Giant John Hicks Dies

John Hicks =818. New York Giants =181. Nephilim =181, the race of giants in the Bible. John Hicks the former NY Giant, best remembered for being the last lineman to be runner-up in the vote for the Heisman Trophy, passed away on 10/30. That’s 98 days before the Super Bowl. Eli Manning =98. Manning =98. Champions =98. This report will tie in the Super Bowl projections of Colts/Giants with the death of another former Giant, Jim Clack (dead on the 98th day), as well as Alexander Michael Rossi =98, the previous Indianapolis 500 winner who drives Car #98 for the Gematria tribute and potential huge clue for a Colts Super Bowl appearance.


Auto Parts =41/131. Super Bowl =41/131. Alexander Michael Rossi =215. 100th Indianapolis 500 presented by PennGrade Motor Oil =215. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Fifty-One Champions =215. Super Bowl Sunday =215. Alexander Michael Rossi =1290. Super Bowl Fifty-One Champs =129. Indianapolis Colts AFC Champions =129. National Football League Champions =129. Colts Super Bowl LI Champion =129.

  • John Hicks =52 and he started 52 career games. Indy =52. Indiana =52. Herta =52. Patrik Sandell =52 (the other racer with Rossi on the Herta team – born the same damn day as the Queen, the day Prince died, 4/21).
  • Super Bowl LI =152. The Super Bowl =1520. Indianapolis Colts =1152. Andrew Austen Luck =1152. 
  • Hicks =23. He’s from Cleveland and died the day Cleveland lost Game Five of the World Series, 2-3. Super Bowl LI =2023. He died 223 days after his birthday, which was 322 days before the SB. That’s 10 months 15 days. Giants Win Super Bowl LI =115. Odell Beckham born 11/5.

Giant =51. Hicks was born in Cleveland =51 in the year ‘51 like Super Bowl 51. The 51st prime is 233. Houston Texas =233. Colts-Giants last rematch was 2 years 3 months 3 days before SB 51 and the Greatest Game Ever Played, the ’58 NFL Championship between Giants-Colts, was exactly 3032 weeks earlier. Rossi’s birthday is 233 days after Super Bowl LI.

Cleveland Ohio =62. Hicks (who stood 6’2″) was traded to the Steelers for Jim Clack =62 who died 6 months 20 days before his birthday and 62 days after Super Bowl XL, Steelers over Colts. The death dates of Jim Clack =26 and Hicks were 206 days apart in a calendar year. Rossi =26. Andretti Herta =62. 

Clack was born in 47 and died on 4/7. Hicks was from Ohio =47 was drafted in ’74 and wore #74.

  • James Thomas Clack =1042. Patrik Sandell =142Sandell =402. NYC =42. 
  • He died 10 years 9 months 30 days before Super Bowl LI, as in 193, the 44th prime. NY =440. Hicks died 193 days after Prince =65 at age 65 from a Diabetes =65. Alexander Rossi =65. Believe In Love =65. 
  • End date excluded Hicks died 192 days after Prince. Indianapolis Colts =192. Andrew Austen Luck =192. NAPA =192. 
  • Indianapolis Colts NFL Champion =303. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =330. Clack died 303 days before Indianapolis won Super Bowl XLI, the one with the Prince halftime show. That was exactly 522 weeks before SB LI, or 10 years 2 days.

The 100th Indy 500 was 112 days after Super Bowl 50 and the 101st Indy 500 is 112 days after Super Bowl LI. Prince died on the 112th day.

The centennial was won by Alexander Rossi =775. Viking =775. Love =775, as was emphasized at the SB 50 halftime show. Believe In =47. Luck =47. Imagine if the next Super Bowl matchup was programmed into this message!?


Dreamworld Accident

Oct 25th, the day after the new Australian PM’s birthday, a tragic water ride accident at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast killed four people. Gold =81. Chicago =81. It happened on the day the World Series began, half a world away, and is coded up with much of the same central code. [Author’s note: I went on this ride in 2008 along with the Giant Drop, at the time the tallest free-fall in the world at 119 m, way scarier than the ‘killer’ water ride.]

DREAMWORLD =50. Giant Drop =50. The 50th prime is 229 and the accident was on Thunder River Rapids =229/103. Roller Coaster Accident =103. It happened 103 days before the Super Bowl. Chicago Cubs World Series =103. Billy Goat =103. In perfect harmony with the 103 games for the Cubs, and this seemingly random tragic accident certainly seems coded with the same numeric sequences that bind other theme park disasters – and their Masonic masters – as we shall see.

