Twins Trick: The Prestige


Stage illusions consist of three parts: the setup, the performance, and the prestige (effect). This same formula is used for mass mind control on a global scale through the psychological warfare industry. The previously deciphered Twins Trick in the Arnold Palmer episode of The Simpsons was a reference to the movie/novel The Prestige, involving a teleportation act called the Transported Man, the magician revealed to be two identical twins. The story involves one magician faking his own death in order to put behind his public persona and return as heir to his family estate – and perhaps that is what is really going down in some of these events.

  • Are You Watching Closely =99. Prestige =99. Hoodwink =99. The Illusionist =66. Misdirection =66. A Sleight of Hand =66. Illusion =666. Witchcraft =666. Magick Trick =69. Illusionist =69. The Prestige =69. 

In support of my theory of ritual sacrifices occurring in pairs, get a load of this discovery. On 10/5 the former President of Slovakia and the former Vice-President of the Congo both died. On the day that former Israeli PM Shimon Peres died at 93, it was announced that former Iranian PM Jamshid Amouzegar had died at 93 (he passed the day earlier). They were born 39 days apart. The day before that, both the Vice President of Fiji and the Vice President of Bolivia died. Two days before that, the former President of Bolivia died. On 9/21 the former President of Sicily died and on 9/16 the former President of Italy died…

This pattern is no mere statistical anomaly, especially considering the previously proven synchronizations with other celebrities dying within hours of each other. Indeed it appears to be a rapid acceleration towards the singularity event of a major assassination.


2 thoughts on “Twins Trick: The Prestige

  1. Thank you Bro Berg. Just started following your Blog. I’m greenhorn to gematria and numerology. Great stuff!

    Speaking of twin killings. The band, Jefferson Airplane, band members Signe Anderson and Paul Kantner died on Jan. 28 this year. Both were 74 years old. Coincidence?


    • Hey dude, thank you!! Awesome catch, I missed that one. Absolutely not a coincidence. Anderson Kantner =74 and died at 74. Their names synch up with Jefferson Airplane =1044/84. Signe Anderson =144. Paul Lorin Kantner =84. And the date they died: [1+28+2+0+1+6] =38. Kantner =38. [1+28+16] =45. Anderson =45.

      They were born 5 months 30 days apart and died at Seventy-Four =53. Jefferson =53. The 53rd prime is 242. They dual died 242 days before Arnold Palmer & José Fernandez.


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