Explosions in Chelsea: Yet Another Clinton Tribute

NYC Bomb =29 that left 29 injured in Chelsea NY =92 exactly 29 weeks after Chelsea Clinton’s birthday. Chelsea Victoria Clinton =129. Clinton Global Initiative =129. The President of the United States =129. President Hillary Clinton =129. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =129. America =129. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s birthday was on the 129th day this year. It was a Homemade Explosive =92 that went off at W Twenty-Third St =92 exactly 9 months 2 days after Chelsea’s husband’s birthday. Diane Rodham =92Clinton Email Coverup =92. Manhattan =92. Big Apple =164. September Seventeenth Twenty Sixteen =164. Thats 164 days before her 2/27 birthday. Chelsea New York =164. 

  • It happened on 17/9 and Chelsea’s husband is Marc Mezvinsky =179. Mrs President =79.
  • Chelsea Clinton =840. A Homemade Explosive =84 went off at Eight Thirty-One =84 and was hidden in a Trashcan =84, just like the pipe bomb that went off at a Marine Corps race in New Jersey earlier the same day.
  • Manhattan Explosion =86. A Pressure Cooker Bomb =86. Twenty-Nine Injured =86. Marine Corps Race =86. September Seventeenth =86. 

NYC Bomb =74. Chelsea New York =74. Leonard Rainaldi =74. Chelsea’s code name while living at the White House was Energy =74. The bomb struck 7 weeks 4 days before the election or 53 days – and the same exact duration after Clinton was nominated as Democratic candidate. Chelsea =53. Chelsea Blast =53. Hoax Bomb Blast =53. Oligarchy =53. The 1993 World Trade Center bombing happened 5 weeks 3 days after Bill Clinton took office, and the day before Chelsea’s 13th birthday. Clinton Family =153. The Illuminati =153. Battle of Benghazi =153. 

Who Did This =56. Diane Rodham =56. President =56. The President of the United States =156. US President Hillary Clinton =156. The Chelsea Explosiomn came 1 year 5 months 6 days after Hillary announced her campaign.

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton =231 and Bill was born on the 231st day. Clinton-Mezvinksy =231 and the bomb went off at 20:31. Pressure Cooker Bomb =1320. Hillary Clinton =1032. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =1032. William Jefferson Blythe III =132 (Bill’s birth name). It happened 132 days after Mayor de Blasio’s birthday. West Twenty-Third Street =320 and it happened exactly 320 weeks after Chelsea’s marriage. Queen =320. Bomb =32. America =32. Rodham =32. 
  • September Seventeen =212. Eight Thirty-One PM =212. Chelsea’s birthday comes 2 months 12 days after her husband’s and they were married on the 212th day. The Manhattan area code is 212. Inauguration Day is 2 months 12 days after the election. Hillary Clinton Inauguration Day =2112. Clinton Coronation =211. Forty-Fifth US President =112. Staged Attack =112. 

This happened at W Twenty-Third Street =87 on September Seventeenth =87, the same day as the Minnesota Mall Knife Attack =87. Clinton =87. Clinton-Mezvinsky =87 and Chelsea’s Wikipedia makes a point of saying there were 87 news stories about her during her father’s term. New York Explosion =87/105 and it happened with 105 days remaining. Chelsea and Marc’s birthdays are 10 weeks 5 days apart. Masonry =105. Zionism =105. 

Intentional Act =58. Dumpster Bomb =58. Freemasonry =58/139. The Clintons =58/139. Mayor de Blasio =58/139 (born on 5/8). Nice picture of Hillary looking like she’s pressing the remote detonator.


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