  • The sum of the ages of all four victims is 147. World Series =147. Super Bowl =1407. 
  • Thunder River Rapids =112 opened in Queensland =112 on 11/12 of ’86. The accident happened 1 year 1 month 12 days after the new prime minister took office. The only survivors were a 10-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl (another sneaky 1012). This happened 11 weeks 2 days after a boy was decapitated on Verrückt the world’s tallest water slide in Kansas City – the team that last won the World Series. The plans for the slide construction were announced in 11/12 (November 2012) and the boy died 11 months 2 days before the birthday of his father, a state representative.
  • Scott Schwab =52/133. Haunted Castle =52/133, site of the worst theme park disaster in history matching the father.

Kansas City =50. Water Park =50. West Edmonton =50. Dream World =50 and the 50th prime is 229. The KC indident occurred 2 years 29 days after the ride opened. Thunder River Rapids =229. That’s also 11 weeks 3 days before the incident at Dreamworld =113. KC =113. Schlitterbahn =58/139. Freemasonry =58/139. 

  • Caleb Schwab =79, his father born 7/9 and it happened 79 days before the Dreamworld incident in Queensland Australia =79. 
  • The waterslide fatality was on the 220th day and the Dreamworld accident happened at 2:20 PM, a span of 220 days after the reelection Tom Tate =22, the mayor of Gold Coast, and 220 days before his 58th birthday. Theo Nathaniel Epstein =220, Cubs president and curse-lifter. 22 the Master Builder Number =220

And now for some theme park disasters from history. The Mindbender, the world’s largest indoor triple-loop coaster, opened in West Edmonton Mall (an hour from my hometown so I’ve ridden it heats) in 1986 — exactly 270 days before Thunder River Rapids opened in 1986… Remember it’s 270 days from Super Bowl 50 to 11/2 and Red Sox broke their curse 270 days after Patriots won. In the 1986 World Series the Red Sox lost to the Mets, the team that lost last year.

  • Exactly 13 weeks after Mindbender opened (like all this 103 action and Tom Tate the 13th mayor), there was an accident on the roller coaster where three people died. It happened on the inverted loop while a band was playing in the amusement park and hundreds of people in the crowd witnessed the incident.

On 6/9 at King’s Island in MASON Ohio (the keystone in the Masonic arch is 69) in 1991, three people died in two separate incidents, an electrocution in a pond and a girl named Candy =47 falling out of a roller coaster. King’s Island =47 in Ohio =47 with 47 rides on 147 hectares. And of course there’s a 33-acre water park and 3.3 million visitors per year because Masonry =33 and we all know that’s their jam. King’s Island =74. Masonic =74. Caleb Schwab =474 and he weighed 74 lbs. Coomera Queensland =74 (site of Dreamworld). Four Dead =74. The Dreamworld accident happened 407 days after the new Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull took office. President =47. Authority =47. Obey =47. 

  • King’s Island =119 and it opened on the 119th day. The double accident day happened 19 years 1 month 11 days after the park opening. And the date written 9/6 like Freemason =96 and the sum of the ranging degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry (31+32+33) =96. Gold Coast =33/96. The Dreamworld Accident happened 9 months 11 days after Mayor Tate’s birthday.

Evil Kneivel jumped 14 greyhounds (41 m) exactly 41 years to the day before the Dreamworld accident. Caleb died 4 weeks 1 day after his dad’s birthday and 40 weeks 1 day after the Kansas City Royals won the World Series. Thunder River Rapids is 410 m long.

Japanese Royal Family: Killing of the King Continues

Prince Mikasa Takahito, fifth in line to the Japanese throne – and the world’s oldest living royal – passed away on 10/27/16 at the age of 100. We just saw the Saudis execute one of their princes and the King of Thailand died a couple weeks back. The former King of Rwanda just died too. But before we explore the numbers on Prince Takahito, a refresher on the past month:

  • On 10/5 the former President of Slovakia and the former Vice-President of the Congo both died; on the day that former Israeli PM Shimon Peres died at 93, it was announced that former Iranian PM Jamshid Amouzegar had died at 93 (he passed the day earlier). They were born 39 days apart. The day before that, both the Vice President of Fiji and the Vice President of Bolivia died. Two days before that, the former President of Bolivia died. On 9/21 the former President of Sicily died and on 9/16 the former President of Italy died… 

And having a spin through Wikipedia deaths here, the former president of a South Maluku (Indonesia) died on 10/22; the former Emir of Qatar died on 10/23; and on 10/24 the former president of Uruguay passed away. It all just keeps on piling up, don’t it. ‘Tis the season of the Killing of the King.

