Super Bowl Sacrifice of Bengals’ Bill Glassford

Bill Glassford, former Cincinnati Bengal, has passed away on 9/19 at the ripe old age of 102. He was the oldest, still-living former NFL player and one of only 7 to have lived a century. Born 3/8, Glassford =38/101. Andy Dalton =38/110, the current Bengals QB. That also connects with coach Marvin Ronald Lewis =110 and owner Mike Brown =110. James William Bill Glassford =110 and he died 1 month 10 days before Dalton’s birthday.

  • Glassford died 195 days after turning 102: Bengals =195.
  • That’s also exactly 28 weeks (like Dalton is 28 years old) and he died on (9+19) =28 or (9+1+9+2+0+1+6) =28 in Scottsdale =28. Twenty-Eight =156. Cincinnati Bengals =156. 
  • James William Glassford =84/102. Cincinnati Bengals =84 and he died at 102. 
  • He died on the 67th day in ‘Scottsdale Arizona’ =67. A Dalton =67. One Hundred Two =67. Blood Sacrifice =67.
  • Bill Glassford =136. February Fifth Twenty Seventeen =136.

Speaking about tributes to Andrew Gregory Dalton =226, Glassford died 226 days after Super Bowl 50 and won 50 games in his career as head coach. Dalton born on 10/29 and Glassford’s last birthday was 10 months 29 days before Super Bowl Sunday =1290.

  • Glassford has matching death and birth numerology of 44, same as the date of Super Bowl 51. Andy =44. Glassford’s death numbers of 64 & 37 also match the 64 & 37 birth numbers of Dalton. Houston Texas =64. Marvin Lewis =64 (birth #37). The Super Bowl =164. 


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