The Death of Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer, the King of Golf, is dead at 87. Of course he is, what with this being the year of all the Greatests getting taken out as ritual sacrifices to the royal family. Speaking about his death not being a surprise, there’s a Geico commercial subtitled ‘It’s Not Suprising’ =112 featuring rapper Ice-T and a lemonade stand. “Iced tea, lemonade. Iced tea, lemonade,” goes the dialogue. Arnold Palmer had a drink named after him, a mixture of iced tea and lemonade.

Royal =71. Geico Insurance =71 and the ad came out 17 days before Palmer died. Geico =39. Palmer =390/65. Lemonade Not Ice T =930/65, the title of the ad (watch it here).

  • Ice T =222 and Palmer died 222 days after Ice T’s birthday and 222 days before Rory McIlroy’s birthday, McIlroy winning the Tour Championship on the day Palmer died. British Royal Family =222. Seattle WA =1222. 
  • Ice Tea and Lemonade =72. The King of Golf =72. Royal Sacrifice =72. Murder By Numbers =72. Rory McIlroy =72. 

Iced Tea & Lemonade =116. Royal =116. The King Is Dead =116. He died 11 month 6 days before his next birthday. Another King, Elvis Presley, died 11 months 6 days after Palmer’s 47th birthday. Since it deserves repeating, William & Kate were engaged on 11/16 and Princess Di =116 was engaged to Charles 11 months 6 days (unofficially) and 10 months 16 days (officially) before the birth of Kate =116. Not her birth anniversary but the day she entered this world. David Bowie exited it 1/10/16. 

Arnold Palmelr died the day before the first presidential debate, his name coded up to both candidates: Arnold Daniel Palmer =470. Trump =470. Palmer =196. The Forty-Fifth President Hillary Clinton =196. Dead at 87. Golf Legend =87. Clinton =87. Queen Elizabeth II =87. The King Is Dead Long Live The King =187.

  • Arnold Palmer =391. King of the PGA Tour =193. A Palmer =193, the 44th prime. He died 44 days before the election. Hillary For America =193. The Simpsons episode with President Lisa aired on 19/3. President Hillary Clinton =1193. Palmer retired from the PGA on 10/13/06, which is 9 years 11 months 3 days (9113) before his death. He’s from Latrobe PA =319 and died in ‘Pittsburgh Pennsylvania’ =139. Freemasonry =139.
  • Arnold Palmer =129. Arnold The King Of Golf Palmer =129/264. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =129/264. President Hillary Clinton =129. The President of the United States =129. The British Monarchy =1290.
  • Arnold Palmer =57. King of Golf =57. Variety Show =57 (the theme of the Simpsons episode, up next). Palmer and Fernández’s birthdays are 5 weeks 7 days apart in a year; the 57th prime is 269 and they both died on the 269th day, the day before 26/9.

Wikipedia tells us that Palmer was a Freemason since ’58 (Freemasonry =58) and was “raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason.” Eighty-Seven =58. The 58th prime is 271 and the King of Golf died 271 days after King Lebron James’ birthday.

Arnold Palmer’s death was also predictive programmed in an episode of the Simpsons that premiered the same evening the news of his death broke (watch it here). This is the exact same thing that happened with David Bowie, a pop culture reference airing on the Simpsons within minutes of the obituary. Homer comes up with a prank where he fills one super soaker with lemonade and one super soaker with iced tea and ‘Arnold Palmers’ Lenny. Just as Mr Burns’ variety show backfires on him, Homer’s prank backfires and he gets Arnold Palmered instead.

  • The episode is called: Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus =292. The King Is Dead =292. Presidential Assassination =292. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania =292 (where Palmer died, same as Radio Raheem the day earlier).
  • Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus =112. Palmer born with 112 days remaining, the inverse date of the Queen’s birthday (when Prince died). And now the King.
  • It was season 28 episode 01. Manifest =281. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law Love is the Law Love Under Will =281, the 60th prime. Regicide =60.

Also, the chalkboard gag references Tommy John, a former MLB pitcher on the day that MLB pitcher José Fernández dies. This Arm Needs Tommy John Surgery =138. Tommy John =1308. Arnold The King Of Golf Palmer =138.

  • Tommy John born on 5/22 (Clinton =522), the 142nd day with 223 remaining. José Fernández =142 and they died 22 weeks 3 days after the Queen’s b-day (4/21). Palmer died 4 months 21 days after McIlroy’s birthday.
  • Tommy Edward John =71. Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus =71. Ritual Murders =71.

2016-09-26 (1).png

Fernández was born on 7/31 and Charlotte Clinton was 731 days old on 9/25. That’s also 7 years 3 months 1 day since Michael Jackson, the King of Pop died with 137 days remaining in 2009. Palmer =29 and he’s born in ‘29.

And while we’re talking commercials, there’s a pretty funny one from the 80s with Arnold Palmer and OJ Simpson one-upping each other with rental car rates (watch it here). Palmer gets the last word when he says, “Or OJ, only $59 a week here in sunny Florida.” Sunny Florida =59. He really makes a point of emphasizing that 59 and the next shot is a guy telling OJ, “Brutal dude, brutal,” – as if Palmer had just insulted him. Of course this is a Masonic inside joke as 59 is the number stamp derogatively on black people.

  • Slave =59. Negro =59. Afro-American =59. Five =42. Nine =42. Nigger (5+9+7+7+5+9) =42. Palmer had Prostate Cancer =59. Kill =59. Notice it says Miami/Orlando. Palmer’s second home was in Orlando and Fernandez’s second home was in Miami.


One thought on “The Death of Arnold Palmer

  1. This was a Ritualized Death that I’m sure Palmer was aware of, & insisted on participating in.

    Pro Golfer =112. Arnie Palmer =112.

    Arnie =47. The King =74. Arnold Daniel Palmer =174. Dead At Eighty Seven =174. Arnold Palmer =774.

    Arnold D Palmer =133. Arnie Palmer =331. Arnold Palmer =57. Arnold Palmer The King =570.

    I’m sure many Arnold Palmer drinks were Cheers’d to him. – An Arnold Palmer =144. Dead At Eighty Seven =1044. Arnold Daniel Palmer =1044. PGA =144.

    I also see a ton of connection to Nike & Prince through date counts & more gematria, but for now just knowing that Arnie’s death was purposeful, & by the numbers is good enough.


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