Mean Girls & The Lord of the Rings: Saturn Symbolism


On Oct 3rd, the date known as Mean Girls Day (a reference from the Lindsay Lohan movie), Lindsay Lohan had her ring finger ripped off by an anchor in a Turkish boating accident – just a few hours after Kim Kardashian had her wedding ring stolen right off her finger. And are the Kardashians not the popular fake bitches known as The Plastics from Mean Girls? And what’s with the ring symbolism? Well, 10/3 was 5 years 5 months 5 days after the Royal Wedding and Prince William was 5550 days old when his mother Diana died – her ring now on Kate’s finger. Entertainment =555. Entertainers =555. So there’s that. There’s also the obvious Saturn symbolism, the root of modern-day Satanism, which is essentially ego worship – as Kim & Kanye do so well. And how’s the boy in the above image wearing a Templar cross on his t-shirt, Knights Templar the root of modern-day Freemasonry. 

  • That’s also 1984 days, for a very Orwellian tribute. “Left to themselves, like cattle turned loose upon the plains of Argentina, they had reverted to a style of life that appeared to be natural to them, a sort of ancestral pattern… Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.”
  • Rings =402. Fingers =42. TV =42. Social Engineering =420. 

Ring Finger =107. Lord of the Rings =170. The Royal Family =170. The Queen Bee =107 (the book that Mean Girls is based on is called Queen Bees and Wannabes). Ring Finger =71. Dark Lord Sauron =710. The All-Seeing Eye =71. Hobbit =171. Frodo Baggins =117. 

Mean Girls =282/98. Kim K born 282 days (9 months 8 days) after Charles & Diana’s royal wedding, for perfect synchronicity. That’s also 40 weeks 1 day, like 401K for Kardashian =41. Baggins =41. Two Towers =41. 

  • Kim was 11,146 days old for the last royal wedding. Queen Bees and Wannabes =1146. The Two Towers =1146. That’s also 30 years 6 months 9 days. 3-6-9. As Nikola Tesla said, “If only you knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”
  • Her nickname is KIM K =17/44/59. KILL =17/44/59.

Lindsay Dee Lohan =888. Lohan =119. Kim Kardashian =119. Being Famous For Being Famous =119. Donald =119. Donald J Trump =888. The 10/3 Ring Ritual happened 111 days after Trump’s birthday and 254 days before. 9/11 was on the 254th day with 111 remaining. New York =111. New York City Nine Eleven =111. Nine Eleven False Flag =111World Trade Center =1110. Bilbo Baggins celebrates his 111th birthday in the first Lord of the Rings movie, released 99 days after 9/11. Middle Earth =99. Filming began on 10/11/99, which is 1 year 11 months before 9/11. The JRR Tolkien novel released in 1954 on 11/11. KK =11/11. Prince George was 1146 days old this past 9/11.

  • Of course the sequel was The Two Towers =56. All-Seeing Eye =56. Hobbit =56. 
  • The 1998 film Armageddon featured meteors striking and setting fire to the World Trade Center. It was released 3 years 2 months 10 days before 9/11, like a countdown. That’s also 166 weeks 6 days for the fulfilment of 666.

Kardashian =244. Satanic =244. One Ring To Rule Them All =244. The full verse on the One Ring sums to 1115. Saturn =511. 


The Twin Ring Ritual incident on 10/3 occured 15 years 22 days after 9/11/01. Emphasis on 522. Clinton =522. Inside Job =522. Saruman =522. The entire script on the One Ring also sums to 15222. That’s also 5501 days. The Illuminati =551. False Flag Operation =551. Royal =551. Including the end date William was 5551 days old when Diana was ritually sacrificed.

2 thoughts on “Mean Girls & The Lord of the Rings: Saturn Symbolism

  1. Prince William was 5550 days old when his mother Diana died. Her wedding ring is now on his wife’s hand so these alledged ring incidents 5y5m5d after their wedding does carry great meaning…. This “10/30” (10/3) Diana will have been dead 7000 days.


    • Joe this is a mind-blowing discovery brother, absolutely amazing. The King of Thailand was coronated on 5/5/50 for a perfect synch with William. And remember the Invasion of Baghdad came 555 days after 9/11. And 10/23 as Diana is 999 weeks departed is another juicy run eh.


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