The King of Thailand is Dead (Long Live the King)

Should’a saw this one coming. ภูมิพลอดุลยเดช, the King of Thailand and the world’s longest serving head-of-state, passed away on 10/13/16. Bhumibol Adulyadej =66 (a.k.a.) Rama IX =66 (a.k.a.) Thai Monarch =660. Thailand has a population of 66 million and the +66 calling code. King Bhumibol =69. Thailand =69. He died in his 66th year after coronation, 6 months 9 days prior to Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, having assumed the throne on 6/9 following the ‘accidental’ assassination of his older brother.

Interesting origin story there, as it was first ruled that he had accidentally shot himself (despite an investigation declaring that virtually impossible) and Bhumibol was the last to see his brother alive, twenty minutes before his death. Some speculate that Bhumibol accidentally shot his brother while playing with guns but it’s no stretch of the imagination to see this as the blood sacrifice it was. Another fun fact is that King Rama IX went blind in his right eye after an accident, giving him the All-Seeing Eye of Horus symbolism, most commmonly depicted with the left eye.

  • His brother died 11 years 3 months 7 days into his reign, the active form of 137, the 33rd prime. Thai Monarch =330. Thailand =33. Rama =33. Royal Family =137. The King of Siam =137. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej =137. 
  • Big Brother died aged 1081 weeks on the penny (or more accurately the baht). As the wheel of Karma spins, Bhumbibol lost his eye aged exactly 1087 weeks old. That’s a 40-day difference and the regicide/fratricide happened exactly 40-weeks after the end of World War II. Supremacy =40. Regis =40. 
  • The brothers were born 115 weeks apart. Freemasons =115. Leader =115. William and Kate =1150 and they married 5 months 11 days after their engagement; Kate was born 5 months 11 days after Diana & Charles’ royal wedding. Saturn =511. Larry King =115, a dude born on the hot date of 11/19/33 whose number’s gotta be up soon.

Adulyadej =83. The King of Thailand =83. House of Windsor =83. Thailand =183. World’s Longest Serving Head-of-State =183, the title of which Queen Elizabeth II now holds following his death at 88. Elizabeth =88.

The King =74|444. Ruler =74|444Ramayana =74|444. The King of Siam =74. Bhumibol died 7 weeks 4 days before his birthday and reigned for 70 years 4 months 4 days (744). The King =179 and he sacrificed his brother to capture the throne 179 days before his 19th birthday. 179 is the active fulfilment of Murder =79 and Assassination =79, and the Thai King =79 died with 79 days left in the year – while Prince George was 1179 days old, young son synched up yet again.

  • That’s also 1180 days. Thai =118. Death =118.
  • Prince George =122. The King died 1 month 22 days before his own birthday and lost his eye 1220 days before Queen Elizabeth took the throne. Regicide =122. Tyrannicide =122. In yet further perfect alignment, 1/22 will mark the end of the traditional 100 days of national mourning – though in this special case it’s a full year of prescribed mourning. The King died 122 days after Trump’s 70th birthday at age 88. Trump =88 and the King reigned 70 years.

On January 22nd, Prince G will be 1280 days (or 183 weeks) old. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej =128. Thailand =183. That’s some tight orchestration.

Rama IX was coronated on 5/5/50 and Prince William was 5550 days old when Diana died. The King died 5 years 5 months 15 days after the royal wedding of William & Kate. (Note: Diana will have been dearly departed for 999 weeks on 10/23).

  • Remember Yul Brynner died the same day as Orson Welles and was best known for playing the King of Siam in the King and I. He died 31 years 4 days before the actual King of Siam, for a perfect long count Pi code of cyclical history.
  • And speaking of the Killing of the King ritual, Bhumibol died 19,320 days after JFK. Military Industrial Complex =1932. That’s also exactly 2760 weeks. Hero =276.
  • King of Siam =68. King of Thailand =68|131. Prince Charles =68|131. 

I’ve been to the Kingdom a couple times and know that many of the folks will be mourning pretty hard, as they sure don’t mess around when it comes to the King. Thailand has the harshest lèse-majesté laws in the world — people found guilty of insulting the royal family face 3-15 years behind bars. If you’re in Thailand and you click like on a Facebook post that insults the Thai monarchy you’ve committed a crime. The King is considered divine by many, like a living Buddha (but with apparently no sense of humour).

And for another example of the Twins Trick, another high ranking politician in the Thai government died on the same damn day at the same damn hospital. Former House Speaker Boon-Eau Prasertsuwan died at 97, exactly half a year between his birthdays, or 183 days on either side. Thailand =183. Order Out Of Chaos =183. 

4 thoughts on “The King of Thailand is Dead (Long Live the King)

  1. With all that Thai talk there should have at least been – A Happy Ending =120. Bangkok =120.

    All kidding aside, this blog entry & the last one – straight up awesome!


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