Prince Mikasa =65/119. All-Seeing Eye =65/119. Star of David =65/119. That’s the ancient mystery school coding embedded into occult symbolism – and he died on the 65th day 119 days before Prince Naruhito’s birthday (next in line to the throne). He died at a Hundred =38/74. Masonic =38/74. Mikasa was born on 12/2 and married on 10/22. I’m reminded of Pope Francis =122, whose death has been prophecied. Regicide =122.

  • The Imperial House of Japan was founded 2/11 in 660 BC and Akihito, the current emperor, was enthroned on 11/12. Mason =211. Zionist =112. Divinity =112. Planetary =112. Interesting seeing those numbers again connected to royalty. My theory is the connection of World Government =2111 to the Order of Solomon’s Temple =112 via the roman origin myth of Romulus and Remus =1120. 
  • Aleister Crowley was born on 10/12 and died 1/12 (Dec 1st), 10 months 12 days before his next birthday. Thelema synced up at the core of worldwide royalty and their secret society offshoots.
  • Akihito =73. Aleister Crowley =73. BBC ranked Crowley the 73rd greatest Briton of all time, as a tribute to Gematria on which Crowley wrote the book.

And how’s the connection to the World Series, Japan one of the biggest baseball nations in the world. House of Japan founded 11/2/660 and the 112th World Series =66 ends on 11/2. House of Japan =131. Championship =131. Prince Charles =131.

131 the active form of 31, according to thelemic numerology. Regis =31, Latin for king. Emperor Akihito and his wife were born 301 days apart and Prince Mikasa died on the 301st day of the year. Chicago Cubs World Series =103. Billy Goat =103. And the Cubs 103 wins on the season.

Emperor Akihito born in ’33 and Mikasa died 330 days after his 100th birthday. Another interesting detail in this story is Akihito’s 12/23 birthday — he turned 82 years old on the day that Aleister Crowley’s haunted manor at Loch Ness burned down. Aleister Crowley =82. Emperor Akihito =82. 

  • Royalty =116. Mikasa died 10 months 16 days after Akihito’s silver jubilee (25 years). That’s also 10,155 days after Akihito took the throne. Global Network =155. The Illuminati =551. Royal =551. 

There are rumours that Akihito will be abdicating the throne to his nephew Crown Prince Naruhito, just as Prince William is rumoured to be stepping up soon. Naruhito is born 2/23 and Akihito 12/23. Ha! Masonic =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Reptilian Bloodlines =223. 

Akihito and his wife were born exactly 43 weeks apart and named their son Naruhito =43. This is how arranged marriages really work, based on the principles of occult numerology. Monarchy =43. Elizabeth =43. Victoria =43. Her Majesty =43. The 43rd prime is 191. Regis =191. House of Windsor =191. Society of Jesus =191 (the Jesuit Order). And according to my research, the secret societies of Freemasonry et al are but offshoots of the core, which is the Royal bloodline, all co-keepers of the occulted truth to our reality.

It should also be noted that the Japanese monarchy is the oldest continuous hereditary monarchy in the world, and the next emperor will be the 126th – that number we’ve seen much of this year. The 1st Emperor of Japan, Jimmu, lived to age 126.


Munenori Kawasaki =1476. Charles Prince of Wales =1476. Again a direct match; last year’s Royals World Series heavily coded with the blue bloods on multiple levels. 11/2 will be exactly 4 years 8 months since Kawasaki’s first game in the MLB. If Cubs win it will be their 408th win since Theo =48 joined The Cubs =408.

  • Kawasaki wears #66, was born with 211 days remaining and signed with the Cubs on 21/1. The Imperial House of Japan founded in 660 on 2/11. Jimmu =66. World Series =66. Tribute much?

