NC State of Emergency and the Race War Agenda


The Governor of North Carolina has declared a state of emergency in Charlotte following the unrest in the wake of the staged police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, a disabled black man, on 9/20. Black Lives Matter =92. That shooting came four days after another unarmed black man, Terence Crutcher, was shot and killed in Tulsa OK. It is painfully obvious to anyone actually paying attention that these stories are contrived by the Masonic Order that runs both the police stations and the controlled opposition groups like Black Lives Matter. It’s essentially theatre, reality TV for the comatose home audience under the assault of psychological warfare by the numbers, divide and conquer by design for the ongoing race war agenda.

Charlotte is the east coast hubquarters of Wells Fargo, the world’s second largest bank by market capitalization, currently at the centre of a massive fraud scandal. Charlotte is the feminine for Charles and the city’s nickname is The Queen City =152; Scott’s shooting coming 152 days after the Queen’s birthday. The Star of David =152. The All-Seeing Eye =152. Militarized Police State =251. That’s also 213 days before the Queen’s next birthday: Racism =213. Hands Up Don’t Shoot =213. Black History Month =213. Another Distraction =213. Charlotte-Mecklenburg =213, the police station responsible for the highly choreographed death of Keith Scott.

  • CRUTCHER =42/96. Freemason =42/96. KEITH SCOTT =58. Freemasonry =58. 
  • The last highly publicized incident of a cop killing a black man in Charlotte =102 happened 1102 days before Scott’s shooting, which came on the date that leaves 102 days. The American Civil War began on the 102nd day. Slavery =102. United States of America =102. Windsor =102. The Royal Family =1020. White Supremacists =102. 

Wells Fargo & Company =1230. Keith Lamont Scott =1230. Conspiracy =123. Psychological Operation =123. Militarism =123. Scott =23 was born on 2/3, meaning he was shot exactly 33 weeks after his birthday. Masonry =33. Police =33. Race War =33. Handgun =33. Black Lives =33. Shooting of Keith Lamar Scott =333. The 33rd prime is 137. National Guard =137. Royal Family =137. Washington DC =137. Zionist Occupation Government =137.


Charlotte North Carolina =250. Keith Lamont Scott =205. Israel =205. Wells Fargo & Company =205. War on Cops =52. The 52nd prime is 239 and Colin Kaepernick first took a knee to protest police brutality on the 239th day of the year. Civil Rights Activist =239. Riot =239.

  • The black cop who allegedly shot and killed this man is Brentley Vinson. Vinson =929/93. United States of America =929/93. Officer Vinson =930. The Police =93. Agent Provacateur =93. Charlotte Race Riots =93. Violent Protest =93. Propaganda =93.
  • Scott died 19 weeks 3 days before his 44th birthday and it’s said this is the 193rd black person killed by police in 2016. 193 is the 44th prime. Betty Shelby =44 (the cop who shot Crutcher). Shooting =44. Gunfire =44. Kill =44. Officer =44. Sheriff =44. Police State =44. Race Riot =44. Reuters reported that 44 people were arrested during the second night.

State of Emergency =73. Carolina =73. Tulsa =73. Civil Liberties =73. Basic Human Rights =73. Black Lives Matter =173. The QC (17+3) Charlotte’s Queen City nickname. QC =73 (Jewish Gematria). The Hornet’s Nest =73, Charlotte’s other nickname, indeed stirred up. Youth Authority =73, the latest album by pop-punk band Good Charlotte, released 67 days before the shooting in ‘North Carolina’ =67.

  • These back-to-back police shootings are a déjà vu to the July 6th (6/7) deaths of Philando Castile =67 and Alton Sterling =67. Police Shooting =167. Fuck Authority =1167. It’s also being reported that 67 people have been killed by police since Kaepernick’s protest.

It should be noted that only 25% of the more than 780 people killed by American police have been black. That’s 780 people murdered by cops already in 2016. Yet the only cases we hear about are the ones rigged and coded by the numbers to fit the ritual agenda, the ones that can be fully managed and controlled with crisis actors and government agents in place to follow the script.

A State of Emergency =74. Black Lives Matter =74. Masonic =74. Patrick McCrory =74, the 74th Governor of North Carolina, who was appointed by George W Bush to serve on the Homeland Security Advisory Council and was mentioned as a potential choice for Vice President to the Donald Trump campaign. Can you say ‘Stooge’.

  • McCrory was born 10/17, the 290th day. Governor McCrory =209. White Supremacist =209. Occupied Government =209. Scott was shot on 20/9.
  • As for that 10/17 birthday: Central Intelligence Agency =117. Government Sponsored Hoax =117. A Militarized Police State =117. 
  • Riots started exactly 56 weeks before his next birthday. National Guard =56. Charlotte NC =56. Royal Family =56. Black Lives Matter =56. 

Charlotte NC =119. Fraternal Order of Police =119. Order of Death =119. Star of David =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Zionist Government =119. Occupied Government =119. Master Plan =119.


5 thoughts on “NC State of Emergency and the Race War Agenda

  1. Wonder if there is a Dred Scott connection? The Dred Scott Slave Court decision was one of the sparks for the Civil War. Also NFL connection with the Traumatic Brain Injury claim by wife and the NFL TBI ongoing problem. Charlotte is home of the Panthers who played in SuperBaal 50 and the Black Panther/Black Power Halftime show. 49er’s QB (where SB was played) began the ‘sit during National Anthem’ protest which will no doubt grow.


  2. the absence of light is darkness, so it’s masonic buddhist judaism catholicism etc cry that darkness matters, clearly not black lives if they opened the museum 666 weeks after its establishment. It’s all code, spiritual wickedness in high places to create the chaos through its holly wood media through which they sway the minds bringing about their ‘order’ – one which does indeed exalt darkness as light – as we see in several masonic black ‘brothers’ preaching that the saviour will rise from their rage and anger… is after all the black masonic lodge on that Denver airport capstone….


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