HAARP Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew =1570. Batten Down The Hatches =1570. An Inconvenient Truth =1570. Obama declared a state of emergency in Florida on 10/6, exactly 27 weeks after Al Gore’s birthday. Matthew =27. Gore =270. The Eye of the Storm =207. Haiti =127. The 27th prime is 103 and this is the 13th named storm of the season.

  • That’s also 521 weeks after An Inconvenient Truth premiered. An Earthquake =521. Cyclone =521. Senator Mark Begich =521, which is interesting as his father is Nick Begich, an outspoken proponent of HAARP weather manipulation. 10/6 is also 52 weeks 1 day after the Rolling Stone issue I covered last year of Obama’s Climate Crusade.
  • 521 is the 98th prime and HAARP is officially an Ionospheric Heater =98. Weather Control Weapon =98. Tropical Storm Matthew =98. 

Matthew =1144. Eye of the Storm =1044. Forty-Four =144. HAARP =44. Seventy-One =144. Tropical Storm =71. Severe Storm System =71. Extreme Weather =71. Act of God =71.

Big Bad Beast =223. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program =223 (HAARP). Electromagnetic Pulse =223. Masonic =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223, the 48th prime. HAARP Storm =48. Military Industrial Complex =322, which is behind HAARP. Yahweh =1322, the Hebrew god of the Israelites, and the name Matthew means “gift of Yahweh”.

  • Climate Change =232. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program =232.

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