And quick closing anecdote: Brother Berg once made prolonged eye contact with Emperor Akihito as his convoy unexpectedly rolled past in Victoria BC, him beaming out the sedan window at me like the Malaysian Prime Minister from Zoolander. He absolutely radiated a powerful energy and I was buzzing for hours afterwards. 

Cubs World Series: ESPN & Back to the Future Foreshadowing

Wrigley Field of Dreams =108. It’s been One Hundred Eight Years =108 since Cubs last won the World Series and the sum to 216 in 2016, this sign clearly planted and chosen for its Gematria in this special edition of ESPN Magazine. Thirtieth of October =216. Four Hundred and Eleven =216. If Cubs win the World Series on 10/30 it will be their 411th win since Epstein joined the squad – and the 114th win of the season. Chicago Cubs Championship =114. Cubs Colts =114, and notice that the Cubs’ C logo is the Colts’ horseshoe logo on tilt.

The issue hit newstands 23/9. The 52nd prime is 239. Cubs Indians =52. Five Zero =52 (5-0). Concepcion =52 (#50). One Hundred and Twelfth World Series =152. November Two =152. That’s Game Seven and the other possibility for a Cubs win date. On the very day this magazine came out, Cubs clinched home-field advantage in the NL playoffs, their 98th win of the season. Cubs Sweep Series =98. Champions =98. The score of that game was the same as the game that won them the ALCS:

  • Five Nothing =66. World Series =66. Cubs World Series =66. David Ross =666. B Zobrist =666. Chicago in Five =666. Cubs lockers are exactly 60 feet 6 inches from the logo, as they tell us in this mag. Jake Arrieta =606. Cubs In Five =660. Thirty-Three =66. 
  • The Cubs =33. Cleveland =33. The 33 weeks between Major League & BTTF. The 33rd prime is 137. Kris Bryant =137.

Chicago Cubs World Series =103. Billy Goat =103. And right there we have our explanation behind the name of the curse, the energetic anagram hidden in plain sight. And as the headline read in the USA Today from Back to the Future, Cubs Sweep Series in 5 =103. Second of November =103, the potential Game Seven date — all this synched up harmoniously with the Cubs’ 103 wins this season.


Twenty Sixteen World Champions =130. The tweet was sent at 10:30, the mag is dated 10/03, and Game Seven (on 13 numerology) is 30 weeks 1 day after the Cubs’ season opener. Bean Town =31. Cubs defeated Giants 3-1 and held them to 13 runs over the series. Their one loss came in the 13th inning on Giants’ 13th hit. The World Series starts 1 year 3 days after the date on the USA Today in BTTF II. Youth Jailed =130. Ben Zobrist =130. “I wish I could go back to the beginning of the season, put some money on the Cubbies” =310. 

  • Cubs =45/9. Thirteen =45/99. Illinois =45/99. Jake Arrieta =45/99. “I Was Framed” =45/99. Four Hundred and Eleven =99. Thirtieth of October =99.
  • 103 is the 27th prime. Cubs =270 and it’s been 27 years since the Cubs swept the World Series in Back to the Future II.
  • The 31st prime is 127. Cubs Indians World Series =127. Chicago Cleveland World Series =127. Game Seven is 12 years 7 days after the Red Sox lifted their curse.

The issue announced on 19/9 and they racked up 199 home runs in the season. Four Hundred Wins =199, the 46th prime. Chicago =46. Chicago Cubs =46. Biff Tannen =46.

Marty McFly =55/136. Theo Epstein =55/136. Curse-Lifter =55/136. Chicago Cubs =55. Harry Caray =55. Their win to hit the World Series was their 407th win since Epstein joined the squad. Game Seven is 407 days since Yogi Berra died. Kris Bryant =47. “They Made Me Do It =147. World Series =147. Two Thousand Sixteen World Champions =147  

  • The 47th prime is 211 and 2/11 is Game 7 of the 112th World Series. Cubs Sweep Series in 5 =211. Game Six will be 211 days after the first Cubs game of the season. November Two Twenty Sixteen =112. Chicago Cubs World Series =112. 
  • 11/2 is exactly 1498 weeks since Harry Caray died. Winner =1498. It’s also 1 year 12 days since the USA Today date.

The next game the Cubs win (the first game they win of the World Series) will be their 408th win since Epstein joined the Cubs. The Cubs =408 (as per the ESPN cover). Theo =48. Bryant =480. November Two Two Thousand Sixteen =408. 

