Decoding the Presidential Debate


The first Presidential Debate will be held at Hofstra University on 9/26. That’s 1 month 13 days before Election Day =113. HR Clinton =113. The First Female President =113. First Woman President =113. I’m With Her =113. President For All Americans =113. And check out the Gematria on HOFSTRA =33/87. CLINTON =33/87.

  • September Twenty-Sixth =110. President =110.
  • Twenty Sixteen Presidential Debate =156. Trump and Clinton Presidential Debate =156. The President of the United States =156. US President Hillary Rodham Clinton =156. President =56. 

It’s also 117 days before Inauguration Day. President Hillary =1170. Donald J Trump For President =117. Lester Don Holt Jr =1170, the moderator of the debate. It’s held 202 days after Holt’s birthday. The Presidential Debate =202. Puppet Politician =202. The 22nd prime is 79. Democrat =79. Mrs President =79. Lester =79.

The moderator is Lester Holt =44 and it’s held 44 days before the election. The next president will be the 44th person elected to office (as Grover Cleveland served two nonconsecutive terms). The 44th prime is 193. Hillary For America =193. President Hillary Clinton =1193. American Israel Public Affairs Committee =1193. 

Then there’s that weird radio broadcast repeating the message TRUMP APRIL TWENTY-SIX =303/96. April 26th just so happens to be Melania Trump’s birthday. Melania =330. President Donald J Trump =96. 

Maestro (@TheMaestro2x) reckons there’s gonna be some sort of event that cancels the debate. The Monday Night Football game airing at the same time is held in New Orleans. That’s 11 years 1 month 3 days after Hurricane Katrina (and 1 month 13 days before Election Day =113). From the weird radio broadcast (9/20) to April 26th next year is 31 weeks 1 day.

  • His call is a blackout, which reminds us of the Super Bowl blackout – which happened in New Orleans, 1331 days before 9/26. That SB was on the 34th day leaving 331 and the blackout lasted 34 minutes, the winning team scoring 34 points. EMP =34. Trump April Twenty-Sixth =331. The 34th prime is 139. Assassination of Donald Trump =139.

The 130 stands out as Hurricane Katrina struck with 130 days remaining on the 235th day of 2005. An assassination card in the Illuminati game depicts a hit-and-run with the license plate 235-666. The debate is 66 weeks 6 days after Trump announced his campaign. It’s also 15 days after 9/11 when Hillary went down with pneumonia, as Maestro says: Fifteen Days =666. Operative =666. Govt Agent =666. 

Hit and Run =109. US President Donald J Trump =109. Zionist Conspiracy =109. Trump has his lips firmly around the balls of the Zionists and a hoax assassination / attempt is not out of the question. Hit and Run Assassination =125. Predictive Programming =125. 

2 thoughts on “Decoding the Presidential Debate

  1. Explosions in Chelsea, NYC.
    Riots in Charlotte, NC.
    The Presidential Debates are slated on 9-26-2016, which also happens to be the second birthday of Chelsea Clinton’s daughter, Charlotte.
    From Charlotte’s birthday: 9-26-14 to 9-20-16 Charlotte, NC shooting, totals 1,044,000 minutes.
    There’s 731 days between her b-day and debates. President=1137 Washington D.C.=137
    Very strange times we’re in. The ‘ Hit and Run’ card has 11-8 in it. The tie (114) is split in an eleven and the glasses (303) are the eight.

    What a jigsaw puzzle! I appreciate your blog and all the insights of your readers, Brother Berg.


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