The Twins Trick: It’s Regicide

2016-09-26 (3).png

This is the shot in the Simpsons episode right before the scene where Homer gets Arnold Palmered. The illusion known as a predicament escape, or water torture cell, is featured as either Sherri or Terri appears to teleport from one tank to the next. Comic Book Guy scoffs and says, “This is just a simple Twins Trick; they pull the other twin out of the tank behind the curtain.” However, it’s revealed to the viewer that the other twin has in fact drowned. There are several things that are spooky about this.

First it’s a depiction of a public death followed immediately by another Arnold Palmer reference, the episode airing on the night he died. Second, the twin reference to magic and death as two sports superstars were sacrificed on the same day, Palmer and José Fernández – the latter of which allegedly drowning. Is the Twins Trick the name of an actual occult ritual involving the dual killing of celebrities? Third, notice the one missing shoe – that’s a classic Masonic symbol, one that appears often in staged hoaxes as a sort of calling card or signature.

  • Twins Trick =47/146. Arnold Daniel Palmer =470. José D Fernández =146. Boat Collision =146/56. Twins Trick =56. 
  • Mr Burns =33/105. Simpson =33/105. Masonry =33/105. Freemasonry =58/139. Comic Book Guy =58/139.
  • Notice all the purple. Purple tank, purple hair, purple bow, purple curtain. The super soakers of lemonade and iced tea are purple, too. Purple =425. Great Britain =425. This appears to be another coded reference to royalty, like Prince (of Purple Rain fame) dying on the Queen’s birthday.

The episode even featured a blatant (fake) death announcement. Montgomery Burns Still Not Dead =129. Arnold Palmer =129. Arnold Palmer The King of Golf =129. Palmer =29. Montgomery Burns =219. Eighty-Nine =116. Iced Tea & Lemonade =116.

What’s also odd about the Twins Trick is the popular rumour that Hillary Clinton died on September 11th 2016 and was replaced with a body double or clone. Two twins up on stage, the night before the first Trump VS Clinton debate of the American election. Left and right hand marionettes and the illusion of choice and freedom. It should also be noted that there’s a riot in the episode, like the one happening in Charlotte as it aired, and these episodes are written and produced well in advance of their air date.

  • The missing shoe represents the Blue Slipper in Freemasonry, symbolizing the physical confirmation of a spoken deed. In ancient times, to unloose one’s shoe and give it to another was the way of confirming a contract. It is symbolic of a covenant or a promise to be entered into. Blue Slipper =551. The Illuminati =551. Royal =551. 
  • Fernández & Palmer died 155 days after Beyonce’s Lemonade album and the day after Marlins’ 155th game of the season. 

This magic trick is also a reference to Harry Houdini, who died on Halloween =1049. Twin =1049. Macbeth =149. Houdini died in ’26 at 1:26 PM and this episode coinciding with the twin deaths came 10 months 26 days after the anniversary of Houdini’s final disappearing act (his death). Fernández was born with 149 numerology and died 1 month 26 days after his birthday. Hillary’s birthday is 10/26. Her Majesty The Queen of England =1026. Springfield Bowl =1026 (the venue for the variety show). The Befuddling Britches =1206 (the nickelodeon Lisa watches to learn the truth about Mr Burns’ history). A Pair of Kings =126. Queen =320. Houdini =320. King =32. 

What other examples of Twins Tricks have we seen? As it turns out, there are tons. Just in 2016, the Year of the Dead Celebrity, we saw David Bowie die on the day of Lemmy’s funeral; Celine Dion’s brother die the day after her husband, who died the same day as Alan Rickman; Chyna die the day before Prince; and Mr Fuji die the same day as Gene Wilder, to name but a few. My apologies for the information overload that now follows – I got carried away, yet again.