  • Put Some Money On the Cubbies =124. The Cubs Win =124. Chicago Cleveland =124. Game Five is 12 years 4 days since Epstein broke the Curse of the Bambino.

Ben Zobrist =49 (the lucky trade from current champs Royals). Youth Jailed =49. Martin McFly Junior Arrested For Theft =409. Game Seven is on 49 numerology (11+2+20+16). Ten Thirty =49. The Cubbies =49. The 49th prime is 227, the Pi cycle code of historic patterns repeating, wheels within wheels, as coded into the cover. It’s also 22,270 days from 11/5/55, the day the flux capacitor and thus time travel was invented in BTTF, to the start of the World Series.

And as icing on the cake, from 10/26/85, the day Marty became the world’s time traveler to our 10/30 final date is exactly 31 years 4 days. Boom.


Brother Berg deciphered the ESPN mag over the Pacific Ocean en route to Bali where the vibe is so fine, the surf is up, and Game 1 is on at 8:30 AM. 

The Uncle Buck Connection

Kevin Meaney =1245. World Series Champions =245. 

Comedian Kevin Meaney (best known as Uncle Buck in the 90s sitcom spinoff) died on 10/21, the focus date from Back to the Future – the film that foreshadows the Chicago Cubs World Series =121. One Point Twenty-One Jigowatts =121. Blood Sacrifice =121/67 and his date of death appropriately had 67 numerology. 11/2 is 1 year 12 days after Back to the Future Day proper (and exactly five years after Theo Epstein joined the Cubs) and Meaney died on 21/10. Brooklyn =112Bull Durham =112, another coded flick we’ll examine here for coded clues along with Field of Dreams. Build it and they will come. 

Kevin Meaney =124. Cleveland Chicago =124. Cleveland Indians World Series =124. LA Dodgers World Series =124. Game Six is 12 years 4 days after the 2004 World Series and 10/24 was Jackie Robinson’s death. It’s also 10,240 days from Dodgers last World Series appearance to 11/2

  • Wagons East =124, the last film of John Candy, the original Uncle Buck, who died 124 days after his birthday – the same duration as comic Sam Kinison =124. Chris Farley =124. John Belushi born 12/4. Psychological Operations =124. Mind Control Programming =124. Big props to Dan at Mindless Freaks for taking this one to the next level for us. Uncle Buck features a family that have moved from Indianapolis to Chicago, and here we’ve been talking Cubs and Colts.

Kevin Meaney =52. Robinson =52. Indians Cubs =52. 

Kevin Gerard Meaney =1062. MLB =162 (162 game season). He died exactly 261 weeks after Epstein was hired. Ouch =261, the headline in Uncle Buck shown in relation with the Cubs jersey, suggesting an upset? Mitch Hedberg =261, another legendary comic who died 4224 days before Game 6 tonight. Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Champion =2442.

  • Buck Russell =62. Meaney died 26 weeks 2 days before his birthday. Indians Cubs World Series =262. Jack Roosevelt Robinson =262. Jose Fernandez was 1260 weeks 2 days old when he died.
  • Meaney =27. MLB =27. Cubs =270. It’s been 27 years since Major League & Back to the Future II – as well as Field of Dreams & Uncle Buck. Meaney was a fat comedian like John Candy (the original Uncle Buck) and he starred in the short-lived remake playing the titular character, Buck Russell =720. The Pennant =702. The World Series =72. 

Kevin Gerard Meaney =1422. Dodgers Indians =142. One Hundred Twelfth World Series =142. Uncle Buck came out 14 weeks 2 days before Back to the Future II and precisely 1420 weeks before Game 7 of the 112th World Series on 11/2. Forty-Two =142. Valhalla =42, Meaney’s hometown. Shoeless Joe =42, involved in the 1919 Black Sox Scanda and featured in Field of Dreams. Robinson #42 and Louis Sockalexis died at 42, the first native and black players. 

  • The 42nd prime is 181 and he died 181 days after his birthday. Los Angeles Dodgers =181. New York Giants =181. Born and died in New York, Meaney’s Uncle Buck sitcom ran for 181 days. Meaney died exactly 1181 weeks after the death of John Candy. Kevin Costner born 1/81

Buck =215. Louis Sockalexis played 1215 days in the MLB and Bill Murray’s press conference came 1215 weeks after the movie Rookie of the Year, which also co-starred John Candy. Meaney’s TV spin-off aired 1 year 25 days after the film release.

