Pepe The Frog: A Hate Symbol

Pepe the Frog =121 has been branded A Hate Symbol =121 by the Anti-Defamation League. Pepe being the pet name for José, this news coming two days after José Fernandez died. To use their terms, the ‘Beloved Internet Meme =89 is now considered an ‘Anti-Semitic Hate Symbol =89, the 24th prime number (Pepe =24, Kings =24). This news comes 89 days after Richard “The King” Petty’s last birthday. Call me crazy but I reckon that what’s really going on here is a coded secret message about upcoming ritual sacrifices, and two of my picks – Richard Petty & Pelé -fit pretty damn well. Blood Sacrifice =67/121. Pepe The Frog =67/121. 

  • The Frog =79. Richard Lee Perry =79 is currently 79. Shimon Peres was president for 7 years 9 days. Murder 79. Murdered =43.
  • The Frog =43. Richard =43 drove racecar #43 for his mother Elizabeth =43. Frog =143. José D Fernández =1430. This hate symbol news comes 4 months 30 days before Brazilian footballer Pepe’s 34th birthday and 3 weeks 4 days before Pelé’s.

43 is the 14th prime. Pepe the Frog was created by Matt Furie =41. Internet Meme =141. 


This news also comes 151 days before Pepe’s birthday, matching his real name: Képler Laveran Lima Ferreira =151. Royalty =1051. Killing of the Divine King =151. And both Petty & Pelé are nicknamed the King, fitting with this year’s sacrifice theme.

  • Pelé’s real name: Edson Arantes do Nascimento =96. Popular Internet Meme =96. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. 
  • The Anti-Defamation League =216. Meme =216/36 (6x6x6 =216 and the sum of 1 through 36 equals 666). This news comes 216 days (or 30 weeks 6 days) after Pepe’s 33rd birthday

There’s more but we’ll leave it at that for now. I would like to point out the upcoming date of Oct 2nd. Prince George will be 166 weeks 6 days old (or 3 years 2 months 10 days) which seems like far too good a span to waste. Princess Charlotte will be 520 days old, born 5/2. It’s also 5 months 11 days after the Queen’s birthday. The next day 10/3 is the 277th day and 277 is the 59th prime number, a hot day for a black celebrity to bite the dust. 

11 thoughts on “Pepe The Frog: A Hate Symbol

  1. At first this post seemed kinda absurd, but once I looked into it – The Frog is the perfect Symbol.

    Petty Drives the #43 car. Frog =143. Croaks =234. Frog Croaking =343. So if we are saying Petty & Pele symbolize the Frog – they also sync to Croaking. Pele Croaked =243.

    Croaking is the noise frogs make, & croaking is also used to describe dying. Pele Croaks =105, looks like 10/5. Richard Petty Croaked =1003, & that looks like 10/3.


  2. I was researching this weeks NFL games… And I noticed that this Sunday is 10/2. Chuck Pagano, the coach of the Colts is born 10/2. The Colts are playing in London England… possibly more “royal” connections if you dig further.
    Luck is making his 59th regular season start. London England = 59.
    London England = 131. Super Bowl = 131.


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