The focus of this Simpsons episode was the history of Mr Burns, and his original voice actor, Christopher Collins =223, died the very day that Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered, 6/12/94. That’s Marty McFly’s and George HW Bush’s birthdays. That’s also 22 years before the Pulse Massacre, which started at 2:02 AM with 202 days left in the year.

  • There’s a trifecta connection here as OJ Simpson and Arnold Palmer did several commercials together and Nicole Simpson =163 died exactly 1163 weeks before Palmer. Prince George turned 1163 days old the day after Palmer died. Fernandez was born 163 days after the Simpsons episode Homer at Bat first aired, guest-starring former Yankee player Don Mattingly, who is now Miami Marlins manager.

Fun Fact: Yankees retired Mattingly’s #23 on 8/31/97 – the very day that Princess Diana died. He hit 222 career home runs. British Royal Family =222.

Dale Earnhardt died on 2/18/01, the same day as Eddie Matthews (the Atlanta Braves’ manager at the helm when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s lifetime home run record). Another instance of two sports legends taken out simultaneously. They died 206 days before 9/11 (another Twins Trick). Sacrifice =206.

  • Dale Earnhardt =666 and his nickname was The Wall Slammer, a moniker he had years before dying from slamming into a wall – another form of predictive programming. Babe Ruth makes an appearance in this Simpsons episode and the Marlins were scheduled to play the Braves on the day that Fernández died. Matthews is the only man to play for the Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves, and Atlanta Braves. Braves =878. 

Michael Jackson =870 and Farrah Fawcett =780 also died on the same day, 6/25/9, a date like Palmer & Fernández on 25/9. That’s a span of 7 years 3 months. Sacrifice =73. Ritual Sacrifice =73. Sacrificial Lamb =73. Indeed it would appear that all these high profile celebrities have been taken out at auspicious dates, based on the guidance of the dark wizards behind the curtains who orchestrate reality by the dictates of numerology and astrology. Perhaps there’s a quantifiable measurement attached to each of these celebs related to the amount of psychic energy dispersed by the grieving public. Certain dates and durations call for certain ranks of celebs to be sacrificed… It’s a possibility.

Orson Welles and Yul Brynner both died on 10/10/85. That’s 11,309 days before Palmer & Fernández. Twins =1139. Freemasonry =139. Presidential Assassination =139. The Killing of the Divine King =139, which is the name of another Masonic ritual. Brynner was best known for playing the King of Siam in The King and I and Welles once played King Lear – and of course Palmer was the King of Golf. The news of JFK’s death broke at 1:39 PM EST and Jack Ruby, the man who assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald, died 1139 days after the death of JFK, the King of Camelot.

Did you know that on 11/22/63, legendary authors CS Louis and Aldous Huxley both died along with Kennedy? Palmer & Fernández died a gorgeous span of 19,300 days later. Babe Ruth died 193 days after his birthday. Arnold Palmer =391. A Palmer =193, the 44th prime and he died 44 days before the election of the 44th president. JFK was the 44th-term president. Oswald went under the alias Alek J Hidell =44. Lone Gunman =44. Kill =44. Forty-Four =144. November Twenty-Second Sixty-Three =144 was the first day of Sagittarius =144. American President =1044. Arnold Daniel Palmer =1044. Dead at Eighty-Seven =1044.

  • These numbers remind me of Heath Ledger =93 born on 4/4 who died 144 days before the birthday of twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – and 223 days after their birthday. Heath & Mary Kate were fucking at the time of his death and she’s been linked to his blood sacrifice.


In the 19300 span we see 930. Occult Ritual =930. James Dean died on 9/30/55, the same day as Michael Chekhov, Oscar-nominated actor and acting instructor best known for developing the Chekhov Method. Dean died 7 months 22 days after his birthday. It was 33 days after Chekhov’s. Dean & Chekhov died 30 years 11 days before Welles & Brynner. Fernández & Palmer died 30 years 11 days after Marty McFly became the world’s time traveller.

