Vikings: Ronnie Hillman VS Ragnar Lothbrok


First Bridgewater now Peterson. With the two star players on the Minnesota Vikings already out for the foreseeable future, their chances of making the Super Bowl are looking slim – or are they… Vikings have picked up former Broncos RB Ronnie Hillman to replace AP (who went down at 3:32 like Houston Texas =233) and while performance is yet to be established, the numbers certainly bode well; along with some interesting synchs with the TV series Vikings.

Ronnie Keith Ryan Hillman =1005. Vikings Super Bowl =105. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =105. Nine Eleven =105. Ronnie Keith Ryan Hillman =255 and 9/11 was the 255th day this year, opening Sunday of the NFL season.

  • Ronnie Hillman =72 and he scored the longest TD in the league last season (at the time) at 72 yards against none other than the Vikings. Zygi Wilf =702. Meniscus Surgery =72 (what AP is in for). Rollo =72, the Lothbrok brother from Vikings. 
  • Ronnie Hillman =144 and his birthday comes 144 days before the Super Bowl. The first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666. NFL Champion =666. 6x6x6 =216. Meniscus Surgery =216. 
  • Hillman =69. Adrian Peterson =69. Ragnar and Rollo =69. 
  • Hillman =33, has birth numerology of 33 (9+1+4+1+9+9+1), and hails from Compton =33. All Day =330 (Peterson’s nickname). NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =330. Vikings Super Bowl LI Champs =303. Champs =33. Vikings aired on 3/3, the day that leaves 303 remaining. The 33rd prime is 137 and Hillman was picked up 137 days before the Super Bowl.

Hillman turned 25 years old on 9/14, which is 20 weeks 5 days before the Super Bowl on 2/5 and he was released by the Broncos 2 weeks 5 days before the Vikings grabbed him. Curiously, the show Vikings first aired exactly 205 weeks before Super Bowl 51.


The main Vikings character’s name is Lothbrok =606/47. Sam Bradford =606/47. Minnesota =660/47. So Bridgewater is replaced with Bradford and Peterson is replaced with Hillman, both of whom have Gematria synchs with the Ragnar and Rollo brother characters in the show. Interesting…

  • The last episode of Season 4 aired on 4/21/16 — the day that Minnesota’s golden child Prince died! The episode was called “The Last Ship” =65. Prince =65. Coach Zimmer’s birthday is 6/5. Zimmer =39. Prince =390 and it was the 39th episode. Minnesota Vikings =93. Minneapolis Minnesota =93. US Bank Stadium =930 on the 93rd meridian. Hillman was cut from the Broncos on 9/3 and Ragnar is now known as King Ragnar Lothbrok =93. 
  • That episode was 291 days before the SB and Vikes acquired Hillman on 21/9. Super Bowl LI =912. Coach Mike Zimmer =912 and he won Super Bowl XXX 21 years 9 days before SB LI on Sunday February Fifth Two Thousand Seventeen =192. 

Hillman was picked up 51 weeks 1 day before his next birthday. The state of Minnesota was admitted to the union on 5/11 and Super Bowl 51 comes 510 weeks 1 day after Peterson was drafted and 10 months 15 days after his birthday. Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl Fifty-One Champion =511. Super Bowl LI Champions =115.  

  • It should also be noted that the running back replacement on 9/21 comes exactly half a year from Peterson’s 3/21 birthday, 6 months on either side. 

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