Washington Mall Shooting Hoax: Another Royal Tribute

On 9/23/16 a lone gunman shot up a Macy’s department store at the Cascade Mall in Burlington Washington killing five people – the day before the Royal Family arrive in Victoria BC, which is but a ferry ride due west from Burlington on the same 48th parallel. Victoria BC =48 and it happened on numerology of (9+23+16) =48 in Skagit County =48, which gives tribute to the House of Windsor =48, aka: the House of Illuminati =48. As we’ve established, staged ritual events are being tied to the royal children with perfectly harmonized durations stemming from their birthdays – and this case is no different.

  • Prince George was 1160 days old for the Macy’s Massacre Hoax, which is 1 month 16 days before the election. This number is intimately interwoven with Royalty =116 and both his mother Kate =116 and grandma Princess Di =116Kate was engaged on 11/16 and Diana was engaged 11 months 6 days before Kate was born. Illuminati Family =1116. Psychological Operation =1116. Charlie Hebdo happened 116 days before Princess Charlotte’s birth and 6 months 11 days later was the Paris Attacks. 
  • Georgie was also 3 years 2 months 2 days old, the number of Skull & Bones and the Military Industrial Complex =322. Queen of the United Kingdom Canada Australia and New Zealand and Head of the Commonwealth =322, his great-grandmother’s title. The Paris Attacks came 3 months 22 days after Prince George’s second birthday (on the eve of Prince Charles’ birthday and exactly 1002 weeks after Diana died).
  • Victoria BC =102. Windsor =102. Illuminati =120. The British Royal Family =120. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge =120. This happened 120 days before Inauguration Day =120 with its corresponding date of 1/20President Hillary Clinton =120. 

The Cascade Mall Shooting =73 happened as Princess Charlotte was exactly 73 weeks old. Crown =73. Britain =73. United =73. Kingdom =73. That’s also 511 days. Diana & Charles were married 5 months 11 days before Kate came into the world (born to be) and Kate & William =1105 were married 5 months 11 days after their engagement. There’s also a span of 5 months 11 days between the births of William and Kate =1150Washington State Mall Shooting =115. Governor Jay Inslee =115. Freemasons =115. Saturn =511. Perfect Alignment =511. 

  • Diana & Charles were engaged 155 days before their wedding, which came on a date with 155 days remaining in 1981. Their marriage lasted 5510 days and Diana died on a date with 155 numerology (8+31+19+97). Royal =551. The Illuminati =155. King William =1055. This shooting hoax came 155 days after the Queen’s birthday.

Burlington Washington =262. Charles & Diana =262. Middleton =262 (Kate’s maiden name). Clinton =262. Hillary was born 26 days before Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding and the Queen =26/62 was born in ’26, began her reign on 2/6 and was coronated on 6/2. Cambridge =62. Cascade Mall is 26 years old and the Westgate Mall Massacre Hoax in Nairobi went down 62 days after the birth of Prince George. (It also happened 3 years 3 days before the Burlington event).

  • Kate’s pregnancy was announced exactly 33 weeks before the birth of Prince George. Lady Di =330 was married on 33 numerology and died 33 days after what would have been her 16th wedding anniversary. Sixteen =33. The sole survivor in the car crash was born on 3/3.

In the previous post I highlighted the significance of the number 29 connecting the Windsor-Bush Bloodline to the Chelsea-Charlotte rituals; well it gets even better. Diana & Kate were both married on the 29th day, exactly 29 years 9 days apart. This event occurred at Cascade Mall =29 with 99 days remaining in the year. The sole survivor of the car crash that killed Diana was 29 years old named Rees =29. The current Governor of Washington was born on 2/9.

  • The 29th prime is 109. Burlington Washington =109. George Alexander Louis =109. Diana Spencer =109. Kate born on 10/9 and it happened 109 days before her next birthday. Psychological Warfare =109. Zionist Conspiracy =109, and it would seem the Royals are the original Zionists.
  • Burlington WA =1449. Princess of Wales =1449, Diana’s title. It happened on 9/23 – exactly 19 years 23 days after Diana died.


Cascade Mall =74. House of Windsor =74. English =74. Masonic =74. Global Government =74. They originally reported “Four Dead” =74, just like the Seattle Duckboats crash 1 year 1 day earlier on the bridge named “Aurora” =74. Aurora Borealis =74.

  • Burlington =51. Mass Shooting =51. Royal Visit =51. Freemason =51. Zionism =51. State of Israel =51. Conspiracy =51. Princess Charlotte was 510 days old not including the end date. The 51st prime is 233 and the shooting occured 332 days after the anniversary of Macy’s founding date. Charles proposed to Diana with 332 days remaining and Diana died 33 weeks 2 days after Kate turned 15. Diana & Charles were married 23 weeks 3 days before the birth of Kate and Kate & William were wed 23 weeks 3 days after their engagement – and were also born 23 weeks 3 days apart.
  • A Macy’s Department Store =255. The British Royal Family =255. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge =255. Macy’s =524. Great Britain’s =524. Terrorism =524. 
  • Five dead and Wikipedia time-stamps it as happening at 7:20Five =720. King William =720. Illuminati =720. The All-Seeing Eye =720. Fake Terror =702. Mall Massacre =702. Kate’s pregnancy was announced 7 months 20 days before the birth of Prince George. The Aurora Shooting Hoax happened at a mall on 7/20.

Washington =49 and the shooting comes 49 days after the state’s birthday. The Hub City =49, Burlington’s nickname. The 49th prime is 227 and the event happened 227 days after the Governor of Washington’s birthday. Princess Charlotte’s full title: Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge =227. Prince George, was born on 7/22. Princess Diana died 7 months 22 days after Kate’s 15th birthday and 227 days before Dodi Fayed’s. Also this year we saw a mass shooting at a shopping mall in Munich – on 7/22, Prince George’s third birthday present.

Cascade Mall Burlington Washington =2016. Prince William born 21/6. Succession to the British Throne =2160. Indeed it would appear that these ritual events are laying the framework for the upcoming changing of the guard, the death of Queen Elizabeth II – which will undoubtedly be completely by the numbers – and the coronation of not Charles but King William V – like the five allegedly killed in Burlington. This will also tie into the upcoming coronation of Queen Hillary, also of royal genealogy.

2 thoughts on “Washington Mall Shooting Hoax: Another Royal Tribute

  1. 9/23 – Cascade ie Cascadia
    Macy’s ie Ma Seas….5 dead ‘Cascadia rupture everything west of I-5 toast’
    On 9/23 CHARLOTTE “510” days SB logo ‘510’ on the 7m17th day from the 7/17 Levi built SF Super Bowl stadium
    Vancouver top of cascadia fault


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