The Polish President Plane Crash Prophecy

With my home province’s former Premier (possibly/probably) assassinated in a (possibly/probably staged) plane crash, I’m reminded of the President of Poland, Lech Kaczyński, who was killed in a Russian plane crash on 4/10/10. Assassin =411 and 4/11 was the state funeral. Like JFK supposedly shot from 411 Elm Street, it’s obvious fingerprints and a point well taken. Indeed assassination conspiracy theories were promoted by senior political figures in Poland – including Kaczyński’s TWIN BROTHER… that’s right, Jarosław was the Prime Minister while his identical twin brother Lech was President. What a synchronicity to go with the current theme on this season of Extra-Capsa. An assassination story starring identical twins!? You know Brother Berg is on it.

The fated Tupolev TU-154 Polish Air Force jet was enroute to an event in Russia marking the 70th anniversary of the Katyn Massacre, where the Soviet secret police executed some 22,000 Polish nationals during WWII. The crash was a massacre in itself. Not only did the President die, so too did the First Lady, the former President, the Chief of Staff and several other senior military officials, the president of the National Bank of Poland, Polish Government officials, 18 members of the Polish Parliament, senior members of the Polish clergy, and relatives of victims of the Katyn Massacre =69. 

  • That’s 96 people killed in Smolensk Russia =96 a span of 9 weeks 6 days (69 days) before Kaczyński’s birthday. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. British Royal Family =96. Aviation Accident =69. Vladimir Putin =69, who supervised the crash investigation with his partner-in-crime, then-president Dmitry Medvedev =169. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin =196. Obviously they found no evidence of conspiracy.

Before we get into it, Medvedev & Putin’s twin synchs with 69/96 is highly significant/symbolic, as the two men share a sort of twin political relationship, or tandemocracy. First Medvedev was President while Putin was Prime Minister then they switched positions; now Putin is the President and Medvedev the PM. The official term is duumvirate, an alliance between two equally powerful leaders who both declare themselves the sole leader of the state.

The incident occurred 703 days (Ritual Sacrifice =73 / Sacrifice =73) into Medvedev’s presidency – and a clean 2 years 27 days before the end, a.k.a. the day that Medvedev & Putin switched roles, the Pi code of cyclical history promising something of the sort to occur again. Another plane crash assassination and another political switcheroo, like the Clintons and the {First Lady / First Gentleman} 69. Romulus & Remus =69. European Union =69. 

The crash on 4/10/10 happened 1 year 11 months 4 days into Putin’s term as Prime Minister — and Putin was born 4 years 11 months 11 days after Hillary Clinton was born. That’s messed up. Remember Hillary was Secretary of State for 4 years 11 days and Diana died 4 years 11 days before 9/11. Super Mario Brothers =114. Mario & Luigi =114. George Wallace =1104/114 (the US presidential candidate who survived an assassination attempt in ’72) and [as we broke down two posts back] Lucy Baxley died on 10/14– exactly 6606 days after Wallace passed away.

  • Baxley was the current Lieutenant Governor of Alabama and her husband was once the Lieutenant Governor for George Wallace, whose son (George Wallace Jr) preceded Mrs Baxley as Treasurer of Alabama. That’s a bit of a confusing 69 right there eh.

Now are the Kaczyński Twins not the models for Mario & Wario? Twins Trick =56. Mario Bros =56. Mario =56. Wario =66. Twin =66. Super Mario Brothers =96. (Mario & Luigi are the fraternal twins, while Wario & Waluigi are their interdimensional shadow aspects, but I digress).

The downed jet was a Tupolev =666. On 10/16/16 it will be 6 years 6 months 6 days after the death of Kaczyński, or 340 weeks. Propaganda =304. Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev =304 and Putin was 3000 weeks 4 days old when the aircraft crashed. That’s a crazy span but check this one: Lech & Jarosław Kaczyński were born 3 years 4 days after Donald Trump was born… Murder =34 and the 34th prime is 139. 

Presidential Assassination =139. The Killing of the Divine King =139. Assassination of Donald Trump =139. Twins =1139. This is now getting spooky. If something tragic happens to Trump, this story will have helped sow the seeds of his destruction. Born to be, fate seemingly inescapable – and this Sunday (10/16) certainly seems targeted.

  • Trump was 3330 weeks old when Kaczyński was assassinated and the duration between their births was 3 years 3 days — or exactly 157 weeks.
  • Lech Kaczyński =57 died 1570 days into office. Government =1057. The Killing of the Divine King =157. Putin-Medvedev inaugurated on 5/7.

The span between Kaczyński’s first day in office and his assassination is also 224 weeks 1 day. Lech Aleksander Kaczyński =1422. How’s that mirror synch. And he died 42 weeks 2 days after his birthday. Kaczyński’s PM, Donald Tusk – born 4/22 – is now President of the European Council, assuming office 242 weeks 2 days after the plane crash, which happened 2420 weeks 2 days after the JFK assassination. That’s a lot of 422. Blood Sacrifices =422. Polish Air Force TU-154 Crash =244. Sum those last two together for a healthy 666 to tie it back like a snake eating its own tail.

Kaczyński =119. Romulus =119. Donald =119. On 11/9Donald Tusk was designated Prime Minister of Poland. Donald Franciszek Tusk =116 and took office on 11/16, spending 6 years 10 months 1 week as PM. Emphasis on 16s like our target date of Sunday 10/16/16.