  • I mention Back to the Future again because the trilogy has proven to contain the blueprint for these occulted duration synchs that we keep seeing repeated, like tracing paper laid over a calendar. Like the classic 11/13 Paris Attacks coming 311 days after Charlie Hebdo and being the worst terror attack since Madrid 3/11. The Beast =311. 
  • Groucho Marx died the same day as Elvis Presley (8/19/77). That’s 1 year 1 month 13 days before Groucho’s birthday and 1 month 13 days after it; it’s 223 days after Elvis’ and 142 days before it. They died exactly 1142 weeks after Dean & Chekhov. Welles & Brynner died exactly 1142 weeks after JFK/Louis/Huxley. 

Finally, the OG Twin Trick dual celebrity assassination was way back on July 4th 1826 with the 2nd American president John Adams and the 3rd president Thomas Jefferson both dying within hours of each other on America’s Golden Jubilee. Now consider the Killing of the King ritual as requiring a twin sacrifice, like the Twin Towers. A pair of kings, as it were, like Adams & Jefferson. The duality, As Above So Below =156. Kings =156. 

I mean just at look all the frickin kings that died in pairs here: The King of Golf, the King of Pop, the King of Rock n’ Roll, the King of Camelot, the King of Siam, the King of Home Runs. There’s a James Dean biography called the Mutant King, Earnhardt has a daughter named Kelly King, Bowie was the Goblin King, and Fernandez was named the Strikeout King a month before his death for recording the most strikeouts in a single-season in Marlins history. 

Unofficially, Muhammad Ali was the King of Boxing and Gordie Howe was the King of Hockey. All the greatests gotta go. Oh, and Nat King Cole’s daughter, Natalie Cole, kicked off this Year of the Dead Celebrity by kicking the bucket on New Year’s Eve. Are we witnessing the gradual build-up to an ultra major celebrity death? Some sort of high-profile blue chip politician, perhaps? Donald Trump calls himself The King of Debt… And/or maybe it’s all in tribute to the coming coronation of the new King of England, Charles or William? We shall see.

Thanks for reading and I hope that wasn’t too confusing! (You can stream the Simpsons episode here.)


9 thoughts on “The Twins Trick: It’s Regicide

  1. There has been all kind of rumors and speculations regarding Charles, for as long as I can remember. Queen Elisabeth could have stepped back long time ago and handed over the throne to Charles, but none has happened yet. Could it be that Charles are not really fit to be a king, a “family secret” of mental illness perhaps (old rumors and speculations as mentioned) ?

    Maybe the “King Charles” period is going to be a short one, if ever, because they would prefer King William instead?


  2. Awesome work. And yes, The Prestige, the most famous big screen portrayal of the Twins Trick, released precisely 9 years 11 months 9 days before this latest Arnie/Fernandez/Simpsons incarnation.


  3. Let us not forget CinderHillary left a black shoe behind on 9-11-16, during her ‘collapse’ episode.
    Black Shoe Left Behind = 388 -966 -161 = masonic cipher, hidden messages.
    “John Todd Warns About the Witchcraft Involvement of J R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis” on youtube is interesting information, which I would not be surprised if true. Some try to disparage Mr. Todd: “He was put in a psychiatric hospital, he was insane…” Perhaps they should read, “The Gulag Archipelago” for starters.
    I also heard Dick Gregory say in an interview that there are two Donald Trump’s. The one with the blue tie is fake, the one in the red tie is real. I guess the only way to verify all this would be to call 1-800-LUCIFER / =323-444-74. I’ve tried, but it’s always busy, busy, busy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, well said, amigo. I didn’t realize she dropped her slipper before turning into a pumpkin there on 9/11. Found a good snapshot to add to the album, one of these days I’ll compile em all for a post. Oh yeah those books would be based in witchcraft, which if we look at Crowley’s definition of Magick, “the science & art of causing change to occur in conformity with will,” Gematria programming of the subconscious could be considered a form of witchcraft; spellcasting.


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