Falcons Sacrifice Taz Anderson

Taz L Anderson Jr =177. On the day the Atlanta Falcons defeated the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football with a total score of 77 points for Matt Ryan’s 77th win, former Falcon and hall-of-famer Taz Anderson died age 77 in Atlanta GA =77. Both the first and fourth quarter scores were 7-7. Multiplied becomes 49. Atlanta Falcons =49. Taz L Anderson =149. There are 4 months 9 days between his death and Super Bowl LI.

  • It was 10 months 12 days since his last birthday. Matt Ryan =112. Houston =112.
  • Houston Texans =51 hosting SB 51. Falcons were established 51 years ago and Anderson died 51 days before his 11/15 birthday. Atlanta =15. Tazwell Leigh Anderson Jr =105. 
  • Tazwell =99. Georgia Dome =99. Drew Brees =99.

Taz has some wild gematria. 911 is the 156th prime. Twenty Sixteen Presidential Debate =156. Trump and Clinton Presidential Debate =156. The President of the United States =156 and Taz died on the day of the first presidential debate. Taz Anderson =47/56. President =47/56. Taz Anderson =137. Washington DC =137. United States President =1137. The 33rd prime number is 137 like Clinton =33, who won the debate (despite it appearing to this truth-seeker like Trump smashed her) and ATL =33 who won MNF =33.

Absolutely fitting that Taz Anderson was born in Georgia =44 and would die in Georgia, 44 days before the election of the 44th president on the night the team from Georgia wins…


18 thoughts on “Falcons Sacrifice Taz Anderson

  1. Continuing with the 33 and 44….

    Atlanta gave Drew Brees his 44th home loss and the date had numerology of 44.

    Matt Ryan won on the road, to become 33-33 in away games. Matty Ice = 33. Saints = 330. And the game was 33 weeks 3 days before Ryan’s next birthday.

    Whole lot of 11 multiples


  2. Its becoming clear that the # 112 is a Stamp of Sacrifce for the ultimate 112 to Succeed.

    Peterson, Bridgewater, Trent Cole, Brissett, all equal 112. Matt Ryan & Drew Christopher Brees both equal 112 as well – they will both be sacrificed son.

    There will be but 1 player that equals 112 that will not fall, & I think we know who that is 😉


  3. Brother Berg I had to come back to this post and comment. Looks like this sacrifice could be for the Super Bowl. Assassin=411. Taz’s death spans 4 months 11 days before the big game. Taz has two jersey numbers, 88 and 41.

    Super Bowl Li=53. Atlanta will be the site of Super Bowl LIII.

    The Steelers’ were founded in ’33. Falcons lost Super Bowl 33. ATL=33. Matty Ice=33. Atlanta on the 33rd parallel. Rise=33. Dirty=33. Bird=33.

    Remember when the bird landed on Bernie Sander’s podium at his rally in. Oregan=33. The President elect got punked out by the bald eagle named. Uncle Sam=88. Trump=88. Rise up=88. Bald Eagle=31. CNN=31.

    Trump kinda had a falling out with CNN as of late. CNN office is in Atlanta. CNN=31/13. Matt Ryan is 31 years old. 31 is the 11th Prime. Falcon’s receiver Julio Jones wears #11. Julio Jones=130. Julio played at. Alabama=13. (13 is the 41st prime, Taz’s jersey #). Two Falcon’s players wear #11#2. Houston=112. Matt Ryan=112. Nicknamed the, Dirty birds=112. Falcons winning out will end up with a playoff record of 10-12.


  4. Civil war theme this year for the Super Bowl.

    Patriots obviously represents patriotism. New England was part of the NORTH in American civil war.
    Falcons represents Horus, the Egyptian god with a falcon head, king of all birds, and rising sun (like a phoenix rising). Georgia (Atlanta) was part of the South in American civil war.
    Research into the story of Horus vs. Set fighting to be king of Egypt and you’ll find that Horus was patron of Lower Egypt (South) and Set was in Upper Egypt (North).

    See the parallel?


    • In Super Bowl 34 (year 2000), the Patriots beat the Rams as 14-pt underdogs. Osiris (father of Horus and brother of Set) is known as the Ram god in Egyptian mythology. So you could say the Patriots are taking on the role of Set, beating/killing the Rams (Osiris), and now 17 years later, will face the Falcons (Horus) for the crown.


      • Sorry, it should be Super Bowl 36 (year 2002), the year after 9/11. What’s funny is I’m watching the NFL Live show right now and they just made a reference to that Super Bowl saying this year is just like that one where the Patriots played the Greatest Show on Turf (Rams). They’re comparing this year’s Falcons to that year’s Rams. Horus and Osiris comparison lol.


    • There was a movie that came out last year named Gods of Egypt. They released a trailer during last year’s Super Bowl named “War”.


  5. This year’s NFL week 1 was on 9/11, 15 year anniversary. 15 years ago is when the Patriots (Set) beat the Rams (Osiris) for the Super Bowl crown to start their dynasty run. Is Super Bowl 51 the end of their dynasty with Falcons (Horus) beating Patriots (Set)?


  6. The last time the highest scoring offense and regular season MVP won the Super Bowl was…2000 Rams with Kurt Warner. They were known as the Greatest Show on Turf because of their high powered running and passing offense, playing in an indoor turf field…just like the Falcons this year with MVP candidate Matt Ryan. Coincidence?


  7. Houston’s official nickname is Space City. SpaceX has been launching its Falcon 9 rocket the past year. After an explosion in September, they were finally successful in launching and landing the rocket about a week ago.


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