  • That’s 390 days and it was cancelled on 3/9. Uncle Buck the film came out 3 months 9 days before Back to the Future II. New York =39. NY =39.
  • Uncle Buck =38/92. Ontario =38/92. Candy is from Ontario and died exactly 19 weeks after the team from Ontario won the World Series. Buck =19. Jackson =19. Chicago Illinois =91. Chicago Cubs =91. 
  • Candy born 31/10 and Meaney on the 113th day. Shoeless Joe =1013. Field of Dreams came out 311 days after Bull Durham. Jackie Robinson born 31/1 and had a .311 batting average. LA Dodgers World Series Champion =311.

Meaney was 22,080 days old when the baseball playoffs began on 10/4. Cleveland Indians LA Dodgers World Series =2280. That is a fascinating date of birth, especially if Cubs lose. On 2/5, Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023, he would have been 22,203 days old.

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Bill Murray For The Cubs & Rookie of the Year

Bill Murray makes a surprise appearance at the White House decked out in Cubs apparel on 21/10. His birthday was 1 month 12 days before 11/2, Game 7 of the 112th World Series. Chicago Cubs World Series =112. Brooklyn =112Houston =112. World Series Game 1 is 12 years 11 months 11 days after the Bartman Incident. This press conference is 108 days before Super Bowl 51 and it’s been 108 years since Cubs won the World Series. Major League =108. One Hundred Eight Years =108. 

  • That’s 15 weeks 2 days. One Hundred and Twelfth World Series =152. Super Bowl LI =152. 
  • Speaking of Bartman, Luis Castillo of the Marlins hit the foul ball that Bartman snagged away from Moisés Alou, the Marlins going on to win the World Series. Moisés Alou =129. Luis Castill0 =912, born 9/12 (or 12/9). That’s Andrew Luck’s birthday. Super Bowl LI =912. 

Bill Murray =50/131. Billy Sianis =50/131, the man blamed for the Cubs’ inability to win after he got kicked out of the stadium during the World Series for having a stinky goat with him; ah the good old days when we were still allowed to bring our livestock to games. Super Bowl =50/131. Championship =131. World Series =131/66. Murray is currently 66 years old and the goat was called Murphy =606. Billy Goat Tavern =66. Curse =66. Cubs World Series =66. 

  • William James Murray =223/88. Curse of the Billy Goat =223/88. And that perfect synch is why he’s here to play his role in the ritual.
  • William James ‘Bill’ Murray =258. Goat =258. 
  • Murray was born with 101 days remaining. World Series Champions =101. Murphy =101. Jackie Robinson died on the 101st birthday of Louis Sockalexis, the MLB’s first Native American player (with the Indians).

On 2/26/04, the Steve Bartman baseball was electrocuted at a Harry Carey restaurant in an attempt to lift the curse. 10/22 (Game 6 of the ACLS) is 660 weeks 2 days later and 11/2 is 662 weeks after 2/26. The World Series begins exactly 62 years 2 months after Roogie’s Bump starring Dodgers who have 6 World Championships and 22 Pennants. 42 the Jackie Robinson movie came out three years 6 months 22 days before 11/2.

Roogie’s Bump came out in 1954 and features a boy who develops a physical anomaly that enables him to joins the Dodgers. Rookie of the Year from 1993 was a direct remake, with the Cubs instead. And now here we are with Dodgers VS Cubs for the World Series.

  • Exactly 22,700 days after Roogie’s Bump was 10/18/16, Game 3 when Dodgers beat Cubs 6-0. That’s the 227 Pi code of history repeating. 227 is the 49th prime. Little Giants =49. This date was also 22 years 3 days after the release of Little Giants, set in Ohio and Cubs previously defeated Giants. 
  • Roogie’s Bump =68. Championship =68. 

Murray’s longtime collaborator Harold Ramis (born 21/11), from Chicago like Murray, passed away 970 days before this press conference. Curse of the Billy Goat =97. Game 7 is 19 years 7 days after Indians lost the ’97 World Series to the Marlins (the Cubs villain in the Bartman incident).

