The Ultimate Twins Trick


While we’re on the subject… two Siamese Twins went into the hospital on the day the Siamese King died in the hospital. Anias and Jadon McDonald were born conjoined at the head, and – after 27 hours of successful surgery – began a new life apart, all thanks to Dr Goodrich =606. Siamese Twins =66. Conjoined Twins =66. McDonald =66. Twin =66. Bhumibol Adulyadej =66. Rama IX =66. Apollo & Artemis =66 (the famous twins from Greek mythology). Right off the bat that’s a bizarre string of synchs – but as it often does, it gets even more elaborate.

  • Craniophagus Twins =74. Anias and Jadon McDonald =74. The King of Siam =74. The King =74. Ruler =74. Bhumibol died 7 weeks 4 days before his birthday and Anias was the first boy out of surgery at 7:40 AM. Goodrich =474. 
  • Anias McDonald =47. Jadon McDonald =47. Division =47. Twinning =47. Twins Trick =47. Psychic =47. And twin telepathy is a damn good trick in itself.
  • ANIAS =44. JADON =44. SIAMESE =44. CONJOINED =44.

Is this even frickin real?! Are the pictures of these twins just movie magic special-FX and photoshop fakery for another highly coded international psy-op, or are these actually authentic signs, symptoms and synchroncities of the Matrix? Perhaps a glitch in the Matrix itself. Not only is it highly suspicous timing with the King of Siam as these Siamese Twins make headline news worldwide, injected into the collective consciousness like a needle in the brain, but the Gematria is out of this world. Not only do both their names synchronize with all these twin terms, the sums themselves are twin digits: 66, 44, 11 (the reduction of 74/47). Now that’s a real mind-bender.

The chances of being born conjoined at the head are 1-10 million. Twinning =110. Anias McDonald =110. Jadon McDonald =110. Division =101. Rebirth Day =110, as their operation is being called: another subtextual tribute to King Rama IX who assumes he will obviously be reincarnated; and a cool way to look at death in general.

The most famous conjoined twins in history are Chang & Eng Bunker, Thai-Americans whose condition and birthplace became the basis for the term Siamese Twins. They were born on 5/11/11, fathered 11 & 10 children each, and lived on a 110-acre farm. Ha! Chang & Eng Bunker =67. Apollo and Artemis =67. The McDonald Twins =67.

  • Chang & Eng =41. Identical =41, the 13th prime – and Anias & Jadon were 13 months old. Thirteen =45/99. Telepathic =45/99. Indeed there has been much obsession with occult research/experimentation into twin telepathy, such as with Joseph Mengele and MK-Ultra mind control programming, and this story may very well act as alter trigger.
  • Bunker =26|71. Siamese =26|71. Apollo =26|71. 

Twins also represent Duality =29|92 (with appropriately reflective symbolic numerology), the concealed/revealed, awake/asleep, the dark mirror onto our shadow self and dissociation with reality. As Above So Below, like the subconscious imagination projecting as our experience and that which we experience programming our subconscious. On a more superficial level it’s the classic Divide & Conquer symbolism, perceiving everything as separate instead of as different expressions of the same exact energy.

Mitosis =104. Cellular Division =104. The McDonald Twins =1104 who celebrated their Rebirth Day by having their conjoined brain split on 10/14. Evil Twin =114. Consider the concept of spiritual mitosis, the old world of consensus reality splitting to become two parallel universes or dimensions, one based on antagonism and one based on harmony. The frequency of our personal vibration dictates the reality we inhabit, and we’re able to shift back and forth depending on whether we choose to act with our lower or higher self. Fear or Love, the choice is ours. No man is an island.


A Spiritual Mitosis =77. Cellular Division =77. Dr James Goodrich =77. Chang and Eng Bunker =77. Identical =77. Parallel =77. Anias =17 / Jadon =17. 

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Twins Trick

    • Thanks brother. Yeah eh, there’s some weird shadowing that looks like a photoshop job, but there’s a few of other pics out there that look pretty legit. Though with technology these days it’s the easiest thing in the world to make identical twins look like conjoined twins for occult ritual purposes.


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