New England Patriots Backup Backup QB

With Tom Brady benched for the first four games of the season due to the Deflategate cheating scandal, backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo has been taking the snaps. Yet now with Garoppolo injured, New England appears to be starting their third-string QB, Jacoby Brissett, for Thursday’s game against the Houston Texans. The Gematria certainly synchs.

  • Jacoby Brissett =51. Houston Texans =51. And of course the Texans are hosting Super Bowl 51 in Houston. Thursday night’s game is 51 days after Brady’s birthday.
  • Brissett =112/31. Houston =112/31. The game is 1 month 12 days before Garoppolo’s 11/2 birthday and 10 months 12 days before Brady’s. Brissett was born on Dec 11th (11/12). Patriots owner is coded up likewise: Robert Kenneth Kraft =211. As is their tight end (who made the cover of Madden NFL ’17): Robert Paxton Gronkowski =112. 
  • It’s also the 112th World Series this year with Game 7 scheduled for 11/2 (just like the 111th World Series finished on 11/1 in ‘New York’ =111).

New England =99 and Brissett was signed 99 days before what looks to be his first career start on September Twenty-Second =99 at Gillette Stadium, which opened on 9/9. The last time Patriots played the Texans was 9 months 9 days earlier.

Thursday Night =1047. Super Bowl =1407. Jimmy Garoppolo =1447. It’s 147 days from the season opener to Super Bowl 51, the 47th of the modern era. It’s exactly 470 weeks between SB 51 and SB XLII, the Patriots last Super Bowl appearance. Patriots QB =47 and Garoppolo was injured on a sack by #47 exactly 47 days after Brady’s birthday. The 47th prime number is 211, connecting back again. September Twenty-Two Twenty Sixteen =471. Thursday Night =174. Houston Texans =1074. 

6 thoughts on “New England Patriots Backup Backup QB

  1. Nice article! I’m going to take a look at the Thursday matchup to see who lines up for the win. Probably Bressett since he has so many synchs right?

    Another thought, I am going to try researching the Vikings TV show to see if it has connections to the Minnesota football team. Kind of like your articles on BFG connecting to the Giants.


    • Ragnar Lothbrok =160. Vikings Super Bowl LI Champion =160. It first aired exactly 205 weeks before the SB on 2/5. That’s 3 years 11 months 2 days. NFL Champion Minnesota Vikings =312. Vikings Super Bowl Champions =213. Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl Champion =213.

      Although with Peterson out now too things aren’t looking too hot for the Vikes, despite the code.


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