  • Tusk =400. Europe =400. And he’s the President of the EU? Gimme a break. This is yet another reason why if you at home aren’t calculating for Jewish Gematria you’re missing a huge and vital piece of the puzzle.

Lech & his identical twin brother Jarosław Kaczyński co-starred in a film when they were 13 years old (like the previous post’s conjoined twins at 13 months old) called The Two Who Stole The Moon =100. Apollo & Diana =100 (the famous brother-sister twins from Roman mythology, and in keeping with the male-female polarity, the brother still alive is gay). Lech was killed on the 100th day of ‘10 and their film came out 1 year 10 days before JFK died. It released on 11/12/62, a pretty juicy sequence as of late.

  • If we 69-flip our 10/16 prediction, 10/19 is exactly 19,700 days after The Two Who Stole The Moon. President Hillary =197, the 45th prime and she will be the 45th person elected President of the United States. Leader =45. Elect =45. Hoodwink =45. And 10/19 even has 45 numerology (10+19+16). Hmm…

And notice the image of the whisper symbol, that’s from the film’s poster. That’s also a Masonic gesture that indicates the Vow of Silence taken by initiates. This also ties back to Horus symbolism as (among other things) he was the God of Secrecy & Concealment.

Another example of the Twins Trick that I just recalled was Meatloaf & Lil Wayne both collapsing onstage this year on the same damn night, both born on the same damn day – 9/27, the Jesuit Order’s birthday. The night they collapsed was 6/16/16 – a lot like our foreshadowed date of 10/16/16 – which happened to be the one-year anniversary of Trump’s presidential campaign. That’s also the day that UK politician Jo Cox was shot and stabbed to death. And remember, a major component of Masonic ritual is the theatrical retelling of symbolic fables, like the murder of Hiram Abiff. What was once reserved for secret lodge ceremonies is now enacted on a global scale through mass media.

  • Two days later, 6/18/16, Trump allegedly survived an assassination attempt at Treasure Island Casino. I’d forgotten this key detail from the story: that was the very day that Hillary’s granddaughter, Aidan, was born!
  • 10/16 is 3 months 30 days later. 10/19 is 4 months 4 days later.
  • Notice Aidan is an anagram of Diana – Apollo’s twin sister. Aidan Clinton =696. Princess Di =696. Aidan was born 630 days after his sister Charlotte. Masonry =630. Zionism =630. And you know all these kids, Princess Charlotte & Prince George too, are gonna be boss players when we’re old and grey. Perhaps all the tributes at an early age charge them up with the necessary spiritual energy to accomplish their prescribed goals.

Now with regards to the Trump Assassination divination, we return to Stephen King’s “The Dead Zone =722. Trump’s tombstone appeared in Central Park 227 days before the election and 22 years 7 days after the date on the Masonic capstone at New World / Denver Airport. The Polish Plane Crash was 2 years 27 days before Putin became President. Pi cycles.

  • Now listen. The tombstone read: Donald J Trump Made America Hate Again =1722. This October 21st will be exactly 1722 weeks after The Dead Zone released! That’s 33 years on the dot. Dayum, boi.

Let’s punch the 10/21/16 coordinates into our Delorean while we’re at it. That’s exactly one year after Back To The Future Day – and 31 years after they time traveled for the first time. 10/21 like 1.21 jigowatts. One Point Twenty-One Jigowatts =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. (If you haven’t yet seen the Dead Zone, that’s the Trump-character shielding himself from an assassin’s bullet. He escaped with his life but his political career was finished – the prophecied future of him triggering thermonuclear war seemingly averted).

2 thoughts on “The Polish President Plane Crash Prophecy

  1. Incredible post, Brother Berg. There has been a lot of collapsing and crashes and flags of late. On 7-22-14, the Brooklyn Bridge morning commuters where greeted with an eerie sight. Two American flags (12x18ft / =216) where switched in the middle of the night and replaced with two white faded Old Glories (11x20ft). USA Today reported the lights went out at 3;30am. All officials claimed ignorance…mysterious prank. Crews began replacing the ‘twin’ flags at 11am, up by 3pm.
    Surrender at Brooklyn Bridge =1444= Yes We Can.
    7-22-2014 to 10-19-2016= 2y2m27d Bye,Bye, Miss American Pi?

    10-19-2016 will mark the “235th” anniversary of the ” Surrender of Yorktown”. On October 19, 1781, the US Revolutionary War ended.
    10-19-1781 to 7-22-14 = not Pi, but 232y 9m3d…reminds me of satan=232/93=saturn

    On 7-22-1944, 44 allied nations deliberated from 7-1 thru 7-22 and established the Bretton Woods monetary system, which rested on both gold and the US dollar. Reserve Currency = 1776.
    In 1971, Nixon terminated convertibility of US dollar to gold.
    Fiat Currency = 927-858-143 = The Destroyer/ Federal Reserve/ Wizard of Oz.
    7-22-1944 to 10-19-2016 = 72y2m27d From the middle Pi is mirrored.
    King Dollar’s Reign Ends = 611-1302-217. 666/111= Bank Collapse/No More Cash/Illusion.
    401k= 40111 IRA= Eye RA US debt soars to 19.7 Trillion. 19.7 Trillion Dollars = 1140
    This pie is making me feel nauseous.


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