  • Ramis died 2 years 11 months 12 days before Super Bowl LI. 11/2 comes 12 years 11 months 20 days after the Bartman Incident.
  • Ramis died 270 days before his birthday. 11/2 is 270 days after Super Bowl 50 and Boston won the 2004 World Series 270 days after Patriots won the Super Bowl. Cubs =270. 

Louis Sockalexis played 1215 days in the show. The press conference came 1215 weeks after the release of Rookie of the Year =859. The World Series begins 8509 days after the movie came out, making it a gorgeously coded predictive program if the Cubs go, and even if it’s Dodgers.

  • Rookie of the Year was in ’93, when Wild Thing set up the Jays WS. Cubs clinched with their 93rd win and Dodgers World Series =93.

The kids name is Henry Rowengartner =228United States of America =228. Roogie’s Bump released 2028 weeks earlier. It’s 22 years 8 days after the release of Little GiantsMerkle’s Boner =822. World Series =882. 

  • Henry Rowengartner =102. Commissioner’s Trophy =102. Draft Dodger =102. United States of America =102.
  • Rowengartner =158. Game 2 is 8510 days after Rookie of the Year. That’s a lot of Gematria-Duration coding embedded into one movie. (11/2 is 10,058 days after the premier of Field of Dreams).  

Little Giants =501. LA Dodgers =510. 

Indians & Dodgers: Natives & Negroes

If the Dodgers beat the Cubs we’ll have another American championship absolutely drenched in racial subtext. First the White Bronco VS the Black Panther in Super Bowl 50 then the World Series between the “Indians” (whose Cleveland team hired the first Native-American baseball player) and the Dodgers (whose Brooklyn team hired the first Negro-American baseball player). Louis Sockalexis =59 died at age 42, like Robinson’s famous number. Negro =59. Afro-American =59. Slave =59. Five =42. Nine =42. Nigger =42. This is racist coding by design, inside jokes from the owner-programmers who write the script. The Dodgers now have a Muslim GM and the Indians play at Progressive Field. Isn’t it ironic – but hey who doesn’t like a little cognitive dissonance with their choreographed sport theatre.

Hundred and Twelfth World Series =2004. Cleveland Los Angeles World Series =2004. Sockalexis, the MLB’s first Native American, was born on October 24th (the same day that Jackie Robinson died) and died on Dec 24th. José Fernández died age 24. The 2004 World Series was the one where the Boston Red Sox finally broke the Curse of the Bambino – a championship to which all three remaining teams are connected. Indians’ manager Terry Francona was the Boston manager; Cubs’ President Theo Epstein was the Boston GM, and Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts played outfielder with Boston and made a key stolen base in the 2004 ALCS. Roberts was originally drafted by the Indians, as was #24, Manny Ramirez, the 2004 MVP. LA Dodgers World Series =124. Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Champion =2442.

  • Dodgers Indians World Series =127. Los Angeles Cleveland World Series =127. 
  • 11/2 (Game 7 of the 112th World Series) is 12 years 7 days after Game 7 of the 2004 World Series. It’s also 1 year 11 months 27 days after Dodgers’ Muslim/Canadian GM was hired and the Dodgers are in their 127th season

Base =27. Ball =27. MLB =27 (9+9+9). Baseball is based on the number nine, which can represent illusion in occult numerology. 9 innings, 9 players, 90-feet between bases, and 3 strikes x 3 outs. Major Leauge =999. In a standard game there are 27 outs per team. Major League & Back to the Future II came out 27 years ago.

11/2 is 270 days after Super Bowl 50. Boston won the 2004 World Series on the 27th day of October, 270 days after the Patriots won the Super Bowl (hosted by Houston that year as well). That was the last time a city won two championships in a calendar year. If Cleveland wins, that will be two for them, the Cavaliers winning 127 days before Game 1 of the WS.

  • And technically an Indians victory would make them the 4th Cleveland champions this year, as the Lake Erie Monsters won their first AHL title this year and Stipe Miocic is the current UFC Heavyweight Champion. Stipe Miocic =368. Championship =368. 

The World Series =72. The Pennant =702. Larry Dolan =720. Cleveland Team =702, as PC pundits are recommending people call the Indians. A Native =72/27.

  • The Cleveland Team =1047. World Series =147. That’s a pretty good coded nickname then to be driving the ongoing narrative of derogatory and offensive team names.
  • And for the record, the Indians with their racist caricature of the First Nations people is offensive, and so is the MLB forever memorializing black players with #42. At least the Redskins & Blackhawks honour the bravery and stoicism of this land’s original inhabitants; the victims of the deliberate genocide on which this continent is built.

