UN Suspends Aid Convoys To Syria

The United Nations has suspended aid to Syria after a convoy of humanitarian supply trucks was bombed near Aleppo during a ceasefire. This news comes 2016 days after the Syrian Civil War began. 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016 (and 6x6x6 =216). President Bashar  al-Assad =216. The sum of 1 through 63 equals 2016. Terrorism =63. Arab Spring =630. Syria =36 (the sum of 1 through 36 equals 666). President Bashar Hafez al-Assad =136. Arab Red Crescent =136. Ban Ki-Moon was born 13/6. 

  • That’s also exactly 288 weeks. Evil =288. Crime =288. Blood =288. Famine =288. Ishtar =288, the Assyrian Goddess of Fertility, Love, War, Sex & Power.
  • Illuminati =720. The United Nations =72. Syria =72. A Ceasefire =72. Mohammed =72, like the 72 virgins.
  • Syrian Arab Red Crescent =1119. Zionist Government =119. Occupied Government =119. Star of David =119. Master Plan =119. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula =119.

The Syrian Civil War began exactly 3900 days after Bashar al-Assad was elected president. Islamic =39. Ishtar =39, another reference to the Mesopotamian deity. Ishtar =75. New World Order =75. Syrian Civil War =75. Al Assad =57. United Nations =57. Moon =57. 

Fun Fact: Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon =232. Boss =232. Satan =232. Lucifer =323. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant =323. Remember the dumpster bomb in Chelsea New York over the weekend? As the media showed us, it had a 323 stamp and the name of the arrested perp equals 232. His name also equals 666 like ‘New York’ =666, bringing it back around full circle to the original 2016 day count that started this investigation. Oh and the CNN headline about Rahami from the day of the UN aid suspension was “Ramblings In A Notebook” =216.



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