Trump in Newsweek: Bowie Tributes

The issue is dated 9/23, the day that leaves 99. In The Company of Trump =99. That date can also be written 23/9 — One World Government =239. Global Elite =239. It’s got numerology of [9+23+20+16] =68. Donald John Trump =68. The Apprentice =68. Zionist Israel =68. Trump’s two homes are Mar-A-Lago =68 and the 68-storey Trump Tower.

The article is called The Man Who Sold The World =100. US President Donald J Trump =100. Zionist Conspiracy =100. Psychological Warfare =100. Of course that’s a reference to a David Bowie song, its 45th anniversary 10 months 19 days before this issue (and Inauguration Day 119 days after). Donald =119 trying to be the 45th president.

  • Here’s another odd connection, Bowie died on 1/10 (President =110) which is 258 days before this issue: President Donald J Trump =258. Psychological Operation =258. 
  • Donald J Trump =49. David Bowie =49 aka David Jones =49. Died on January Tenth =49 at age Sixty-Nine =49. Space Oddity =49. Trump is also 69 years old.
  • Bowie died 156 days before Trump’s birthday. The President of the United States =156. 

The issue is 47 days before the election. President =47. Republican =47. Trump =470. The Trump Organization =1470. Zionist Government =1470. The President of the United States =147. Corporatism =147. The 47th prime is 211 and Bowie died on 47 numerology, 211 days after Trump’s birthday.

6 thoughts on “Trump in Newsweek: Bowie Tributes

  1. Look at the O’s in “Man Who Sold the World”. They put lil Red Diamonds to mark them, but Why?

    O =15, & 15 reduces to 6. So when you extract the O’s it Codes to 6 6 6. I’m sure the red diamonds are a symbolic clue as well.

    Right now its about 70% to 30% – Trump is destroying Hillary. Its gonna be wild watching what stunt the Elite pull to guarantee a win for Hillary. It seems easy enough to just Hack the Voting Machines, but I expect something even bigger.

    I’ve said this in other places – including my Twitter TheMaestro2x – The Debate on Monday will be Disrupted & Interfered with. They would never allow Trump to eat Hillary alive on national TV.


  2. There are rifle targets that use red diamonds. Bowie’s album came out in the US on 11-4-1970. The cover art for US original album, according to Wicca-pedia, employed a cartoon-like cover featuring a cowboy in a ten-gallon hat with a rifle in front of The Cane Hill Mental Asylum. “Bowie suggested Weller (the artist) incorporate the “exploding head,” signature on the cowboy’s hat, a feature he had previously used on his posters while a part of the Arts Lab.”


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