Cleveland Team =45. The Pennant =45. Cubs =45. Baseball =54. Spiders =54 (Indians’ original name at the time of the first native player). Pennant =504. Baseball Gods =54. Indians Pennant =154. Dodgers are 5-4 all-time against the Indians. The 54th prime is 251, synched up well with this much publicized image below. (Notice the emphasis on Offensive =101. Jackie Robinson died on Louis Sockalexis’ 101st birthday). World Series Champions =101.

Our Lineup Is More Offensive Than Your Nickname =251. One Hundred and Twelfth World Series =152. Commissioner =152. Indians Cubs =52. Robinson =52. Indians beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1920 World Series, exactly 5012 weeks before 11/1/16 Game Six. The Dodgers next loss against the Cubs will be their 512th all-time versus Chicago. Number Forty-Two =215. Sockalexis played exactly 1215 days in the MLB. The Indians have 5 pennants and 12 playoff appearances.

  • Our Lineup Is More Offensive Than Your Nickname =206. Wahoo =26/62. Indians Cubs World Series =262. Jack Roosevelt Robinson =262. Jose Fernandez was 1260 weeks 2 days old when he died.
  • Louis Francis Sockalexis =93. Chief Wahoo =93. Did we just discover who the mascot is named after? White Supremacists =93. Indians’ last World Series was the 93rd World Series (which they lost) and Cubs clinched with their 93rd win. Dodgers World Series =93. 

Progressive Field =1220. One Hundred and Twelfth =221. Dodgers Manager Dave Robert’s birthday is 22 weeks 1 day before 11/2 and 211 days after. DODGERS WIN WORLD SERIES =112. BROOKLYN =112LA Dodgers =510

  • Dave Roberts =1117. The Pennant =117. The Commissioner’s Trophy =117. Native =71. Cleveland Indians LA Dodgers =107. Cleveland Indians Chicago Cubs World Series =170. Boston Red Sox =170. It’s been 71 years since the Cubs played in the WS and Game 1 is on numerology of 71 & 17. World Champions =170/71.
  • David Ray Roberts =73/181. Los Angeles Dodgers =73/181. How’s that, the manager of the Dodgers is perfectly coded up with his team – and half-way with Jackie Robinson =73. 

Jack Roosevelt Robinson =118. Sockalexis =118. The Deerfoot of the Diamond =118. That’s his nickname, a tribute to his owners as a synch between the first black player and the first native. Indians Cubs World Series =118. Ku Klux Klan =811, founded by the Democratic Party.

Robinson died on 10/24 and his movie 42 premiered on 12/4. Lies =124. Subterfuge =124. Psychological Operations =124. Dodgers Indians =142. One Hundred Twelfth World Series =142. Forty-Two =142. José Fernández =142. White Power =142. Sockalexis died age 42.

Francona was born on the same day that Sockalexis made his MLB debut — 4/22, the 112th day of the year, again it’s the 112th World Series with Game 7 on 11/2. Jack Roosevelt ‘Jackie’ Robinson =112. Brian Helgeland =112 (director of 42). Louis Sockalexis =59 and Francona born in ’59. Again, Jackie Robinson died on what would have been Sockalexis’ 101st birthday, October 24th – the day before the World Series begins. Twenty-Fourth =60. Nigger =60. The Cleveland Team =60.

  • That’s the day that leaves 68 days remaining and it’s been 68 years since Cleveland had two championships in the same calendar year (Browns & Indians). Louis Sockalexis =68. Championship =68. Helgeland =68. 
  • Sockalexis =64. Jackie Robinson =64. (Israel =64 / Zion =64) and the 64th prime is 311. Robinson was born 31/1 and had a .311 career batting average (Sockalexis had a .313). Red Sox hired Epstein 13 years 10 months 1 days before the death of Fernandez. LA Dodgers World Series Champion =311.

That birthday is also 1/31 like Championship =131. Well how’s this duration: 1301 days between Game 7 and the release of 42, Jackie Robinson played by Chadwick Boseman =131. 

And notice the 6-22. Dodgers have 6 World Championships and 22 Pennants. Dodgers Muslim manager Dave Roberts had a .266 batting average.