaslow =239, who also wrote the propaganda memoir for a couple other frauds, Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, died exactly 239 weeks before Sully opened in theatres and 239 days before his next birthday. Global Elite =239. One World Government =239. Tom Hanks =329. 
  • Another weird duration synch stems from the suicide of Sullenberger’s father on 12/7/95. From that date to the Miracle on the Hudson was precisely 684 weeks. Hudson =486. Masons =486. And the date 12/7 like Water Landing =1207. Zaslow died 127 days after his own birthday.
  • And if we count from the “forced water landing” to the film’s release it’s 7 years 7 months 25 days. Reduce the 25 and we got 777.

Hudson River =153. Chesley Burnett Sullenberger III =153. Thomas Jeffrey Hanks =1530/204. Miracle on the Hudson =204. Flight One Five Four Nine =240. CBS =24. 

Tom Hanks =29. Chesley Sullenberger =1290. US Airways Fifteen Forty Nine =129. America =129. 

  • Sully =26. Hanks =26. Mason =26. One Hundred Fifty-Five =126. Jeffery Zaslow =1026. Canada Geese =162. Mason =62. Airplane Crash =62. Staged Incident =62. By The Numbers =62. 
  • The Miracle on the Hudson =102. Eastwood =102. Clint Eastwood =960. Miracle on the Hudson =96. The film is 96 minutes long. Zaslow =96. Freemason =96. 

The film was released on The Ninth of September =743. Miracle on the Hudson =743. Yet another perfect synch. And from the 20 minutes I could manage watching of the film, the standout quote: “I’m having trouble separating reality from whatever it is this is.” (hint: that’s the point)

6 thoughts on “Sully & the Miracle on the Hudson Hoax

  1. If this seriously was a hoax, they wouldn’t just destroy a 70 thousand dollar plane and go spend all that energy to create those numbers! And at what cost!


  2. This was a HOAX event. For sure!

    The plane was probably put on river by some kind of cargo vessel I dont know,
    but what I surely know is that they would not risk ditching with 155 (if 155) crysis actors.
    secondly – You will not find any crysis actor that is willing to risk his life for 3000-5000$.
    Thirdly – why even bother with flying from La Guardia, and with destroying of functional plane if you can simply drop the plane from a boat?
    Why would they risk something they dont know the outcome (ditching; and btw which is crazy thing to do if you are planning this) if they can do something that is 100% guarantee (simply place an airplane on river)

    When the boat went towards downtown than they turned the camera for record.

    Ok, know we will get to the meaning of all of this.
    Now you will understand the whole picture.

    This HOAX event is something TPTB are calling BAPTISM for how I understand it.

    In 1993. (Clinton came) TPTB baptised the WTC with bombs – with something it will occur 8 years later (Bush came).

    In 2009. (Obama came) TPTB baptised river Hudson with airplane – with something that will occur 8 years later (Trump came)

    So what is to come in 2017?

    On September 2 (second not 23) 2017. missing malaysian airplane MH370 will be vertically dropped on river Hudson with small tactical nuclear bomb inside. The impact on the river will cause mini-„tsunami“ that will flood confined Manhattan area and small nuclear explosion. Exact location will be river Hudson between Hells Kitchen (Manhattan) and Weehawken (New Jersey) were “Miracle on Hudson” occured in 2009. They need „tsunami“ so that their prophecy from 10$ bill can be fulfilled (if you folded bill in pyramid and turn upside down you will see wave above 7-story building).

    The reason this plane was kidnapped on March 8 is because from March 8, 2014 to Sept 2, 2017
    are 1275 days, but if you subtract 15 days because biblical year is 360 days, you will come to 1260 days – number from Revelation, and „they“ like to play with biblical motives.

    Premiere of this Sully the SCUMBAG movie was on September Second and release in theatres on September 9. (9+2 is 11 – 9/11). So you have got 9/2 and hidden 9/11 because 9/2 is next 9/11.

    Why you think they had shown plane hitting the building in that scumbag movie? Because they are putting the clear reference to 9/11 for us goyim but goyim dont understand. Goyi want to be famous in this world and popular. Who cares about truth.

    [ In past 8 months I have made over 12 hours of videos (analysis of over 20 movies are maybe 50% of videos, the rest are coded news story, historical data, numerology etc)from this research.
    Its all telling the same story – next 9/11 event will occur on 9/2 17′ which will be far more deadlier than the first one. This will probably cause WW3 because the same people who orchestrated 9/11 want these false flag on US soil so that West could enter in the war with Russia. ]


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